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E3 2014: Alien Isolation hands-on impressions

SEGA invited us for a early hands-on  sneak peek at some of their titles and I had the opportunity to try out one that’s been on my radar for some

A moment of silence for H.R. Giger

Today, we take a moment of silence in regards to the passing of a wonderful artist. H.R. Giger has taken his beautiful art with him to the next life, and

UNSEALED Alien Files – Season 3 Premiere (Review)

UNSEALED is a series devoted to the various files unveiled through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act in 2011. Due to this powerful act, many government files were declassified which

Through the Wormhole ‘Is God an Alien Concept?’ recap and review

Through the Wormhole is a science documentary series hosted by the beloved Morgan Freeman. Whether you loved his performance in Driving Miss Daisy, Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty, or The Dark Knight Trilogy, he has become

Book review: We take a look at the books that Alien fans will appreciate

We take a look at the books that Alien fans will appreciate

Please Prometheus, don’t spoil me anymore with your featurettes

Whoops, I just spoiled myself by watching this Prometheus featurette, and I know that once you’re reading this, you will click on the play button and watch it from beginning

Xenomorph confirmed in Prometheus trailer?!

If you blinked, chances are you probably missed it. The latest Prometheus trailer premiered this month during WonderCon, with con attendees being the first to get a glimpse. The trailer

New Prometheus full trailer unveiled during WonderCon 2012

Watching Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland during his 2023 Ted Talk speech got me really excited for this film, and now we have a new trailer to get us even

Prometheus Trailer Drops This Thursday, December 12th – But First, a Sneak Peek!

Prometheus Trailer Drops This Thursday, December 12 – But first, a Sneak Peak!

New Alien Game: Chest Bursting out of a Console Near You

SEGA owned Creative Assembly is working on an next title of Alien to be the “peer to the likes of Dead Space 2”.

Ridley Scott Gets Sassy!

Ridley Scott and Fox studios are looking into who will reprise the role of Ripley in the prequels to the Alien franchise. Noomi Repace is in the head of the line!

Ridley Scott Creating Alien Prequel(s)! Plural?!! We Don’t Care, WELCOME BACK!

The man who brought us the first and original, Alien, is now back in the directors seat bringing back the story; prequel(s).  In this day and age where sequels, prequels,

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