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Even More Photos From Anime LA 2012!!!

Even Booster Gold, the greatest hero you’ve never heard of, supports Nerd Reactor! Here we have even more photos from this year’s Anime LA for your viewing pleasure! And if you missed

Cosplay Spotlight: Hanzo Hasashi’s Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

Meet cosplayer Alexander. He goes by the nickname of Hanzo Hasashi, after Scorpion’s real name. We got a chance to snap some photos of his Scorpion outfit from Mortal Kombat

Comikaze Day 1

Today marks the opening of a new convention in L.A., Comikaze Expo. Comikaze Expo is not just dedicated to the hardcore and industry folks, it also caters to the masses.

CosCast Episode 1: Our First Episode in the World of Cosplay

Welcome to our first ever episode for CosCast, a podcast featuring cosplayers talking about the things they love the most, dressing up as their favorite anime, video games, and other

The Girls of BlizzCon 2011

As Blizzcon 2011 comes to an end. We here at Nerd Reactor believe it is of utmost importance to show our audience the radiant beauties that graced the BlizzCon floor. With over 100 cosplayers

Are NY Comic Con Cosplayers Victims of Cyber Bullying?

The jerks jocks of the world haven’t changed much. Apparently, they haven’t grown much in the ways of maturation since the days of dishing out wedgies and swirlies in the

Photos and Video from Street Fighter Fight Club LA

Recently Los Angeles once again played host to another one of Capcom‘s fantastic Fight Clubs. This one had it all, everything: Street Fighter Third Strike, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

Defense of the Nerd: Being a Member of a Costume Club

[Author’s Note: Forgive me if you feel that my focus is biased towards Star Wars organizations. I did not intend to overlook or ignore non-Star Wars costume clubs, they just

Dragon Con 2011 Second Photo Barrage of Epicness

Here we have for you the second half of the photos we’ve taken at Dragon*Con 2011 this year. And to all the new friends we’ve made on this trip out

Dragon*Con 2011 First Photo Barrage of Epicness and Con Report

This year three members of the Nerd Reactor staff were lucky enough to make the trip out to the east coast for one of the world’s largest costuming convention, or

Nisei Week 2011 Photos

Nisei Week the annual festival celebrating Japanese American culture was recently held in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. This festival is one of the largest Japanese events held in Little Tokyo

Resident Evil Roundup

Sorry for the delay on this, guys. Sickness and work has me lagged, but I finally got over my sickness and caught up with work. So, on to the main

San Diego Comic-Con Day Four Photos

On Sunday, San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 drew to a close. From July 20th – July 24th, over 100,000 fanboys and girls descended upon the San Diego Convention Center and the surrounding area.

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Days 3 and 4 Gallery

With the last two days left of the con, the weekend came and went, but Day three was one of our busiest days. With an appointment with some of the

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 2 Gallery

Today I will continue the Cosplay Girls Gallery with the final three days of the Convention. Starting with Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con. The cosplay girls came out in

San Diego Comic-Con Day One Photos

Day one of San Diego Comic-Con International 2011 is in the bag! Folks unable to get preview night last year were able to pick up their badges, while the dealers

SDCC 2011: Cosplay Girls Day 1 Gallery

Today was the official start of San Diego Comic-Con, and with that came long lines for both next year’s pre-registration and today’s badge pick up. Lines were so long that


Day 2 finished on to Day 3. This day was my last day of AX I had to prepare for a get together at the house the next day. So


With Anime Expo behind us, it is now time to prepare for San Diego Comic Con. But before getting into full Comic con mode lets take a look back at

More Photos from Anime Expo 2011

For those of you who were able to attend and those of you unable to make it, here are some photos from this years Anime Expo convention held at the