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Target and Amazon offering buy two, get one free

If you are looking to your library of games, Black Friday is always a great time to get new games at a good price. If you can’t wait that long,

The Last of Us TV Spot

The Last of Us has finally been seen on TV, and it was during The Walking Dead season finale. I know many people were sad to hear the delay of

The Last of Us delayed

According to IGN, Best Buy has changed the release date from May 7th to June 18th. All the other retailers have not made the changes yet. After contacting Sony for

Banned Django Unchained dolls now worth almost $20,000 dollars

It was definitely one of my top films of the 2012. Just like any Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained was a good shock to the system to break up the monotony

Apple goes after Amazon for using ‘Appstore’

Okay, so we know that Apple likes to sue companies left and right. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big company or a small Polish company, you will be brought

Amazon.com is Genius – Apple & Borders brick and mortar store

Amazon is GENIUS – Apple & Borders combined with brick and mortar store

Amazon Supports Movie Industry’s ‘UltraViolet’ Format

An Amazon executive has stated that they have signed a deal to sell movies from the online cloud-based system. The idea behind it is to help absolve the rental market

Amazon: Deal of the Decade and a Half Now Over

Bad news for many of Amazon’s California buyers as well as any online retailer. As of this Friday, a new tax collection requirement will make Amazon charge California residents sales