Inazuma Eleven finally arrives on the Nintendo eShop in North America


Level-5’s soccer RPG series, Inazuma Eleven, has seen success in Japan and Europe, but for some reason the game has never made it to North America…that is until today. During the Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the game would be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS eShop later today. Play as … Continue reading

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn arriving on PlayStation 4


Square-Enix has just released the system assets for “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn”. This pivotal revision to the Square-Enix MMO has received much acclaim, with console gamers finally able to access the data to play it on their PlayStation 4 consoles. Now, just to be clear, when I state … Continue reading

Mad Catz’s Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox One coming in April


Mad Catz has announced a new arcade stick that is coming out for the Xbox One with The Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2, which will release in late April with a price tag of $199.99. An alternative to the sold-out Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2, the new version … Continue reading

Little Mac joins the cast of Super Smash Bros.


In today’s Nintendo Direct video, a new character has been introduced to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Little Mac from the Punch-Out series is back, and you won’t be required to memorize any patterns. Instead, you will be trading blows with the … Continue reading

NR Podcast #35: Forced Laughter


Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes l Twitter Join the Nerd Reactor gang in our latest podcast episode. Over the weekend, Mark Pacis shares his experience with getting Comic-Con badges. Holly Amos goes out with Dani Snow (Fangasm) and talks about James Bond, the sexual predator. In Nerd Reactor news, we have the controversial … Continue reading

Rise of the marshmallow girls: Meet Japan’s newest girl group ‘Chubbiness’

chubbiness, japanese girl group

Yes, you are actually reading the title right. Set to debut in March, the 10 well-rounded girls of Chubbiness beat out over 3,500 applicants for a spot in the group, and are currently raising some eyebrows in the music industry. Judging by their Twitter feed, the group looks to be redefining what it … Continue reading

J-STARS Victory Vs brings characters from Weekly Shōnen Jump into battle


There were two awesome fighting games on the Nintendo 3DS that never came to the West, Jump Superstars and the sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars. It featured characters from popular Shonen Jump series including Naruto, Bleach, Ginatama, Ruroni Kenshin and more. Luckily at the time the Nintendo DS wasn’t region locked, so you could … Continue reading

Star Wars: The Clone Wars available on Netflix


It was announced today that Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ final unaired season 6, dubbed “The Lost Missions”, will be exclusively available for Netflix on March 7th. So far only US and Canada members are the only ones able to view it right now. Hopefully it will be available for everyone’s … Continue reading

The Dark Souls 2 weapon pack for pre-orders is not game-breaking

filthy casual

[The following is an opinion piece] Giving players an incentive to buy early at full price is nothing new. Many publishers have chosen to offer costumes, gameplay modes, levels and characters to early adopters (and then selling those items later as dlc). Dark Souls 2 will be giving players who … Continue reading

New Winter 2014 Wonder Festival Exclusives from Good Smile Company


This past week, toys and figure invade the bi-annual Wonder festival! Japanese collectible toy maker Good Smile Company leads the charge with seven new figures for us to enjoy this coming year. First up is a wonder festival exclusive. The cute and adorable virtual idol with a magical winter twist, … Continue reading

WWE and Fox team up for Jingle All the Way 2 and The Marine 4


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and WWE Studios are teaming up once again to give us something we’ve all be waiting for…the sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All the Way. In the first movie, it was action star Schwarzenegger against comedy actor Sinbad as they compete to get the Turbo-Man … Continue reading

Phat Collectibles’ Walking Dead screening party in Orange County

Phat Collectibles is a staple of the nerd community in Southern California and offers some of the best community events around! The store recently organized a Walking Dead screening party at Dave & Buster’s in Orange, California. If you didn’t know, Phat Collectibles is the premier collectible, comics, toys, video, games, … Continue reading

Dying Light gets a ‘Humanity’ trailer

dying light humanity

Excited for some zombie and parkour action? Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer for Dying Light called “Humanity.” It shows what it’s like to live in a zombie apocalypse with other fellow survivors. It’s interesting to see how killing zombies will affect the person. Will … Continue reading

Toukiden: The Age of Demons (PS Vita review)


When it comes to monster hunting games, Capcom has a big piece of the pie. Now Tecmo Koei has created its own monster hunting game with Toukiden: The Age of Demons. The game is developed by Omega Force (Dynasty Warriors franchise). The land of Nakatsu Kuni was devastated eight years ago … Continue reading

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 review)

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Event 03

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII marks the final chapter of the latest installment in the Final Fantasy franchise. This one follows beloved heroine Lightning, where she is tasked with guiding the souls of the remaining population still alive on Nova Crystalia, so that they may be reborn in the new world … Continue reading

Allie Goertz sends love letter to Rob Bottin with ‘Special Affect’

Allie Goertz

Allie Goertz is a singer/songwriter who has found success by pairing music with her interests and it so happens that Goertz’s interests run to the “geeky” side of culture. She writes songs about things like Dungeons & Dragons, Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks and the Citizen Kane of bad … Continue reading

Frozen’s star Idina Menzel will sing ‘Let it go’ at The Oscars!


If you’ve been a fan of Disney’s Frozen, you’re in luck. Idina Menzel, the powerful voice of Queen Elsa from the movie, will be singing live at this coming Oscars. She will not be lip syncing, so it will be her live voice completely. If you aren’t familiar Idina Menzel, … Continue reading

Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel perform music from Frozen

frozen kristen bell idina menzel

Disney Not only is Frozen a huge hit for Disney (it has grossed over $900 million worldwide), the music was also a huge hit as well. The album so far has reached number one in top-album sales for four weeks, and it’s currently number one on the Billboard 200. One of the … Continue reading