Epic Katsucon 2013 video by Beat Down Boogie

Katsucon Beat Down Boogie

Katsucon 2013 is a convention that celebrates Japanese culture, especially anime. And if a U.S. convention is celebrating Japanese culture, you can bet your ass that there will be plenty of cosplayers in attendance. Our good buddies, Beat Down Boogie (you know, the guys who did Mario Warfare and Modern … Continue reading

‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ PS4 gameplay video

killzone shadow fall 1

Killzone Shadow Fall was announced for the PlayStation 4 during the PlayStation Meeting 2013 conference. With that announcement, we were also shown gameplay footage showing off a beautiful futuristic city wide in scope. Although I’m not really a big fan of the Killzone franchise, I did enjoy what it offered … Continue reading

Ubisoft’s Watch Dog gets new gameplay footage and will be available this year

watch dogs ps3 meeting

Ubisoft went on stage for the PlayStation Meeting 2013 to showcase the hotly anticipated title, Watch Dogs. The coolest news is that we now know that the game will be released this Holiday 2013, just in time for the launch of the PlayStation 4. The new gameplay showcases the main … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed 4 details to be revealed on February 27th?

assassin's creed image

Get ready your party suits and boombox, because Ubisoft is having an Assassin’s Creed event. Okay, I’m just playing around, since this event is invite only. Assassin’s Creed 4 was recently announced during a Ubisoft conference with investors. The franchise usually does a yearly release, but it looks like they’re breaking tradition, … Continue reading

Mark Hamill in Star Wars Ep VII, Nicholas Hoult as young Han Solo, and Slave Leia at the beach?


We’ve got some interesting Star Wars news for you today. First up is the possibility that Mark Hamill may return as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII. Disney and George Lucas have shown interest in bringing the actor back to play the farmer who became a jedi. The good … Continue reading

Doctor Who docudrama recreates Dalek invasion of Earth: video and updates!


BBC has released a video of Doctor Who’s executive producer Mark Gatiss on the set of the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. In the video, you see the filming of the Daleks on Westminister Bridge. [youtube]http://youtu.be/NOoO6zdP87M[/youtube] A photo of David Bradley … Continue reading

The Hobbit receives the most nominations for the Saturn Awards

Hobbit - martin freeman Bilbo Baggins

Oh sure, the Oscars is a big night for movie lovers, but what about movie lovers who are into science fiction and fantasy? Luckily, we have the Saturn Awards. The show was created because other award shows weren’t showing a lot of love to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. The 39th annual … Continue reading

Google Glass: Applications wanted! Now you can look like Geordi La Forge!


Google’s Project Glass has just issued out the Google Glass – A visor-like smartphone that you can interact with the internet via voice commands. It sits on your ears like glasses and covers one eye for you to view the screen. The operating system software used will be Google’s Android. … Continue reading

Bryan Singer tweets another photo and hints at Comic-Con!


Filming begins in April for Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past. That means there is time for a sneak peek from Singer for this year’s Comic-Con in July. Bryan Singer tweeted, “How many days until Comic_Con?” along with a photo on the set. There is no official word from … Continue reading

Watch the ‘Future of PlayStation’ live streaming here


We’re all pretty excited here to see what Sony is planning for the future of PlayStation, and it’s not just us. The video gaming community is anticipating Sony’s next move, whether it’s the PlayStation 4 announcement or the price drops for the Vita and PS3. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai recently … Continue reading

Comic shop refuses to shelve Orson Scott Card’s Superman


A local comic book and geekery store in Ottawa, Ontario has, among other retailers, decided not to shelve author Orson Scott Card’s controversial Adventures of Superman anthology due to the author’s extremely vocal opposition to equal rights for homosexuals. Owner of The Comic Book Shoppe 2, Rob Spittall, took to … Continue reading

BioShock Infinite is now gold


BioShock Infinite was originally going to be released next week until Irrational Games announced that the next BioShock installment would be delayed. Many disappointed fans (including myself) wondered about the possibility of BioShock Infinite getting delayed again. Well fear no more! BioShock Infinite has just gone gold. In a blog post on the developers’ website, Ken Levine writes, … Continue reading