Persona 4 Arena gets a Hori Arcade Stick

Are you looking forward to the release of Persona 4 Arena (Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena in Japan) in the summer? Well, if you were planning on customizing your stick

Persona 4 Golden coming to your Vita, Fall 2012

Since Persona 4 Golden was announced for Japan, it was only a matter of time before we got the announcement for the States, and Atlus isn’t one to disappoint their fans.

Learn how to play Persona 4 Arena with Teddie and Rise

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Atlus is collaborating with Arc System Works, makers of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, to make a

Vote for the final World Tendency event in Demon’s Souls

It’s true. After running for two years, Atlus has confirmed that the servers for Demon’s Souls will finally be getting shut down at the end of May. And to make

Persona 3: FES coming to the PSN as a PS2 Classic

When my 60 gig backwards-compatible PS3 died, I thought that playing my copy of Persona 3: FES with up-scaling would be gone. Persona 3: FES will be landing on the PS

Atlus announces Persona 4 Arena for Summer 2012

  Atlus and Arc System works announced that they were working on a new fighting game last year. We now we know that it’s Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

Trine 2 Launches on PC Now, PSN and XBLA on Dec. 20th and Dec. 21st

Trine 2, the sequel to the most shimmery, glistening, colorful…thing that I’ve ever seen, has increased its gaudy output. I think the technology has something to do with cramming rainbows

Catherine Review (PS3)

Catherine is a game I was really looking forward to. A game that isn’t about shooting or being an action hero. The game is also heavily Japanese, as it uses

ATLUS Brings King of Fighters XIII to North America

In an e-mail sent to their faithful mailing list, ATLUS has announced that they will be bringing SNK’s next flagship fighting game, King of Fighters XIII, stateside. Details are still

Catherine: Are You Committed? Trailer Asks If You’ll Be Tied Down or a Free Agent

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming Atlus’ Catherine game that questions whether you’d want to be committed to a person forever. The trailer asks fans whether they’d get married, and

Rock of Ages – Use a Massive Boulder to Crush Your Medieval Foes

Atlus has painstakingly recreated what wars must have been like many eras ago. In Rock of Ages, you must use various units like war Elephants to protect your precious castle.

Saucy Japanese Game Catherine Gets 8 New Screenshots

Atlus has released 8 new screenshots for Catherine, the erotic-horror Japanese game. It surprised a lot of people when they found out that the core gameplay was mostly puzzle based.

Trine 2 Delayed Til’ Summer – Trailer Shows Off New Physics, Great Graphics

Trine 2 is a 2-D action game that also has platforming, puzzles, beautiful graphics, and the setting is one of fantasy. Slap on a 2 or 3-player cooperative mode and

Atlus’ CATHERINE U.S. Trailer Is Here

At last the U.S. trailer for Catherine, the Atlus adventure/puzzle game that is now coming to the states, is here. With it are a bunch of screenshots for the game.

Crazy Sexy Japanese Game ‘Catherine’ Comes to North America

Atlus has just announced today that Catherine will be coming to North America this summer 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game caught a lot of attention

Knights in the Nightmare Review (PSP)

Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Publisher: Atlus Out Now Price: $29.99 Originally released on the DS, Atlus brings back the full time strategy title Knights in the Nightmare to the

Next Persona Project Announced *UPDATED* Now with New Trailer+Screenshots!

Atlus has formally announced that its popular Persona series will finally enter the next-gen era with a new game simply titled “Catherine”. Slated to appear on both PS3 and Xbox