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CBS passes on How I Met Your Dad

Fans of the “How I Met Your Parent” genre will have to look elsewhere for their flashback romantic comedies this upcoming fall season. How I Met Your Dad, the new spinoff

CBS to reboot WB’s (now CW) Charmed?

Variety has confirmed that CBS is in the script writing phase of the hit WB show Charmed. The reboot is in the early stages with Chris Keyser (Party of Five)

Broken Holmes: A Sherlockian’s thoughts on ‘Elementary’

I like BBC’s SHERLOCK quite a bit. I see the efforts of Moffat, Gatiss, Cumberbatch and Freeman as an extraordinary adaptation of Doyle’s great detective, perhaps my favorite adaptation. The

Interview with Jolene Purdy from CBS and Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Photo by Vince Trupsin Under the Dome premieres on CBS June 24, 2013 at 10/9c. The show is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name and follows a

Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory surprise flashmob

At a recent taping of the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, audience members and the series creators – Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steven Molaro – were treated to a

Lucy Liu to play Watson in CBS’ New Sherlock Holmes Series

CBS has cast Lucy Liu to play Watson in their new Sherlock Holmes series, ‘Elementary’. Liu will be playing an ex-surgeon and former NYPD consultant in this new series who