Doctor Who Season 9 read-through with special guests Rufus Hound & Maisie Williams

maisie williams doctor who

BBC America just released a video of special guests comedian Rufus Hound and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams at the read through table with 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi. Although they didn’t reveal the character Williams will be playing, we found out Hound will be playing Sam Swift. Both Hound and … Continue reading

Daniel Radcliffe will star in GTA drama show for the BBC


Very few could argue that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has changed the way we see violence in video games. Each game has had some sort of controversy as well as some great successes. The current Grand Theft Auto, GTA V, has earned well over $1 billion since it was … Continue reading

Jeremy Clarkson set to return to Top Gear!


*Please note date of publication* *April Fool’s!* BBC has just released information regarding Jeremy Clarkson’s recent departure. Last month, BBC announced Clarkson was let go due to a scuffle with a Top Gear producer. After many discussions and petitions for Clarkson’s return, the BBC decided to offer the Top Gear veteran … Continue reading

Terry Pratchett, author of Discworld series, dies at 66


I’ll be blunt, we’ve lost many iconic figures in entertainment this year. But what is special is that these individuals have left a legacy in which we can appreciate their craft. Sir Terry Pratchett, known for his work on the Discworld series of novels and also his collaboration with Neil … Continue reading

Netflix may be losing Doctor Who at the end of January


According to, Saturday January 31st will be the last day you can watch your favorite BBC series via Netflix including Doctor Who, Black Adder, Coupling, Primeval and Survivors. Three more weeks and say goodbye. While Netflix hasn’t made any comments, fans have started wondering why would Netflix even think about losing such a popular show. … Continue reading

Want the Doctor Who cast to read you a bedtime story? Here they are!

david tennant doctor who

Ever wanted the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) to read you a bedtime story? Or have River Song (Alex Kingston) tell you a story? Captain Jack (John Barrowman)? Martha (Freema Agyeman)? Well… now you can. Tennant, Kingston, Barrowman, Agyeman, and John Simm (The Master) have lent their voices to BBC’s CBeebies Bedtime … Continue reading

Titan Comics presents the Twelfth Doctor!

peter capaldi titan

BBC and Titan Comics just released the images that will be used for the 12th Doctor’s comic book debut. It will be written by Eagle award winner Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000 AD, Nikolai Dante) and drawn by New York Times-bestselling artist Dave Taylor (Batman: Death by Design, 2000 … Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comic book series

Doctor Who

In association with Titan Comics, BBC Worldwide will be releasing a whole new comic book series with the 10th Doctor. The first of its series will be written by Eisner Award winner Nick Abadzis and drawn by Elena Casagrande and Alice X Zhang. This five-issue arc will be introducing a … Continue reading

‘SHERLOCK: The Network’ mobile game is a mixed bag

Sherlock The Network

SHERLOCK: The Network is mobile game for iPhone and iPad that gives players a chance to step into the role of one of Holmes’ “Homeless Network” and help the Baker Street detective with cases. The game is broken up into 10 cases which each have their own story, but sometimes … Continue reading

‘SHERLOCK: The Sign of Three’ is a wedding wrapped mystery

John Sherlock

There’s no denying that SHERLOCK Series 3 has been more based in characters and relationships than the previous installments. However, in a series that is crafted in sets of three filmic episodes, it’s difficult to find a balance between crime solving and character interaction. Fortunately, “The Sign of Three” strikes … Continue reading

Sherlock: Season 3, episode 1: ‘The Empty Hearse’ review


* This post contains spoilers * How did Sherlock survive? We are given a lot of theories during this episode. Philip Anderson, president/leader of the Sherlock theory club, and his Scooby team all have ideas of how Sherlock survived. We’re not too sure which is the correct one throughout the … Continue reading

‘SHERLOCK’ mini-episode ‘Many Happy Returns’

Sherlock Series 3

Originally rumored to be a released as a part of BBC’s Red Button service, it looks like Christmas came a day early for all Sherlockians this year. “Many Happy Returns” is a 7-minute video that revolves around an unnamed man presenting evidence to Inspector Lestrade that Sherlock Holmes is still … Continue reading

It’s simple, we kill The Doctor (Batman/Doctor Who comic mashup)


There is a reference in this comic which enthusiasts will understand. However, for those who just dabble in comics and have not followed the various storylines affecting comic fandom, I’ll share a brief note at how Nebezial created the logic behind this Doctor Who and Batman mashup. During the events … Continue reading

‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ to be an immersive dinosaur experience

WWD-047 - Patchi, left, with his older brother Scowler.

We’ve had many dinosaur movies in the past including Jurassic Park, The Land Before Time and Disney’s Dinosaur (Does anybody remember We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story?). Now there’s a new dinosaur movie coming out this month called Walking with Dinosaurs. Based on the show of the same name, BBC Earth wanted … Continue reading

Sherlock Lives! ‘SHERLOCK’ series 3 photos, teaser and minisode!

SHERLOCK S. 3 Holmes interview

As we inch closer to the premiere of SHERLOCK series 3 (January 1 in the U.K. and January 19 in the U.S.), the internet is flooding with information about the updated Holmes series and it”s cast of colorful characters. Today, BBC One released several new promotional photos of the cast, … Continue reading

Official BBC statements regarding Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor

peter calpadi

The BBC released official statements from the cast and crew of Doctor Who regarding Peter Capaldi being picked as The 12th Doctor. Steven Moffat, head writer and executive producer said: It’s an incendiary combination: one of the most talented actors of his generation is about to play the best part … Continue reading