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Guild Wars 2 Origins of Madness update stomps in next week

Guild Wars 2 players have likely enjoyed the relative calmness that came in during the holiday season, however, things are about to get crazy once again if Scarlet has anything

Super Adventure Box returning to Guild Wars 2

Normal students prepare to go back to school with a feeling of dread, an anticipation of terrible professors, increasing debt from tuition fees, wondering why a text book you’ll rarely

Guild Wars 2 goes retro with 8-bit update

Events like this one are why I love Guild Wars 2 so much. Arenanet is going retro with today’s update, introducing the Super Adventure Box, a complete event zone where

Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost Part 3 patch coming today

Patch day is always an exciting thing in MMO titles, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. This afternoon will be seeing the release of the third chapter in the

Wintersday and more coming to Guild Wars 2

Citizens of Tyria, start having those feelings of cheer! The time of Wintersday is upon us this year! What is there to look forward to you ask? Why it’s all

POLL: What’s your race in GW2?

Guild Wars 2 is an awesome game, but it’s not without its share of oddities. One of which is the balance between race populations, which Arenanet writer Peter Fries commented

The best MMORPG of the year gets the worst trailer

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4R5Q0ZOTa8[/youtube] In the vein of abysmal trailers for video games, there have been some pretty big bombs. I can’t be the only one still having nightmares over the crying baby

Guild Wars 2 takes number one spot in UK sales charts

Guild Wars 2 has had an impressive launch so far, skyrocketing up the sales charts to swipe the number one position in the UK, knocking back action title Sleeping Dogs

Guild Wars 2 breaks one million beta registrations in 48 hours

  At this point, the hype for Guild Wars 2 is getting to reach maximum levels. How hype is it getting? Enough that over one million people immediately registered for

Guild Wars 2 Developers Will Be Answering Your Questions Wednesday, Dec 14th

Guild Wars fans are going to be in for a treat this week. The ArenaNet team will be holding a live IRC chat this week with players to answer questions