Ron Howard’s In the Heart of the Sea trailer debut starring Chris Hemsworth

in the heart of the sea chris hemsworth

Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind) is directing the upcoming sea film, In the Heart of the Sea, starring Chris Hemsworth (Marvel’s Thor). It’s based on a true story from a novel by Nathaniel Philbrick about the survivors of the Essex. Warner Bros. has debuted the trailer for the film. In the winter … Continue reading

Jem and the Holograms coming to theaters October 23, 2015

jem and the holograms

Who’s looking forward to the Jem and the Holograms movie? Universal believes there’s an audience out there for the movie adaptation of the Hasbro ’80s animated series. It follows the adventures of Jerrica Benton, a music company owner who has a singer alter-ego named Jem. She is joined by her band … Continue reading

BioWare introduces Dragon Age Keep and multiplayer into Inquisition


By Loren McClain The franchise of Dragon Age has been around since 2009 and frankly, after the reviews of Dragon Age II that surfaced at either end of the critique spectrum, players are becoming increasingly antsy and skeptical if BioWare’s third installment of the series will hold up to all … Continue reading

Warwick Davis returning for Star Wars: Episode VII


So you’re telling me that there’s Star Wars: Episode VII news that’s NOT leaked spoilers? Say it ain’t so! Well it’s true my fellow Jedi knights (Sith lords if that’s your sort of thing). Today, we have confirmation Warwick Davis is returning to a galaxy far, far away and will … Continue reading

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams updates us on her status for The Last of Us film


Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones Maisie Williams, who plays fan-favorite Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, is in talks to play Ellie in The Last of Us, a film being adapted from the video game by Naughty Dog. It was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con when Sam Raimi and his … Continue reading

Will Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn in WB’s Suicide Squad film?


Warner Bros. made big news yesterday with the announcement of the many DC superhero films including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and another Green Lantern film. One of the more surprising films announced was Suicide Squad, a team of supervillains forced to work for the government. What we know so … Continue reading

The Book of Life movie review: Celebrating death without the gloom


To assist me with the various details, backstory, and commentary, our very own Genevieve LeBlanc contributed much to this review. Some of the basic requirements in storytelling is being able to have your material connect with the audience. A handful of young children are taken by their guide to a … Continue reading

Throwback Thorsday: Vintage Halloween Commercials

Elvira Coors

The Halloween season is officially upon us which means that it’s time to dress up, watch horror films and bask in the nostalgia of youth. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Halloween-centric commercials around these days, but is’t that what YouTube is for? Please enjoy this collection of retro Halloween promos from … Continue reading

Learn about the characters in Assassin’s Creed Unity

assassin's creed unity

Ubisoft has released a new video showcasing the different characters from Assassin’s Creed Unity. In it we get to see the many voice actors getting to talk about their respective roles. Dan Jeannotte starts off the video and talks about his role as Arno Dorian. In the beginning of the … Continue reading

Star Trek Online: Delta Rising has arrived!


A little over a month ago, the announcement for Star Trek Online’s Delta Rising was made. With this announcement came the news that several Star Trek – Voyager alumni would be returning to their roles in digital form. Although there was no confirmation to me when Delta Rising would be … Continue reading

X-Men’s Year of Future Past coming Summer 2015 (comic)

marvel x-men Years_of_Future_Past_2015

During New York Comic Con, Marvel teased an artwork of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with the phrase, “No More Mutants.” This could mean many things, and one theory was that Marvel was ending the X-Men, just like it was ending the Fantastic Four. X-Men is still a hot property for Marvel, so … Continue reading

Leaked Star Wars: Episode VII art reveals return of a familiar villain?


Today is the jackpot for Star Wars fans. Over 30 concept art pieces have been leaked by TheMillenniumFalcon on ImageShack. They may contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to ruin your Star Wars experience, look away. Some of the artwork include Daisy Ridley sketches, landscape drawings and a lightsaber battle. One … Continue reading

The six actors in the mix to play Doctor Strange


While most fans are still reeling over the news of Robert Downey Jr. joining the cast of Captain America 3, Marvel is still on the aggressive search for their Sorcerer Supreme. With Joaquin Phoenix ultimately passing on the role, Marvel went back to the drawing board and has concocted a shortlist … Continue reading

Two new The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies banners include an army of elves ready for battle

hobbit battle of five armies banner thranduil thumb

Last week was character poster week for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Now Warner Bros. has released banners featuring Thranduil (Lee Pace) and his army and Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) caring for Gandalf (Ian McKellen). I’m liking the Thranduil banner, since it teases a large battle involving an … Continue reading

Netflix Musical: Our Netflix predicament in form of a song!


From the guys who brought you Star Wars: The Musical comes… Netflix Musical! Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Too many to choose from? Well, musical composers George Shaw and Jeffrey Gee Chin decided to put this predicament in a form of a musical starring Harry Shum Jr., Chrissa … Continue reading

Possible description of Star Wars: Episode VII villain concept art


Star Wars rumors are pouring in like crazy, and we’re still more than a year away until the release of Star Wars: Episode VII from director J.J. Abrams. From rumored plot details about Luke Skywalker to the identities of the main protagonists, everything is up in the air. Now Making Star Wars says … Continue reading

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition review

sleeping dogs definitive edition - 02

Close your eyes if you will and lets take a journey all the way back to 2012.. #Linsanity was dominating the NBA and social media, ‘Occupy’ protester students were getting pepper sprayed in the face.. and Square Enix released Sleeping Dogs. Fast forward two whole years and although Jeremy Lin … Continue reading