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E3 2014: Nyko wants to sneak into your house with modular accessories

Video game accessory juggernaut Nyko was at E3 this week with a brand new line of equipment to enhance your living room and gaming experience at the same time with

Patriot FUEL+: Your battery savior!

We all have some kind of replacement battery for our phone, and others have extra phone chargers lying around somewhere. I’ll lay it on thick, Patriot has a nice Lithium-ion

CES 2014: Anker showcases Power IQ technology for their external batteries

CEO of Anker Japan, Yoshitsune Ido, gave us a personal demo of their Power IQ technology during the Pepcom Digital Experience. Anker is widely known for selling their portable batteries

PDP/Afterglow Press Tour

Performance Designed Products is the manufacturer of the Afterglow line of headsets and controllers, gave us a tour on some accessories that are coming out this year. First up was