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Winona Ryder confirms Beetlejuice sequel in the works

Tim Burton has mentioned that he wants to work on the sequel to Beetlejuice, with Michael Keaton adding that he’s interested in reprising his role as the “Ghost with the Most.”

SNL: The cast plays Batman and Beetlejuice with Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton hosted SNL this past weekend with the cast paying tribute to his two iconic roles – Batman and Beetlejuice. This is Keaton’s third time hosting the show, hosting

Michael Keaton is down for Beetlejuice 2!

Tim Burton has said that he was interested in doing the sequel to Beetlejuice, the movie that catapulted Michael Keaton’s into stardom. If the sequel does happen, that means that

It’s official, Tim Burton is considering directing the Beetlejuice sequel

When Schmoes Know announced that Tim Burton was going to direct the sequel to Beetlejuice for Warner Bros. last week, many thought it was just a rumor. The site said that it