Spartacus: War of the Damned Premiere, Ep1: Enemies of Rome review


This is the final season. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this review that everyone does not already know. It’s hard to believe Spartacus has lasted this long with their loss of Andy Whitfield (who originally portrayed Spartacus in the first season) and their mixed critical reception when the … Continue reading

Platinum games working on Wii U title – The Wonderful 101


During the Nintendo Wii U Direct video, a handful of new games were announced, including “The Wonderful 101″ being developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Anarchy Reigns). The game seems to have quite a mix of gameplay. The trailer showcases a Pikmin-esque style on the ground as the group … Continue reading

New Smash Bros (Next Gen) information will be announced at E3 2013


It was a huge surprise when Nintendo passed off development of the next Smash Bros. title to Namco Bandai games rather than leaving it in-house. Masahiro Sakurai is working with them full time to make sure the game surpasses everyone’s expectations after Brawl. During todays Nintendo Wii U Direct video, … Continue reading

The Last of Us gets some awesome editions featuring statues and artbooks

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be getting two editions, the Post-Pandemic Edition (see above) and the Survival Edition (see below). Let’s talk about the Post-Pandemic Edition first, since the statue by Project Triforce is calling me out (the fact that this company has “Triforce” in its name is … Continue reading

Dead or Alive 5 gets another round of swimsuits, a new stage and updates


One of the main attractions for the Dead or Alive series are the female fighters. Okay, so maybe it’s the MAIN attraction, but I do enjoy the fighting and countering system. Team Ninja has released another round of swimsuits for the girls of Dead or Alive 5, which is available … Continue reading

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm opening cinematic looks amazing!


Blizzard has always been known for their amazing cinematics and trust me when I say that this doesn’t disappoint either! In the cinematic, we see the Zerg Swarm invading a Terran colony and practically start to destroy everything. It was cool seeing the Vikings transform from air to land vehicles, … Continue reading

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is Happening

What…I… wait…what? With a slew of Nintendo Wii U news coming out today, an interesting piece came out in the form of a new crossover between Nintendo and Atlus. Characters from the popular RPG franchise Shin Megami Tensei are going to crossover in some form with characters from Fire Emblem. All that has been … Continue reading

Frank Darabont plans to stick closely to the original Godzilla

Just what the hell is going on over there at the Godzilla camp? If you haven’t heard by now, Legendary Pictures has ousted its previous producers and attached The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont to rewrite the film. Now, the ousted producers are suing Legendary Pictures for breaching their contract. Recently, … Continue reading

Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts to rest Man of Steel rumors

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or as I like to call him JGL, has been doing pretty well for himself lately. He just recently sold his directorial debut film at the Sundance Film Festival for a whopping $4 million and he has also recently signed on to join Robert Rodriguez’s cast for Sin … Continue reading

Honest Trailers roast Indiana Jones 4

It’s no secret that Indy fans have a profound distaste for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In fact, so many die-hard fans were so vocal about how bad the film was that I still haven’t seen it. Yup, believe it. I’ve never seen it and I … Continue reading

Disney wants classic Star Wars artist back for Episode VII


Update: It seems that there was a misunderstanding in the interview. Here’s his updated response. “Misunderstood… A couple of friends at Disney were fantasizing about the new STAR WARS movies. ‘Disney’ has said nothing to me and I expect nothing. That a couple of friends were wishing is only an expression … Continue reading

CES: LG making your life smarter and easier


Other than showcasing the typical technology like televisions, PC monitors, and cell phones, LG Electronics also showcased the smart homes. Inside these smart homes are fridges that can tell you what you have stored inside, ovens that can tell you your food’s ready via text messaging, and even offer recipes based … Continue reading