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No objection here as Good Smile Company unveils Pheonix Wright figma

Good Smile Company revealed on its Facebook page that Ryūichi Naruhodō, better known as Phoenix Wright outside of Japan, will be the next Capcom character who will be joining the figma

Monster Hunter Generations will be released on July 15, alongside a Special Edition system

If you’ve been itching for a new way to hunt monsters, get ready as Nintendo has confirmed that Monster Hunter Generations will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on July

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit Of Justice is coming this September

Capcom has announced that it will release the sixth installment of the Ace Attorney series this September in North America and Europe under the title Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit

Resident Evil 7 teased?

Capcom may have just revealed its plans for Resident Evil 7 – and it could be released on March 31, 2017! “In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, the

Capcom misses Street Fighter V sales goal

In a recent report Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V has missed its original sales goal of 2 million by the end of its fiscal year. The game has

New Mega Man and Mega Man Battle Network figures coming from Sentinel

While a new Mega Man video game doesn’t seem to be happening anytime in the near future, it’s nice to see that the love for the character is still there

Guile will join Street Fighter V on April 28

Last week, Capcom revealed that April’s Street Fighter V DLC character would be Guile. While plenty of information was revealed including a character trailer, the one thing that was missing

Watch Guile in action in new Street Fighter V trailer

Following last month’s release of Alex, Guile will be the second DLC character added to the roster of Street Fighter V. Over the last few days, Capcom has revealed more

Capcom finally has solution for Rage Quitters in Street Fighter V

Ever since Street Fighter V released back in February, rage quitting has been one of the game’s many issues. Honestly, it should have been something that Capcom should have implemented right from the start, mainly due to

Guile’s Street Fighter V theme still goes with everything

Capcom is going a different route with revealing this month’s DLC character, Guile, compared to how it did it with Alex. With Alex, we only got a breakdown of his

Street Fighter V Guile screenshots released

While the launch of Street Fighter V was met with some criticism due to a somewhat shallow roster and lack of features, Capcom is slowly getting caught up by way

Footage of Street Fighter V’s Alex

Today will be Capcom’s first big update for Street Fighter V. Among some of the updates are three different tutorial modes (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), a trial mode, being able to

Check out these amazing Devil May Cry 3 dioramas from Kinetiquettes

I’m a huge fan of Devil May Cry 3, and it’s a shame that there haven’t been too many collectibles out there available, aside from a few figures from Play Arts Kai.

First look at Ace Attorney anime series takes us back to the start

During Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed that an Ace Attorney anime series was in development. We get our first look at the upcoming series which will air starting next month

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar and Cybeast Gregar now out for Wii U Virtual Console

Capcom’s Mega Man Battle Network series was very different from nearly every other Mega Man game released. Taking place in both the real world and cyberspace, players would take on the

Info revealed for Street Fighter V’s Alex and March update

Capcom hasn’t given a solid date for the Street Fighter V‘s March update yet, but what we do know is that it will add some much needed online improvements and

Zangief’s Critical Art can be stored to make Red Cyclone more powerful

If you’re playing Zangief in Street Fighter V, this might be some good tech to learn to catch your opponent off guard. It seems Zangief is able to store his 720

Capcom laying down the law on Street Fighter V players who frequently rage quit

While not a permanent solution, Capcom has begun handing out its own brand of justice to those players who like to frequently disconnect or “Rage Quit” in Street Fighter V. One user

Ace Attorney 6 to feature two different court systems and Maya’s return

The sixth installment of the Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) series is coming later this year, and a whole new adventure awaits Naruhodō Ryūichi (Phoenix Wright), Apollo Justice (Housuke Odoroki) and Athena Cykes (Kokone Kizuki). A new

Project X Zone 2 – The ultimate fanfic returns (review)

If someone were to ask me how I would summarize the Project X Zone series, it would be, “The ultimate fanfic, mixed with a well-done combat system.” The game features more than 50 characters from