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MMO Madness – James Cameron and Bioware Interested in Making New MMOs?

It seems there isn’t much room in the ultra competitive sector of MMO gaming, but I guess certain people don’t care. Then again, we are talking about James Cameron and

Commander Shepard’s Journey Ends with Mass Effect 3

Say it ain’t so. Commander Shepard and I have been through a lot these past few years and it’s sad to hear that he/she will be saying bye after Mass

E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic

As some of you readers out there know from my previous articles, I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd. Combine that with a certain event that just happened in Los

New Mass Effect 3 Details – Bioware Adds Jumping, Blind Firing

I thought we were going to have to wait a whole grueling month to hear more Mass Effect 3 details at E3. Thanks to Official Xbox Magazine, we now know

Bioware Delaying Mass Effect 3 to 2012 to Add Features

When I heard that Mass Effect 3 was coming out in Fall 2011, I was a little worried. After all, Mass Effect 2 had only come out in January of

Mass Effect 3 Details Emerge via Game Informer

Want to know about the new details for Mass Effect 3 in the latest Game Informer magazine? We have them right here. The game apparently starts with commander Shepard on

Mass Effect Anime Movie Announced

BioWare and Funimation are already working on the Dragon Age anime, but they have just announced an anime feature film based on Mass Effect. Tokyo-based T.O Entertainment, Inc. will be

The Reapers Are Upon Us – Mass Effect 2: Arrival Trailer

The of Arrival of Arrival is your cue to get excited for Mass Effect 3. The DLC comes out tomorrow, March 29th, and will bridge the gap between the ending

Fight for the Galaxy in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

The Sith attack in this exciting new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO looming in the distance. There are a few quick glances of two flight sections,

Dragon Age 2 Launch Trailer – Claim Your Destiny

So, is everyone aware that Dragon Age 2 is coming out tomorrow, March 7th? To get everyone all riled up, Bioware has released an action-packed trailer full of golem-like creatures,

The Bounty Hunters of Star Wars: The Old Republic

‘The only law in this galaxy is the one a man makes for himself’ is the opening line of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Bounty Hunter trailer.  That pretty

Dragon Age 2 Demo Slashes Through to PC, PS3, Xbox 360

It’s time to take out the armor, shield, and sword, fellow RPGers, Dragon Age 2’s demo is out today! It is currently available on Xbox 360, and PS3 and PC

The Guild’s Felicia Day and BioWare Together to Create New Dragon Age Web Series

Oh Felicia Day, how I love thee. You’ve blessed us geeks with your humor and beauty and graced us with your presence in The Guild, Legend of Neil, Dr. Horrible’s

Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare has announced information on Flashpoints for the Star Wars: The Old Republic on their official website.  According to BioWare Flashpoints ‘takes a group of Imperial or Republic players through

Star Wars: The Old Republic Delayed

It looks like the release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been pushed until September.  While there has never been an official release date for the MMORPG many

Get Ready for Spike’s Video Game Awards 2010 with Batman: Arkham City and BioWare’s New Game Premiere

Spike TV has just announced that the Video Game Awards 2010 will be LIVE on Saturday, December 11, at 8pm ET/5pm PT. It will be a two-hour event with a

PS3 Version of Mass Effect 2 Will Have an Interactive Comic and DLC but no Mass Effect 1

In January 2011, Mass Effect 2 will finally be released onto the PS3, which is almost exactly one year after it launched on the Xbox and PC. A lot of

Dragon Age Anime Goes Forward with Director Fumihiko Sori

BioWare announced before that they were teaming up with FUNimation to work on a Dragon Age anime. A director has been announced, and he is Fumihiko Sori, (Ping Pong, Vexille,