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Mass Effect 3 launch trailer contains alien invasion and oddly placed sex scene

Oh, cool, there’s a new Mass Effect 3 launch trailer out. Earth is in trouble, space aliens and humans working together to fight the diabolical Reaper force and…whoa, whoa, whoa.

New Mass Effect 3 “Fight” Live-Action Trailer

Tonight, during the latest episode of The Walking Dead there will be a new live-action trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3. Luckily for us, the video has been leaked

Mass Effect 3 Kinect cheat sheet

We are less than a few weeks from the immanent attack of the Reapers. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, you cannot afford to screw this up. Luckily

Mass Effect 3 Demo: Singleplayer In-Depth First Impressions

So the Mass Effect 3 demo is finally out and I must say that it hasn’t met my expectations…it has completely obliterated them! Mind you, I am currently in the

Find the weather balloon, play Mass Effect 3 early

There are always plenty of fans who want to play their games early, and this time it’s being supported by EA and Bioware themselves. Apparently, EA’s crazy marketing ploys are

Red-headed Fem-Shep gets her very own Mass Effect 3 story trailer

Did you know that 13% of Mass Effect players play as the default Commander Shepard? Honestly, I can’t fathom not customizing my character. Another 18% choose to play as a

Mass Effect 3 site relaunches with galaxy-load of pictures and videos

I’m sorry, did we just do a Mass Effect 3 information update just a little while ago? That’s quite alright. I mean, if it were up to me, the whole

Guild Leaders of SWTOR, Unite!

Bioware has just announced that they will be hosting a guild leader summit in Austin, Texas from March 4th to the 6th. The event is invitation only, but any guild

Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Founder’s Medal & Title

Sometimes it’s pretty awesome being there at the beginning and able to say you’re a true OG. There’s some bragging rights to that and a touch of pride as well. BioWare

A Drell Does a Flying Punch in New Mass Effect 3 Co-op Footage

Mass Effect 3 is coming out on March 6th, but that’s just too far away for what could be the best game of 2012, right? Well, never you mind, because

Play Mass Effect 3 Early…as a Demo

Good news for those who can’t wait to test out Mass Effect 3. BioWare has announced that the demo will be available February 14, 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

No Steam Release for Mass Effect 3

  Those of you who have been eagerly holding onto the cash in your Steam wallets for an upcoming Mass Effect 3 release are going to be a bit disappointed.

Spoiler-Free Mini-Review – The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

Being video game players, as we are, it can be easy for us to not realize how much work went into the finely tuned product spinning quickly in our neatly

MPsy’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Review (From Levels 1-10)

Alright boys and girls, it’s time to talk about something that’s very near and dear to me. Is it my family? My friends? That cute girl over I saw over

I Officially Announce December 20th Star Wars Day

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. The hotly anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be out on store shelves December 20th in North America. Europeans are

Bioware Amps Up the Combat in Mass Effect 3 – Official Video

Mass Effect is a series that started out as a mish-mash of quality. The story is one I consider to be one of the best in all of gaming, but

The Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition You (Probably) Can’t Live Without

It is possible that you’ve contracted a disease, a rare one which renders you helpless when it comes to the decision regarding the purchase of large quantities of Mass Effect

First Picture of Bioware’s Newest Game Beyond Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3, what should be one of the best games of next year, is not even out yet, but somehow Bioware has found the time to start up a

Voila! Mass Effect’s M-8 Gun, Normandy Replica, Liara T’Soni Statue and Demo Coming Soon

In preparation for Mass Effect 3 next year, BioWare will be having some cool things in store for fans, like a gun replica, the Normandy replica, a Liara T-soni statue,

Mass Effect 3’s Multi-player Mode Finally Officially Announced

Well, we finally have a confirmation that Mass Effect 3 is indeed receiving the multi-player treatment, so let the hate/love commence! Players can opt to play online with up to