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Batman: Arkham Knight gets pushed back, plus ‘Officer Down’ gameplay

Today a new gameplay video has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight called “Officer Down”. It opens up with Batman and Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop trying to figure out what to

Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons wants to play The Riddler

The Big Bang Theory’s very own Sheldon Cooper appears to be interested in playing the villainous Edward Nigma opposite the caped crusader. The actor revealed this information during a recent

‘Batgirl’ Joker variant cover cancelled by DC

Looks like DC Comics has just backed down after pressure for their Joker variant cover. The highly criticized picture of Batgirl in the clutches of Joker was to be released

Batman to be a boogeyman in Suicide Squad film?

The Suicide Squad film by director David Ayer has been churning out a lot of rumors, just as much as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is likely due to

Check out the cinematic Batman: Arkham Knight TV spot

Rocksteady Studios has released a very cinematic and action-packed TV spot for Batman: Arkham Knight. The game recently received an M rating from the ESRB for darker violence, so those

Batman’s 50 Shades of Wayne needs to be a real thing!

So are you a fan of Batman? How about Fifty Shades of Grey? Ever wonder what Bruce Wayne’s love life looks like when he isn’t playing the role of the caped

New Batman vs. Robin clip released in this week’s DC All Access

DC has released a brand new clip from the upcoming animated feature, Batman Vs. Robin, in the latest episode of DC All Access. It includes interviews with Jay Olivia, a director

These are the reasons why Batman: Arkham Knight is rated M

Fans were surprised to find out that the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game by Rocksteady Studio was rated M, since the previous games have all been Rated T. The developers said

Marvel vs DC: More super heroes in film equal success? 

With the additions of these popular DC characters (Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possibly Cyborg) into WB/DC’s movie next year, why do people complain about Batman vs Superman having too many heroes?

Batman vs. Darth Vader gets a rematch

Whenever you do a vs. match of popular characters, fans of the losing character will be upset. That was the case with the Batman vs. Darth Vader match from Super

New Batman fan series episode features Jason Todd

Did you check out the first episode of Grayson: Earth One? It’s a Batman fan series starring Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. Now in the second chapter, we’re introduced to Jason

Batman and Nightwing on a bored night out

Batman and Nightwing are always on adventures as they try to stop the Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Scarecrow and a bunch of other villains from terrorizing Gotham City. What would

New Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Gotham Is Mine’ trailer

A new trailer is out and it is amazing. As we get closer to release we are getting a better picture of who are the major players in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Asylum gets an honest trailer

The newest episode of Honest Game Trailers is out, and this time they’re picking on Batman: Arkham Asylum. The series pokes fun of the game’s convenient ventilation shaft, overpowered detective

Batman: Arkham Knight to be rated M for Mature

The Batman Arkham series has been rated T for Teen. This includes titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins. Now we have news from IGN

Samuel L. Jackson says Marvel movies are better than DC movies

Nothing gets comic book fans more riled up than a good ol’ fashion debate on Marvel vs. DC. Marvel has been kicking ass in the movie department, and DC has

Superman gets a brand new power

If you’ve been paying attention to DC’s latest storyline called “Men of Tomorrow” involving our alien boy scout, you’ll know that it’s coming to a dramatic conclusion this coming Wednesday

Batman to appear in Suicide Squad movie?

The Suicide Squad film has been getting more attention than the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film lately, especially with the news of Tom Hardy dropping out of

Will Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon get a mustache in Gotham?

Commissioner Jim Gordon’s noticeable feature in the Batman comics and cartoons is his mustache. Since Fox’s Gotham takes place way before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, we see a younger Gordon

Robin Lord Taylor’s thoughts on Penguin being the Joker in Gotham

There’s a theory going around saying that Gotham‘s Penguin is actually going to be the Joker. If that’s the case, who’s going to be Oswald Cobblepot? Well, the actor who plays