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Doctor Who’s Christmas Special is giving us a countdown of goodies!

BBC has released a Doctor Who’s Countdown to the Christmas Special with something for the fans to click on every day! Each day, the fans will be treated to special videos,

Doctor Who: Review and Explanation of The Time of the Doctor

* Contains spoilers from The Time of the Doctor* So, we can all agree that Matt Smith’s departure was emotional. Despite what you may think of the episode in general,

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor extended trailer

BBC America has released an extended trailer for the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor. They also released the trailer to their Farewell to Matt Smith special. It’s actually

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor trailer is out!

And now it’s time for one last bow, Like all your other selves, Eleven’s hour over now, The clock is striking Twelve. In the Christmas trailer for The Time of

BBC releases new photos to Doctor Who’s The Time of the Doctor

New photos have been released and they may contain spoilers on how the Cybermen may be able to defeat the Doctor. Two words: Wooden Cybermen Sonic screwdrivers don’t work on

Doctor Who: New “The Time of the Doctor” poster and stills!

BBC has released a new poster and images from Doctor Who’s The Time of the Doctor. BBC One has not released the official trailer to The Time of the Doctor

Doctor Who: Clips from the Christmas episode ‘The Time of the Doctor’

BBC One has released their Christmas lineup promo and it has clips from Doctor Who’s Christmas episode The Time of the Doctor. We see them walking in the snow towards

Doctor Who: “The Time of the Doctor” schedule

BBC One and BBC America have confirmed their times for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. This Christmas will be especially special and sad, because we see the end of the

Doctor Who’s Christmas episode: “The Time of the Doctor”

Warning: Potential spoilers! This Christmas, we bid farewell to the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) and welcome the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Bleeding Cool has information on the Christmas Special called

A night at Queen Mary’s Chill

Queen Mary has long been a history monument in the heart of Long Beach, CA, and it is known for many things, including Dark Harbor. Soon it will be known

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