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Doctor Who: More on ‘Time Heist’ episode and Capaldi’s thoughts on the Doctor

BBC America and BBC One has released the official trailer and sneak peeks on the episode ‘Time Heist’. We learn more about the other characters with the Doctor and Clara

Doctor Who: S8E5: ‘Time Heist’ teaser trailers

Next Saturday on Doctor Who, The Doctor “turns bank turns bank robber when he is given a task he cannot refuse: steal from the most dangerous bank in the cosmos.

Doctor Who: A Prequel to ‘The Bells of Saint John’

BBC One has released a prequel to the first episode of midway season 7 called A Prequel written by head writer Steven Moffat. It shows the Doctor (Matt Smith) sitting

Doctor Who: New Spring trailer out, plus episode photos and preview clip

O.M.G. The trailer itself is so awesome. It just gets me so excited for this midseason 7 premiere on March 30th! The trailer shows the Doctor and his new companion

Welcome inside the new TARDIS!

A new photo of the inside of Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS has been kinda revealed. BBC One posted a photo of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) inside the techy looking, time-traveling

Doctor Who Christmas special full trailer is out!

Watch the full trailer to this year’s Christmas Special called “The Snowmen“. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) seemed to have given up on saving the world (after losing his previous

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary episode confirmed by BBC

It has been confirmed by BBC One controller Danny Cohen of a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special! There is already a documentary to come out regarding Doctor Who’s history. “Drama

Doctor Who’s Christmas special images and trailer is out!

Doctor Who fans! The Christmas Special images are out! This year’s episode, The Snowmen, will feature the alien monsters made of snow aka Snowmen. Fans will be seeing some familiar

Matt Smith with the Olympic Torch

As the sun rises across Cardiff Bay we see Matt Smith (Doctor Who) the eleventh Doctor with the olympic torch. No, this is not a new episode of Doctor Who or