Batman v Superman’s teaser gets an Honest Teaser


Check out the Honest Trailer for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer that was released last week. Yes, it touches on Marvel vs. DC and how it was overshadowed by the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. What did you guys think of the teaser trailer for … Continue reading

A look at the Batmobile and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman costumes for Batman v Superman

Warner Bros. has been busy promoting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this month. It released the teaser trailer, and now we have another look at the Batmobile, along with the costumes for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The video comes courtesy of The Bleacher Report, as we get to see LA … Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration cosplay gallery

star wars celebration - cosplay

This past weekend was Star Wars Celebration 2015. It’s the first time in 7 years that it has been held in California. What made this even more special was the release of the new trailer and news about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rogue One movie. Most … Continue reading

Star Wars Battlefront to include female stormtroopers


Over the course of the weekend during Star Wars Celebration, game developer DICE was on-hand to unveil a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. DICE general manager Patrick Bach was present at the convention and revealed that female stormtroopers would be in the new game. Why wouldn’t there be? When you … Continue reading

James Earl Jones returns as Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels Season 2


The hit Disney XD show, Star War Rebels, held a panel over the weekend and revealed some insight on what to expect from this upcoming season. The show left off with a massive tease to the involvement of Darth Vader and from what we learned from the show’s panel and … Continue reading

John Boyega walked around Star Wars Celebration in disguise

john boyega star war celebration

The Star Wars Celebration has come and gone. Fans from around the world converged onto the Anaheim Convention Center just for a chance to get a sneak peek of what J.J. Abrams had in store for later this year. Some of the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens were in … Continue reading

Ian McKellen cast as Cogsworth in upcoming Beauty and the Beast film


As if the cast wasn’t already amazing, Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast film has added Ian McKellen to its list. Mr. Gandalf will be playing Cogsworth, the proper English clock that’s always reminding everyone to not get into trouble. However, as a human, he plays the Prince’s butler. … Continue reading

Batman v Superman v Star Wars: Did WB drop the ball?


This week was an incredible week for movie nerds all across the world! We got a new Ant-Man trailer, Marvel’s Daredevil is a certified Netflix hit, there’s a second trailer for the Attack On Titan live-action adaptation and much more! But on the eve of Anaheim’s Star Wars Celebration, the Siths … Continue reading

Latest Avengers: Age of Ultron featurette puts the focus on the science bros

avengers age of ultron fathead hulk iron man 2

While some lucky international moviegoers get to see Avengers: Age of Ultron on Friday, those of us in the US will have to wait until May 1st to get our Avengers fix. Today, Marvel has released another featurette for the highly-anticipated sequel. This time the featurette puts the spotlight on the science … Continue reading

Zack Snyder reveals posters for Batman v Superman IMAX event


If you’re one of the lucky ones to get tickets to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice IMAX event tomorrow, then you’ll be getting some pretty cool swag. Zack Snyder has taken to Twitter to reveal two artistic character posters featuring Batman and Superman. Check it out! Who do you … Continue reading

Josh Trank absent from Star Wars Celebration panel


Star Wars Celebration’s most-anticipated panel on Sunday was clearly the panel with directors Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank. “Conversations with Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank” was supposed to be a panel where the directors would give fans updates on their respective spinoff films. Gareth Edwards shared a lot of information about his … Continue reading

Idea Factory International Inaugural Press Event 2015


Idea Factory International recently held their inaugural press event detailing and showing off their upcoming games for 2015 including multiple Hyperdimension games such as Neptunia U, Re;birth 2 and 3, they also showed off their soon-to-be-released title, Omega Quintet, and even a new title for the States called Amnesia: Memories that … Continue reading

Avengers: Age of Ultron post-credits scene leaked and premieres this popular Marvel character?

avengers age_of_ultron_header_new_poster

Kevin Feige revealed that there would be no post-credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, here’s a video that’s “supposedly” the post-credits scene. Possible spoilers below. People in the industry have been known to lie about their projects, including Jason Momoa denying he’s Aquaman and Paul Rudd denying he’s … Continue reading

Will Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine die in X-Men: Apocalypse?

Wolverine 02

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the X-Men film franchise as well as the Death of Wolverine comic. To say that the timeline of Fox’s X-Men film franchise is confusing is a bit of an understatement. With the non-canon X-Men Origins: Wolverine featuring several characters who would later re-appear … Continue reading

Star Wars The Force Trainer II: Hologram and 20Q Jedi Holocron


Star Wars Celebration is upon us, and for those of us lucky enough to be in Anaheim, we get to see all the new gadgets, fashion, and toys that are premiering this year. One such product is the 20Q Artificial Intelligence cube from Uncle Milton under their Star Wars Science … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts smartphone game to be announced soon


Did you catch this week’s issue of Enterbrain’s Weekly Famitsu magazine? Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura will announce the development of a Kingdom Hearts smartphone game! The game was mentioned while Nomura revealed he has several “new announcements” in regards to Kingdom Hearts III this year. In the meantime, Kingdom … Continue reading