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Injustice 2 releases new Shattered Alliances trailer

A new Injustice trailer titled “Shattered Alliances part 4” has been released. It showcases the game’s storyline and follows Gorilla Grodd and his new Society of Super Villains. In this trailer,

BaneCat: The Fur Rises

BaneCat has been a long-running meme across the internet. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone finally made a video for it. YouTuber Ryan Rants made the video with his

Secret of the Booze teaches you to make a Bane drink

Aggressive Comix’s Secret of the Booze has released a new video for its latest alcoholic drink, Bane’s Venom Tank. Since he’s a villain who needs the Venom drug to make

Tom Hardy poses with boy dressed as Bane

Here’s a cute photo with Tom Hardy posing with a boy dressed up as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Alright everybody, say it with me now, “Awwwwwwwwwww.” That expression

Cosplay: She-Bane, She-Bane, Oh baby when she moves, she moves

I couldn’t resist the Ricky Martin reference. Check out this sexy cosplay of Lady Bane, or as I like to call her, She-Bane. Cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean created the outfit

Early concept art for Bane’s mask are super weird

It is no secret that many fans were not too pleased with Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of the masked Batman villain, Bane. More than anything, fans seemed to have a most problem with the

Bane goes into telemarketing as Bane the Telemarketer

So what did become of Bane after the events of Dark Knight Rises? It seems that he went to prison and was finally paroled out. Being in prison for seven

‘Slender’ merely adopted the dark, Bane was born in it

Slender is a free first-person, survival horror game. The game revolves around the player looking for pages in the dark forest with the help from a flashlight. Gamers have recorded

New video comparison of Bane’s original voice and the final cut

The last installment of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy continues to dominate the box office worldwide. The Dark Knight Rises has become the 3rd fastest film to reach the $300 million dollar mark

Bane’s strength is revealed in new Dark Knight Rises trailer

The newest Dark Knight Rises trailer has been released, and it does contain a spoiler that could ruin the story for you. Don’t watch the trailer or read this if

Batman and Bane greet each other with their fists in Dark Knight Rises TV spot

Here’s the latest TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises revealing Batman and Bane exchanging blows back and forth. Looks like Bane won’t be as tough as he is in

Batman and Bane like to stand on top of vehicles in these new banners

There are four new banners and a new image for The Dark Knight Rises. The first banner looks really cool, featuring our hero and villain in a dramatic standoff. Batman

Six new Dark Knight Rises posters with Bane, Catwoman and Batman

It’s a big Batman haul today with 6 new posters for The Dark Knight Rises. Three of the posters feature a gritty and dark Batman, Bane and Catwoman. The other

Bane Will Mmmrmmff Rrrrrrmmmph in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The recently released trailer for The Dark Knight Rises had Bane speaking clearly, but when I watched the Dark Knight Rises prologue in front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on

Tom Hardy Talks About Bane and Gaining Weight

Tom Hardy made an appearance on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man talk show yesterday and talked about his role as Bane in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. He says