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Titanfall 2 will have an ‘Open Multiplayer Tech Test’

Most games nowadays have pre-release Betas to ensure the online components of a game work at launch. Titanfall 2 is one of this Fall’s big online-multiplayer games, so it makes sense that

Overwatch Beta: Genji Review

As a first Overwatch character review here at Nerd Reactor, let me just say that all of this information and experience is coming from the Closed Beta. The account is provided

Next Street Fighter V beta test coming later in October

Capcom revealed that the second Street Fighter V beta test would be held from October 22nd (Thursday) until October 25th (Sunday) for all regions. This Beta test will be different

Titanfall now going to Open Beta!

You heard right, the fps+mech shooter that everyone is going nuts over is going from closed beta to open beta!   That’s the lead developer of Respawn, the company behind

Blizzard’s HearthStone now in Open Beta

Many people suspected HearthStone was already in Open Beta several months ago, but only the fortunately handful were able to try out Blizzard’s newest addition to their group of games,

Registration for PlayStation Now Beta is open

With CES in full swing and companies trying to vie for your hard-earned money and love, Sony has opened up with the news of their new cloud gaming service. You

BlizzCon: Heroes of the Storm beta sign ups start today

Announced during the opening ceremony at BlizzCon, Blizzard’s own little MOBA project, Heroes of the Storm, is finally going into beta. Sign ups for the long awaited beta will be

Dark Souls 2 beta videos show improved jolly co-operation

Unlike our own government, players in Dark Souls enjoyed working with each other as much as they do against each other. So those keeping an eye on Dark Souls 2

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Test Phase 3 (PC)

[Check out Ryan’s impressions of Final Fantasy XIV Beta for the PS3] When I first saw this game the first thing that struck my mind was “Holy crap in a

FFXIV A Realm Reborn beta signups are live

With the imminent release of the reboot for Final Fantasy XIV around the corner, Square Enix has finally opened up beta sign-ups for all those who wish to take part.

Diablo 3 beta open for everyone this weekend

You read that right, Diablo 3 beta is open for everyone starting this afternoon Friday, April 20, until Monday, April 23rd 10 AM PDT. They are doing this as a

Guild Wars 2 breaks one million beta registrations in 48 hours

  At this point, the hype for Guild Wars 2 is getting to reach maximum levels. How hype is it getting? Enough that over one million people immediately registered for

Diablo III Public Beta Impressions

  Disclaimer: This is an impression based on the current beta in development and are merely thoughts of what it offers at the moment. It does not accurately describe the

Medal of Honor BETA Impressions: Mixing ‘Modern Warfare’ with ‘Bad Company’

Modern Warfare 2: good. Bad Company 2: good. Modern Warfare 2 mixed with Bad Company, surprisingly not that good. I recently got my hands on the new Medal of Honor