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New 10 Cloverfield Lane Super Bowl TV spot

During the big game, the much talked about Cloverfield sequel/prequel/spin-off released a new TV spot showing off some new footage from the secret Bad Robot film. The TV spot gives

Bad Robot releases teaser for mystery film, Stranger

Oh, J.J. Abrams. Known for keeping things secret and a mystery, he has pulled another film from his mystery box. What’s it about? We have no clue. But… SOON HE

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to bring Half-Life and Portal to the big screen

J.J. Abrams is quite the busy man isn’t he? Currently he’s finishing post-production on Star Wars Trek, then it’s onto Star Trek Wars: Episode VII. Now Variety’s Marc Graser is

Nolan and Abrams Together At Last in Person Of Interest

Well it’s not Christopher Nolan but it is a Nolan alright. A new series created by Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan and J.J. Abrams will appear this fall on CBS.

Super 8 Monster Details Revealed

Over in Australia, press and bloggers were treated to 30-minute sneak peak from J.J. Abrams new film, Super 8. Attendees were shown 3 clips with an introduction from J.J. himself.

STAR TREK 2 Poster!

Star Trek 2 poster revealed. Is it a viral poster? Is it an early marketing agenda for the upcoming film? Either way, the poster looks awesome!