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Our new dream job: Cosplay handler

What an amazing day and age we are living in. As the cosplay and convention scenes grow, so does room for growth of occupational opportunities. Much like the rock stars

My experiences this year at Comikaze 2015

Being a Comikaze veteran, I had certain expectations about 2015’s Comikaze at the LA convention center and sadly, I have to say that not all of them were met. It

Look: The Avengers get new cute pink costumes as if by Sanrio

If you thought that The Avengers needed their wardrobe redone, well, then you’re apparently not alone. File this one under “Reasons Why I Love the Internet.” If you’ve ever wondered

Calling all Frozen cosplayers, the Girl Scouts need your help!

The Girl Scouts of Orange County (California) are holding a Troop Movie event for the Top Cookie sellers. The movie they will be showing is Disney’s Frozen. Before the movie, the

Cyberbullying is NEVER ok

With the recent chain of events, one of our articles [now removed] mentioned cosplayers names as examples for the topic and since then, they have received death threats and threatening

Anime Expo 2013 – Day 1: Cosplayer photos

Anime Expo 2013 – July 4th, 2013 – Day 1 There were so many amazing cosplayers during the first day of Anime Expo! I was shocked at how many cosplayers

NR Interview with Newton Thaiposri, founder of Riot Arms Prop Fabrication and Photography

You’d be hard pressed these days to find a video game character without an iconic, badass weapon. You have Cloud with his Buster sword, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine with

Fanime 2013 Photo Gallery Extravaganza

Fanime 2013 came and went. There were a lot of issues with the con itself, but one thing that didn’t disappoint were all the amazing Cosplays we got to see

Dragon*Con 2012 Photos

Billed as the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe, Dragon*Con is all that and more.

Con Report: Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2011 – Panels, Cosplayers and More!

It was quite a turnout this year for the third annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Con held this Halloween weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. There was a

Are NY Comic Con Cosplayers Victims of Cyber Bullying?

The jerks jocks of the world haven’t changed much. Apparently, they haven’t grown much in the ways of maturation since the days of dishing out wedgies and swirlies in the

Defense of the Nerd: Being a Member of a Costume Club

[Author’s Note: Forgive me if you feel that my focus is biased towards Star Wars organizations. I did not intend to overlook or ignore non-Star Wars costume clubs, they just

Nisei Week 2011 Photos

Nisei Week the annual festival celebrating Japanese American culture was recently held in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. This festival is one of the largest Japanese events held in Little Tokyo

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club Extended Photos & Videos

You’ve been waiting for it and we got them!  Here are the photos and videos from the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 LA Fight Club event at Club 740 in Downtown