Watch Captain America poster come to life with AR app

captain america

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is off to a great start with a $10.2 million opening for Thursday. The movie officially hits theaters today, and to celebrate in style, you can download the augmented reality Captain America Experience App that will make the new Captain America poster come to life. … Continue reading

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete (PS4 review)


The Dynasty Warriors franchise is based off the Three Kingdoms era of China, in which three states (Wei, Shu, and Wu) fought for power over China after the Han Dynasty fell. Of course like many games like this, it will never stay true to its origin. There will be embellishments … Continue reading

Marvel Disk War the Avengers is like a cross between Digimon and Power Rangers


Yes, that is an anime character transforming into Iron Man. The clip above comes from the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers animated series that recently aired on Japanese Television. The show features Marvel characters, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Wasp as they tried to stop Loki’s evil plans. The … Continue reading

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection coming in June


You don’t really see many idol simulation games available in North America and Europe, except for Project Diva, which is the only one that has been released in the West. That’s about to change, since NIS America will be adding a new dol game with familiar characters. Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing … Continue reading

Persona 4 will arrive on the PlayStation Network on April 8


Persona 4 will be arriving on the PlayStation Network next week as a PS2 classic starting next week on Tuesday, April 8th. Solve the mystery of the “Midnight Channel” and the mysterious kidnappings by jumping into the television. Using you Personas, you can fight evenly against the shadows who inhabit the … Continue reading

Tonight’s Vikings episode, ‘Unforgiven’, introduces Bjorn to a new love interest

Vikings Porunn (Gaia Weiss), Bjorn's love interest

An all-new episode of Vikings will air tonight at 10pm on the History channel. Episode 6 “Unforgiven” will introduce fans to Porunn, a beautiful slave girl who becomes the love interest for Bjorn. She’s being played by Gaia Weiss (Hercules). Last week’s episode has Ragnar leaving England to take back Kattegat from … Continue reading

Jason Derulo parody, ‘Talk Nerdy to Me’ with Screen Team

screen team spider-man black cat

The Screen Team‘s Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus are back at it again with another nerdy music video. This time it’s a parody of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” with “Talk Nerdy to Me.” It’s got Comic-Con references, cosplay love, abd the beautiful Angie dressed as Black Cat and Chad performing … Continue reading

Blizzard’s Hearthstone makes it to the iPad in Australia, Canada and New Zealand


For those of us playing Blizzard’s awesome online card game Hearthstone, this move doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Everything in the interface screamed mobile gaming, while still maintaining the gold standard we’ve all come to expect from Blizzard’s titles. Hearthstone coming to the iPad is possible the biggest … Continue reading

Japanese schoolgirls kick major ass in High-Kick Angels


The trailer for upcoming action film High-Kick Angels was released yesterday. The action-packed trailer features your not-so-typical Japanese schoolgirls beating the crap out of a bunch of bad guys. High-Kick Angels comes from writer and producer Fuyuhiko Nishi, who has recently made a name for himself making films like High-Kick Girl … Continue reading

Uncharted’s Amy Hennig joins Dead Space developer for new Star Wars game


Fans of the Uncharted series should find this piece of news interesting. After hearing about Amy Hennig, former writer for the Uncharted series, leaving Naughty Dog, many were wondering where she was going to head next. Now Amy Hennig has announced on her Twitter that she has joined Visceral Games, the … Continue reading

Amnesia creators working on new horror game, SOMA

soma - storage

Games like Amnesia and Slender have helped put the scary back in survival horror, resulting in horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill looking warm and cute like Flower and LittleBigPlanet. Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia, has announced a new horror game, SOMA. Players will embark on a journey … Continue reading