Satirical, Sarcastic Battle: Los Angeles Review – Cinema Magnifique

::SPOILERS ABOUND::  ::Contains Expletives:: ::Warning:: For fear that people may misunderstand the review, my opinion is actually the opposite of what is stated in the review. It’s a joke review

Nerd Reactor Podcast – Battle: Los Angeles Review

The world is under attack and our time is at hand. With all hope lost, humanity’s last stand is the city of Los Angeles. A group of Marines is issued

Here’s a New Clip from Battle: Los Angeles

Here’s a new clip from Battle: Los Angeles featuring marines looking over the chaos and destruction as they hover over Los Angeles. I’m really looking forward to this movie and

Truth of Fiction? Battle: Los Angeles Featurettes

Battle: Los Angeles is like ID4 meets Saving Private Ryan, except Private Ryan is all of Los Angeles. Maybe that should have been the title? Saving Los Angeles. Here are

Battle: Los Angeles To Be Like The Dark Knight

Well, it’s going to be like the Dark Knight in terms of making things real by using less green screen and more actual locations. So does that mean that any

Kill the Alien Bastards and Win Prizes in the Battle: Los Angeles Facebook Game

Battle: Los Angeles has a Facebook game out now called W.A.T.C.H. Ops where fans can win prizes such as a SONY PS3 system, Blu-Ray Disc players, gift cards and more.

Another New Trailer for Battle: Los Angeles

Here’s another new trailer for Battle: Los Angeles. So far all the trailers for the movie are looking pretty good and epic (Sorry Skyline). I’m a big fan of humans

Battle: Los Angeles Viral Website Explodes with New Info on the Aliens

As if I haven’t already posted enough pictures of the Aliens, a new viral website has popped up for Battle: Los Angeles. The new site gives us an in-depth look

Heart Pounding New Trailer of Battle: Los Angeles

As if I haven’t done enough articles about the little snippets of footage of the aliens in Battle: Los Angeles, there is a new full length trailer. The new trailer

Battle: Los Angeles Aliens Confirmed in New Trailer

Awhile we were first to report that the Battle: Los Angeles aliens made an appearance in the 1 of the 5 posters that were released for the film. Our discovery

Two New Battle: Los Angeles Trailers – Los Angeles Can’t Lose

Today is the day that Skyline is released upon us. What better way to celebrate an alien movie’s release with another competing alien movie’s trailer, Battle: Los Angeles. We hit

Is This the Alien of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES

So there was something that caught my eye when I was checking out the new posters from BATTLE: LOS ANGELES.  I couldn’t help but notice something in the background in


Couple of interesting new posters for BATTLE: LOS ANGELES have popped up on the radar.  They appear to show history events of UFO sightings leading up to the big showdown

4 Second Trailer of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES

When it comes to trailers, there is a lot of thought that goes behind making them.  How do we make a lasting impression? How do we create buzz around the