First look at Deadshot for CW’s Arrow


With Arrow’s debut coming soon, we get two pictures of Deadshot and talks about two of the characters that will be facing against Oliver Queen. Deadshot will appear in an episode called the “Lone Gunman” and he looks almost like the comic book, except for the helmet/mask and the guns on … Continue reading

War of the Roses launch trailer, a jab at Call of Duty?

War of the Roses, a third-person shooter and sword-fest, launched yesterday with a new trailer. Thus far the game sits presumably pleased with three reviews and an 80 Metacritic score. Joe Robinson, a reviewer at Strategy Informer, claims that the game is “definitely going to be punishing to casual players … Continue reading

Playboy’s Miss October Pamela Horton is obsessed with MMOs

PMOM: Small Camera

Hello, nurse! Say hi to Pamela Horton. She’s the Playmate of the Month/Miss October for Playboy’s October 2012 issue and also a girl after our own geeky hearts. “I’m obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guy’s dream,” says Horton. She is 24-years old, Japanese/German multimedia artist … Continue reading

Production I.G.’s Kickstarter Anime Project about Love, Pain, & Wrestling

Renowned Japanese Animation, Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh, Animated sequences of Kill Bill), started a Kickstarter today looking to fund a 10-minute original short named Kick-Heart. Helmed by director Masaaki Yuasa, the project is an experiment to see if crowdsourcing is a viable alternative to creating new anime … Continue reading