Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane NEVER said ‘Comics aren’t for women’


A recent article came out which stated that Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane said “Comics aren’t for women.” What a crock of bullshit. Some of you might not know this, but part of the media’s job is to create headlines that will catch your attention, even if they are all false. But … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Realistic DC Superheroines with Jeff Chapman


It’s not a new thing to see people manipulating photos, but what comic-enthusiast Jeff Chapman has done with his artworks is truly amazing. He takes existing photos and touch them up in such a way that they look like a big-blockbuster superhero poster for non-existent movies. What kind of movies? … Continue reading

Disney Infinity announces new characters including Sorcerer Mickey


During the D23 Expo, Disney announced the upcoming additions to the Disney Infinity game including 11 new characters and a brand new playset. The next Play Set announced is Toy Story and features Buzz, Jessie and Woody. The cast heads into Buzz’s home turf of space filled with aliens and … Continue reading

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec Blu-ray Review


Ever since I saw my first Indiana Jones film, I’ve been in love with pulp adventure. There is something so wonderful about intelligent explorers touring the globe in search of ancient and mystical treasure. Unfortunately the entries in this genre don’t come along often enough, which is why I’m happy … Continue reading

Looks like Vin Diesel might be the voice of Groot for Guardians of The Galaxy

Is this true? We’ve all known that Vin Diesel has been in talks with Marvel, but he was reluctant to speak about his possible upcoming role in any of the Marvel movies. However recently on his Facebook page, he posted a pic of a character that seems somewhat familiar to … Continue reading

D23 Expo: The mystery behind Tomorrowland


  One of the projects revealed that I was really looking forward to, was the Brad Bird directed film, Tomorrowland. We were introduced to a behind-the-scenes video describing the primary inspiration for the film. It involves Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA, where thousands of boxes are archived underground … Continue reading

D23 Expo: The Muppets return in Muppets Most Wanted


I’ve always been an avid Muppets fan since I was young, and it’s a great feeling to see that the franchise has stayed alive for this long. In the newest iteration, Muppets Most Wanted, Interpol is after the world’s most notorious criminal named Constantine. What’s so interesting about that you … Continue reading

D23 Expo: Maleficent looks to be magnificent


Sean Bailey, President of Walt Disney Motion Pictures, introduced multiple upcoming Disney films that are slated for release in the next few years. Within that lineup was the film Maleficent, which is the untold story of one Disney’s most memorable villains. According to Bailey, the film looks to follow Maleficent … Continue reading

D23 Expo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip description


After Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was next to be revealed by Kevin Feige during the Marvel Studios showcase, everyone in the D23 Arena was treated to the footage that was shown in Hall H at this year’s Comic-Con. Which you can read about here. After the … Continue reading

Movie Review of ‘We’re the Millers’


The one major thing I enjoy about comedies compared to other genres is that you don’t have a lot of expectations. Especially if they’re a franchise. Some of the best comedies were stand-alone, quotable, resonating pieces that imprinted themselves across culture. A collection of jokes, tempered by timing and wit, … Continue reading