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CES: Digital Storm, custom rigs to the Extreme!

During CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Digital Storm and look at their latest custom rig you will ever need, the ARES. Walking into the sweet

Best of CES 2013: Unleash your inner Dragon with MSI

CES 2013 bought with it a plethora of manufacturers claiming to have the best of the best. While few can deliver on such presumptions, MSI has promised, delivered, and with

CES: Griffin – ‘They do everything’

Griffin can always think ahead and take what’s in the market and not only just make it better, but take it to the next level. At CES 2013 they had

CES: The Sportiiiis & Viiiiva from 4iiii Innovations

In the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of devices that will help you track and analyze your daily workout. We’ve seen everything from censors in your watches, shoes,

CES: Sonic Emotion

When it comes to gaming, movies, or music, all of us want a premium sound system, but not have it cost us an arm and a leg. Blu-ray movies as

CES: Soul Headphones

While at CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Soul and talk headphones. Soul is a relatively new company when it comes to headphones, but has been

CES: Ferrari by Logic3 Headphones inspired from racing

It doesn’t matter if you’re gaming, relaxing with some good tunes or simply wanting to tune out the world around you; a good pair of headphones is invaluable. I’m at

CES: MEElectronics affordable headphones

MEElectronics has been around since 2005. They started out by selling several different products on eBay including media players. In 2009 they came out with their own earphones to give

CES 2012 – The Post Report and Weight Gain Explained Within!

Over our 8000 calories Quadruple Bypass burgers from Heart Attack Grill, the Nerd Reactor team is not only replenishing from the miles and miles of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage,

Intel at CES 2012: Ultrabooks Now!

With quite the comedic intro, Intel kicks off CES 2012 with some of the biggest announcements of day 0. As Mooley Eden, Vice president of general manager, entered a stage

The Next Step in Big Screen TV Evolution: OLED

TV manufacturers are always hard at work coming up with new marketing ideas for the next big thing. It was suppose to be 3D TVs, but somehow the consumers forgot

Snakebyte Debuts at CES 2011

Snakebyte made their CES debut at CES 2011 and had some nifty accessories to show at their booth. They have a variety of accessories for the PS3, Wii, and PC.

CES 2011: Fulton Innovation Taking Wireless Power to the Next Level

The Fulton Innovation CES booth demonstrated an array of wireless power applications ranging from low power device charging to intelligent high power home and car control loop scenarios that seemed

CES 2011: Verbatim

Verbatim brings its focus to 3 categories at CES 2011; Portable Peripheral Accessories, Flash Drives, and  Portable Hard Drives. Under those 3 categories they have produced a slew of products

CES 2011: Nyko’s 2011 Product Line-Up

Nyko kicks off 2011 with more accessories for the PS3, 360, and Wii in their showcase. Starting with their PS3 accessories, they have the Raven Standard controllers and Raven Alternate

CES 2011: Logitech Booth

Logitech was well prepared and equipped for this year’s CES with their various accessories. Logitech had displays of their wireless keyboards, wireless mice, HD webcams, harmony remotes, and head phones,

CES 2011: Capcom Delivers the 1-2 Punch, Literally!

Day 1 at CES is a trip. Being used to conventions like E3, Anime Expo and Comic-con you become accustomed to everything roughly close by and local to the convention

CES 2011: Sony and Toshiba Showoff Their ‘Work-in-Progress’ Glasses-Free 3D TVs

It seems like the general dislike of 3D TVs is the inconvenience of wearing pricey, uncomfortable glasses within the comfort of your own home.  For quite sometime now, there have

CES 2011: Sennheiser Delivers More of the Same…Greatness

Sennheiser has been doing audio for many years now and has proved timelessly that they’re good at it. With their new lines of audio headphone products, they have cemented themselves

CES Press Conference Day 0

CES Day 0 or Press Conference Day was a hectic and busy atmosphere. Bloggers and members of the press alike were all scrambling to make it to various company’s press