Ender’s Game teaser of the full trailer out


This is based on Orson Scott Card’s novel of the same name and Ender’s Shadow. It has been many years since I read Ender’s Game but from what I recall it was a great book and series. This movie looks to make it as exciting as the books. For those that have no idea what Ender’s … Continue reading

Netflix doesn’t believe in Firefly fans

Ever since Netflix breathed new life into the formerly cancelled sitcom Arrested Development, many fans from cult-followed cancelled TV shows have been clamoring after the streaming service to bring back their favorite shows. One show in particular that has gotten a lot of push for Netflix to revive is Joss Whedon’s Firefly. … Continue reading

Pepper Potts sex tape story scrapped from Iron Man 3?!

 While Iron Man 3 is doing supremely well in the theaters, news came out today of some of the odd plot points of the movie that were scrapped in the film’s early drafts. Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and screen writer Drew Pearce talked with Empire Magazine and during … Continue reading

Kojima says MGS: The Legacy Collection is too much for the Xbox

Announced last month, Hideo Kojima revealed the upcoming anthology release of Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. The new HD collection includes Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, Metal Gear Solid … Continue reading

Grove Street Gang spotted in new Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Just released earlier this week, GTA fans got a better glimpse at the main characters that are set to be featured in the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. In the three separate trailers, we get a closer look at the lives of Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Each character’s story is uniquely different from … Continue reading

Kojima confirms Zone of the Enders sequel scrapped

Hideo Kojima recently confirmed on his web radio show that the “Ender’s Project” (The codename for the Zone of the Enders sequel) was shelved indefinitely due in part to the disappointing reception and performance of the recently released HD collections. He apologizes to the all the fans that were upset and believes … Continue reading

Developing Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4

watch dogs out of control

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be available for all the major consoles, but I’m looking forward to how it is going to look on the PlayStation 4. Sony has released a development diary for the game, featuring Ubisoft’s senior producer Dominic and creative director Jonathan discussing the vision for Watch Dogs … Continue reading

Da Vinci’s Demons Episode 4 preview clips and catch up on episodes tonight

da vinci's demons

It’s not too late to catch up on Da Vinci’s Demons on STARZ before watching an all-new episode. The first three episodes will be airing tonight, Thursday, May 2nd, starting at 9pm ET/PT. The all-new fourth episode will air on Friday, May 3rd. Episode 4, “The Magician,” will follow Leonardo … Continue reading

Ghost Rider finally returns to Marvel! Oh, and Ant-Man script re-write updates as well!

Ghost Rider 1

Good news everyone! Ghost Rider’s back! And by “back”, I mean that he has returned to the loving arms of Marvel Entertainment. No longer will we see crappy Nicolas Cage versions. No offense to Nicolas Cage, but he seriously did not look or feel like Jonny Blaze. It just felt … Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy news: Zoe Saldana in, Feige talks, and new concept art


We finally have our Gamora! Kevin Feige has confirmed that Zoë Saldaña has joined the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy as the universe’s most dangerous woman in the galaxy. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Feige discussed the hiring: “Audiences will respond to an alien Zoë Saldaña – … Continue reading

The Winter Soldier plays catch with Captain America’s shield in concept art


A new concept art has emerged for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It shows The Winter Soldier in all his glory complete with a cybernetic arm and playing a game of frisbee with Cap’s shield. It looks like his comic book design is able to translate well for a live-action … Continue reading

So we might get a black Human Torch for Fantastic Four reboot


Whenever a comic book character changes color when adapted to the big screen, you can bet your ass there will be some controversy surrounding it, including some fans getting bent out of shape. Now the Fantastic Four reboot might face a similar fate with news of actor Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle) being … Continue reading

Interview with Avery & Pete: Superseeds’ director Kholi Hicks & producer Teresa Decher

I love Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and I love it even more when a cool project meets its funding goal. Avery & Pete: Superseeds is such a project. It’s a crowd-funded movie about Avery and Pete who get superpowers after taking a mysterious glowing drug. The problem? They also sold the pills to others, … Continue reading