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Max Landis’ new action movie, American Ultra, gets posters

The first posters of the upcoming American Ultra may not give the best representation of what the film is about, but it shows you the kind of people the main characters

Matthew Vaughn tells us what he thinks about the Fantastic Four reboot

Matthew Vaughn is a well known director and no stranger to the superhero genre that’s enveloping Hollywood right now. If you didn’t know, he directed Xmen: First Class, which was the

So Fox liked Max Landis’ Chronicle 2 script after all

Remember when Max Landis’ father talked about how Fox wasn’t digging Max’s draft of Chronicle 2? His father said that the draft was heading to a direction that the studio

Max Landis wants to evolve Chronicle 2, FOX doesn’t

Max Landis did an excellent job of writing Chronicle. The film was engaging and set the bar for found-footage movies. Not only that, but it was also a great superhero

Shadow of the Colossus movie to be helmed by Chronicle director

Chronicle is one of my favorite comic book movies this year. Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite video games. Now combine those together and we get a

Chronicle Blu-ray review

Chronicle is one of those movies that completely took me by surprise. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be another teenage flick trying to

NR Superhero Contest: We’re giving away a Chronicle DVD and Wicked headphones

It’s that time again for another NR contest. This week’s contest is sponsored by Wicked Audio and Chronicle. That means one winner will get a pair of Wicked Audio Hero

Max Landis returns to script Chronicle 2

You can say that Chronicle was a success. For a movie with a budget of $12 million and earning $105 million worldwide, the teen superhero found-footage film did good. Fox

Chronicle director in talks to direct Venom live action

The LA Times has just announced today that Josh Trank is currently in negotiations to helm the live-action adaptation of Marvel super-antihero Venom. Trank is currently fresh off the extremely

NR Podcast – Chronicle review

What would it be like if you and two of your closest friends in high school were given super powers? Would you use them for good, or would you use