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Here’s what Zack Snyder’s Batman photo might look like in color

Zack Snyder just released Batman and his Batmobile in all its glory today. The one thing that’s missing in the photo is color, so we decided to touch the photo

Ben Affleck’s Batman and Batmobile finally revealed!

The moment is here. We finally have the reveal of both Ben Affleck as Batman and the Batmobile for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick. The director shot the

Zack Snyder teases Batmobile for Batman vs. Superman film

Zack Snyder has officially sent out a tease for the new Batmobile for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. He revealed on Twitter that Batman’s ride will be revealed tomorrow,

WB sticks with Batman vs. Superman release date against Captain America 3

Marvel officially announced yesterday that Captain America will return on May 6, 2016. That’s the same date that Warner Bros. is also planning to release the Batman vs. Superman film.

Captain America 3 to take on Batman and Superman movie on the same release date – Who will make the first move?

We all know how powerful Batman and Superman are. Batman is pretty much the smartest superhero alive, and Superman is pretty much the most powerful superhero alive. I love me

Guess who’s the new Lex Luthor? (This one’s out of left field)

[Robert Galvan’s view doesn’t represent Nerd Reactor as a whole.] Warner Brothers officially announced today that the roles for Lex Luthor and Alfred have been cast. Jeremy Irons will be

Batman vs Superman’s filming schedule back on track?

Just when you think the Batman vs. Superman production saga couldn’t get any more confusing then think again! Filming for Batman vs. Superman was originally set to begin in February

Gal Gadot gets another Wonder Woman concept design for Batman vs. Superman film

I’ll admit, I’m one of the many critics against Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film. Whether you’re for or against the casting, people are excited to see

Batman vs. Superman has a new release date… in 2016

Those of you who were waiting to see the box office battle between Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and DC’s Batman vs. Superman Man of Steel 2 showdown won’t get that opportunity

Rumor: Warner Bros actually looking to Jason Momoa to play Aquaman?

Despite contrary reports that Lost star Josh Holloway would be playing Aquaman, Bad Ass Digest is reporting that another actor is being sought after instead. No, it’s not Vincent Chase,

DC plans to film Batman vs Superman and Justice League at the same time

DC has been making a lot of moves as of late, and one of the latest bits of information they released was the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman? Hell Yeah!

The rumor mill seems to be in full swing as whispers have gone out saying Josh Holloway (Lost) has been approached to possibly play Aquaman in the Batman vs. Superman

Argo screenwriter set to rewrite Batman vs Superman

Not everyone was thrilled to learn that David S. Goyer would be returning to write the script for Batman vs Superman (I’m one of them). Now The Hollywood Reporter is

Is Joaquin Phoenix being looked at for Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman?

I guess that rapper fiasco is behind Joaquin Phoenix now! After getting critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination for his role in Spike Jonze’s Her, Variety is reporting that

Warner Bros. is looking for a black Lex Luthor?

Warner Bros is making news recently with the announcement of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Many fans have been raging over the casting choice, since many thinks she’s too skinny

Fast Five’s Gal Gadot to be Wonder Woman in Superman vs. Batman flick

I know there are many fans who were hoping that Thor’s Jamie Alexander was going to be Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman flick, but it looks like

Will we see Nightwing in the Superman vs. Batman film?

Art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau In the Superman vs. Batman film, we know that Ben Affleck will be playing a tired and weary Batman against Henry Cavill’s young and powerful

Is Ben Affleck going to wear the Batman Noel suit for the Superman vs. Batman film?

Since we’re already getting a new actor (Ben Affleck) to play Batman in the Superman/Batman film, it makes sense for Batman to have a new suit as well. According to

Warner Bros. talks Wonder Woman possibly appearing in Batman vs. Superman

Ever since the announcement that Ben Affleck will be donning the iconic cowl for the Caped Crusader, many fans have been up in arms. Many questioned Warner Bros. and Zack

Images from the Batman vs. Superman football game scene

Today was a pretty fun day, as we were on set for a scene being filmed from the upcoming Superman/Batman movie at East Los Angeles City College. The scene was being