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Fire Emblem’s Chrom and Lucina are coming to Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone 2 is the ultimate fan game that features characters from different video game series released by Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco. Now you can add Nintendo to that list of

Dark Souls III headed to North America and Europe in April 2016

Namco Bandai Entertainment revealed that Dark Souls 3 is set to launch in North America and Europe sometime in April 2016. The game is set to release in Japan on

Project X Zone 2 coming February 16

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Project X Zone 2 is set to release in North America on February 16, 2016, for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features characters from different Sega,

Masked Pikachu dropkicks its way into Pokkén Tournament

Why have one cute and adorable mascot when you can have two? I guess that’s what Bandai Namco Entertainment and the Pokémon Company thought when they introduced Masked Pikachu as

Crazy Sega Saturn mascot and more to join Project X Zone 2

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Project X Zone is the ultimate fan game that features characters from different Capcom, Sega and Bandai Namco series. While the game featured a very unique but

Dave and Buster’s will host Pokkén Tournament location testing

Kevin Bachus, Dave and Buster’s Senior vice president of Entertainment and Game Strategy, announced via a Reddit AMA that the upcoming Pokkén Tournament from Nintendo and Bandai Namco Entertainment will be playable at certain Dave

AX 2015: Bandai Namco JRPG panel

Bandai Namco Entertainment returned to Anime Expo in full force with a handful of games to play at their booth including the recently released J-Stars Victory VS+, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja

E3 2015: Behind the curtain with Dark Souls 3’s Hidetaka Miyazaki

Dark Souls 3 was announced at E3 for early 2016, and at E3 we were given the opportunity to sit in on a full gameplay demo with the help of From Software