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More Loki scenes being filmed in Thor: The Dark World

Fans of Tom Hiddleston are going to LOVE this news. According to Alan Taylor the director of Thor: The Dark World, he has asked Tom Hiddleston to once again don the


HULK SMA-..err okay so Hulk didn’t actually say that, but Mark Ruffalo sure did. During these past couple of weeks, there have been rumors about Robert Downey Jr. butting heads

Thor 2 Loses Another Director

Things are not looking too well for the god of thunder sequel. First, the intial director, Kenneth Branagh, won’t return. Now, the film loses its 3rd director that was in

Update: The Avengers First Official Image – Now with Individual Photos

Update: Added individual portraits for each character. We’ve been getting some cool artworks for the Avengers movie for some time now, but none of them were the actual images of

Blu-ray Review: THOR

  We have seen many superhero films come and go over the years. The last one I ever expected to succeed as a big budget summer tentpole was Marvel Studio’s

Thor Will Lay the Smackdown on Iron Man in ‘The Avengers’ Says Robert Downey Jr.

Here’s a video interview from Extra with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers. Downey Jr. said that he gets his beat up by Thor, as there is

See Thor and Captain America Beat the Crap Out of Alien Stunt Guys

We saw Chris Evans as Captain America fighting against the alien threat set pics, but now we get the god of thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), to give a helping hammer.

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Thor Review

Thor is the first of many big budget Superhero movies coming out this summer but how will it stack up against some of Marvel’s mightiest Heroes? Is Thor possible the

Leaked Script Brings The Avengers Production to a Halt

A little over a week ago, we talked about how an anonymous person claimed that he had Samuel L Jackson’s script from The Avengers and would be willing to sell

Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and Captain America’s Chris Evans on Comic Books and Fans

The Daily Record interviewed Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) on comic books and fans respectively. Here’s Chris Hemsworth if he was a fan of comic books. “I’d

Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Visits Marvel Office

Chris Hemsworth, the world’s sexiest man, came to visit the Marvel office while in New York and Marvel had a chance to take some pics of Thor himself, including him

Chris Hemsworth’s Talks AVENGERS Script

Chris Hemsworth has seen the early drafts for the Avengers and said that it’s going to be huge on a recent MTV interview. “I said to Joss, ‘I don’t know