The Silliest Complaint in Gaming: Why the ‘Invisible Wall’ Is Better than the Alternative


The Invisible Wall. Go on any gaming forum and you will be able to find countless posts cursing video game developers for “ruining their immersion.” Hell, even has an article raging about it. “Why can’t I shatter this window and go in that pointless room?” cries one. “I bounced … Continue reading

WoW’s 4.3 Patch Brings in the Twilight (and Deathwing Raid)

twilight edward

No, no, not that Twilight. It’s a new patch called “Hour of Twilight”, and it appears to be one pretty amazing hour. Well, I’m fairly certain that the title is misleading and it’s longer than an hour, but whatever. The point is, all you dungeon raiders out there, that you’re … Continue reading

Feeling Lost? Skyrim ‘Dragon Shout App’ and Location Map are Here to Help


Oh, Skyrim, your grandiose mass has me reeling (that’s what…nevermind). Your many pastures, lakes and valleys are…many. And…you know what, Skyrim, I’m gonna’ need a map. You’re just too damn big. So, yeah, do you feel like maybe you need some help tracking down the last of the locations in … Continue reading

Backstage Tension Between The Rock and CM Punk


Any doubts whether The Rock still has “it” were squashed this month during the pay-per-view Survivor Series. The Rock and John Cena put on a great match against The Miz and R-Truth. Of course, the victory was short lived because fans immediately knew that this would be the last they would see of The … Continue reading

CosCast Episode 4: Black Friday Edition

CosCast Episode 4 Thumb

Welcome to episode 4 of CosCast: The Cosplayers’ Podcast. Join cosplayers Joey Rassool, Matthew Lewis, and special guest Bryan Morton in this week’s show. In this episode, the gang interviews Bryan about how he got into cosplaying and nerd culture, wigs, Batman, 501st, Uncharted, being in fan films, Team Unicorn, … Continue reading

Skyrim Review: When You Want Something less Lethal than Heroine

Skyrim Dragon

Let it be known now, I’m a busy guy. Between cosplay, side jobs, and taking care of a needy girlfriend, there really isn’t a lot of time in my life for my other love…video games. I’ll also say that recently I’ve become quite unfaithful with said girlfriend, tucking her in … Continue reading

Ridge Racer on PS Vita Visually Trumps 3DS Version

ridge racer vita

It’s everyone’s favorite game, guys! Yes! Riiiiiiddgggee RAAACCEERRRRRR! No? Okay, well, whatever. The point is that you’ve (possibly) been eagerly anticipating the next release of this speedy series, and it will soon be making its way to the Sony PS Vita. One thing to note is the difference in visual … Continue reading

Comic Hit List: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker #5

From the pages of fan favorite ‘The Boys’ issue five of ‘Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker’ continues the back story of the team’s ruthless leader Billy Butcher. In this fifth issue we learn the actual steps of what led Butcher to become the man that he is now step by bloody step. … Continue reading

An RPG With a Decent Battle System – Kingdoms of Amalur Has Some Potential


A brand new video has been released today, showing that RPGs can go just as combo crazy as the typical action game out there. Apparently after unleashing a flurry of attacks, an enemy may be knocked up into the air, after which they can be juggled in the air, Marvel … Continue reading

A Video of What’s Inside Mass Effect 3′s N7 Collector’s Edition

Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Unboxing

Instead of showing an actual unboxing video, we get to see the video that shows what contents are inside the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition that includes cool-looking art book and collectible tin. The N7 Collector’s Edition will cost $79.99 and will include the following: Premium collectable tin featuring … Continue reading

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-order Now Available, Plus GameStop Has an Exclusive

I hope you guys like statues, because Rockstar Games has just announced the Special Edition for Max Payne 3, the upcoming third-person shooter, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It’s a nice collector’s edition that’s going to run you $99.99 and will be available for pre-order today and ends on … Continue reading