The University of Calgary Plans to Open a Video Game Libary


Along with legalized marijuana and free health care, this is just another reason to move to Canada. The University of Calgary plans to open a Video Game Library for quote, “academic research.” “The Interactive Digital Media Collection will help students learn in a whole new way, the university believes. The … Continue reading

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and R.I.P.D: To Be or Not To Be

Ryan Reynolds is all over the place these days. With the release of his thriller Buried not far away, next year’s Green Lantern, current start-up project The Change-Up, and with eyes already on producing Green Lantern 2, where will Reynolds fit his half a dozen upcoming movie projects?! I know we all … Continue reading

You Heard It Here First: TRON Becoming a Part of Disney’s World Of Color!

We brought you theme park news, including Disneyland, and brought the updates on the new Tron area for the upcoming Fall 2010 season. Now we bring you this! The image speaks louder than words. ElecTRONica theme has officially gone World of Color on us! Laughing Place also had a guest of … Continue reading

Sleeping 8-Bit Style with the Nintendo Bed


BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! Rpaxton definitely deserves an award for “Best Nerd Sister.” The Instructables user and her mother decided to give her brother the ultimate gift for any Nintendo fan, an entire bedspread replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Now he may not get laid for awhile, but I’m … Continue reading

Interview with the Manly Men Behind Modern War Gear Solid Parody


In one of the greatest team-ups in internet history, video game icons Solid Snake and Ghost were brought together in an epic trilogy known as Modern War Gear Solid. The series was created by a group called the Beat Down Boogie, guerrilla-style filmmakers that had rejected the mainstream ways of … Continue reading

Visually Stimulating Images from BUNRAKU


A film I just recently came across is writer/director Guy Moshe’s BUNRAKU. Premiering at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, BUNRAKU looks to be a visually intriguing combination of East and West, fantasy and reality, live-action and animation.  What also caught my attention was the diverse cast, which includes Josh Hartnett, … Continue reading