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Artist Spotlight: Jon Peters, Nerdzilla, and his art form

Artist Spotlight: Jon Peters, Nerdzilla, and his art form

UDON Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment announce World of Warcraft Tribute Art Book

Everyone loves a good art book, from the hardcore gamers to anyone whose phone ran out of batteries and needs to go #2. Since its launch in 2004, World of

Review: Dinosaur Art – The World’s Greatest Paleo Art

Do you like waffles? Do you like pancakes? If you do, then this isn’t the place to be looking. Go to buy some breakfast or something. However if you like

OOOTOPIA: It’s the art of Adventure Time!

If you are lucky to live in Southern California, Gallery Nucleus has announced that starting August 18thb they will be holding a three-week long art exhibit featuring the art of Cartoon

Persona 3 Artbook review

Persona is enjoying a recent explosion lately with the games getting updates and new exciting titles coming out like Persona 4 Arena. Not to be left out, Persona 3 has an

Disney’s Prince Charming set to appear on the Cover of GQ Magazine?!

You: “Really?!” No, of course not! Who do you think they are, Playboy? Luckily, crafty Tumblr user Petite Tiaras has used some of her excellent photoshopping skills to make my

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Tattooist Steve Rieck

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Steve Rieck

E3 2011: Video Game Art Winners Announced for “Into the Pixel”

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment’s Software Association have announced the winners of the Into the Pixel 2011 collection. The art was done by artists from

Star Wars Art Deco and Propaganda Posters

Check out these awesome art deco and propaganda posters inspired by the Star Wars films created by talented artist, Szoki. My favorite has to be the Princess Leia set, depicting each

Los Angeles Gallery to Display Iron Man Armor

Well if this is not enough to get any artist or comic book geek excited, then I do not know what will. The Gnomon Gallery, located in West Hollywood, will

5 Ideas for Your (Geeky) Mothers’ Day Gifts (and What’s Thwipster?)

Don’t tell me you forgot about Mothers’ Day? Well, that’s what we are here for. To remind you that spending money NEVER stops. Even if you do not have a

The Art of Video Games Exhibition

From March 12, 2012 to September 30, 2012 the Smithsonian American Art Museum will be hosting ‘The Art of Video Games‘ which will explore the forty year evolution of video games

Adorable Princess Zelda Art – “Young Princess Zelda”

We might just be celebrating Zelda’s 25th birthday all year, and why not? Nintendo says they still have plans for the celebration, so I think that gives us some leeway.

Interview with Djembe & Canvas, an Up and Coming Artist

I met Djembe the second to last day of CES at a booth, which was showing his art on their product. I was walking around and just looking at random

The Best Darn Zelda Fan-Art You’ve Ever Seen. Ever.

We North American citizens aren’t the only ones celebrating Zelda’s 25th birthday. It appears that in Japan, the actual home of Nintendo’s Zelda, an artist named Ag+ felt that Zelda

(NSFW) These Mass Effect Art Will Give You a Mass Effect

Check out these Mass Effect artworks from MadSpike. It’s a nice rendition of our favorite gals from the Mass Effect universe featuring Jack “Subject Zero, Miranda Lawson, Samara, Morinth, Captain

Gnomon School of Visual Effects: Getting in the Entertainment Industry as a CG Artist

Render by Gnomon student Michael Cacciamani Nerd Reactor went to check out Gnomon School of Visual Effects, an art school dedicated to helping out students graduate and get in the

New TERA Online Artworks Plus History Background Details

Gamesom, a video game convention in Germany that has already beaten Comic-Con in terms of attendance, is coming, and new lovely artworks and some juicy history for the world of

Bored Inc. Stinky Poo T-Shirt Giveaway: Crap I Want to Buy (Literally)

Checking out one of the booths at this years Comic-Con 2010, the Bored Inc. booth had a shirt that struck my eye. It was a cute and simple-styled poo and

Resident Artist Brant Rotramel Interview Spills His Nerd Mojo All Over Us!

Nerd Reactor’s colleague Brant Rotramel was kind enough to sit down with us and spill his Nerd Mojo all over! Needless to say we were very excited.  Brant is a 26

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