Harry Potter ‘Uptown Funk’ parody makes you want to dance!


KFaceTV has just released a hilarious Harry Potter parody of Marc Ronson featuring Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Uptown Funk”. It’s catchy and has some fun dancing involved with your favorite Harry Potter characters. It’s just hilarious to see a Voldermort cosplayer getting down with his bad self. Check out the video below … Continue reading

Avengers: Infinity War – Part I directors and roster


It’s been rumored that Joe and Anthony Russo are going to be directing Avengers: Infinity War – Part I. Now Badass Digest‘s source is saying that the brothers have closed the deal and will indeed be helming the big project. But before that, the brothers will need to do Captain America: … Continue reading

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film may conflict with Prometheus 2

aliens-neill-blomkamp-04 sigourney weaver

Neill Blomkamp is working on a new Alien film that’s reported to follow the events of Alien and Aliens. Ridley Scott is working on Prometheus 2, which is the prequel to the Alien films. Now we have some hints that the second Prometheus film will be taking place way after … Continue reading

Marvel’s Joe Quesada says a successful Spider-Man film is getting Peter Parker right


Many fans and critics loved Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films (except for Spider-Man 3), but it seems like Andrew Garfield was a favorite for playing the wall crawler. It wasn’t really a surprise to hear that Marvel and Sony wanted to look for a new and younger actor for its upcoming collaboration. This … Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Knight gets pushed back, plus ‘Officer Down’ gameplay


Today a new gameplay video has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight called “Officer Down”. It opens up with Batman and Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop trying to figure out what to do. When a call came in about a patrol car missing, Batman disappears to do what he usually does. The … Continue reading

Mini-Me from Austin Powers is hospitalized after attending a con

Verne Troyer - Mini Me

This past weekend at Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco, there was something more that happened than just a bunch of nerds coming together and having fun. Verne Troyer, also known as Mini-Me from the beloved Austin Power films, attended and ended up in the hospital due to a … Continue reading

League of Legends Champion Series (March 21-22): The rise of Urgod


This is perhaps the most entertaining LCS matches of the year. While that may seem strange at first, watching North America’s top midlaner lose to an Urgot pick is absolutely our highlight of the season. But hey, when you’re that high up in the standings, only Gravity can stop you. Stunning … Continue reading

Tales from the Borderlands episode 2: ‘Atlas Mugged’ review


Tales from the Borderlands episode 2, “Atlas Mugged”, picks up right where it left off in episode one. You take control over Rhys, the Hyperion employee, and Fiona, the con artist, as they try to wrap their heads around the latest situation they’ve got themselves into, The Gortys Project. It will take them … Continue reading

Does your zombie apocalypse plan include a flamethrower?


All joking aside, we don’t have to suffer a zombie apocalypse to get some flamethrower action. Starting next week you can support an IndieGoGo campaign to get your very own and legal flamethrower. That’s right! This is not some refurbished military hardware or some important equipment from a World War. … Continue reading

Today only! 80+ PlayStation games on sale for $1


Sony is holding a Flash sale right now and over 80 different games are on sale for just 1 dollar. Hours and hours of entertainment, they range from PS1 classics like Wild Arms all the way to PS4 downloadable games like Dead Nation and Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition. Don’t miss … Continue reading

Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons wants to play The Riddler


The Big Bang Theory’s very own Sheldon Cooper appears to be interested in playing the villainous Edward Nigma opposite the caped crusader. The actor revealed this information during a recent interview when he was asked which superhero he would like to play. “I would love to play a superhero in … Continue reading

Gal Gadot on fans who think her breasts are too small for Wonder Woman


When Fast & Furious 6 star Gal Gadot was announced as the new Wonder Woman, the Israeli actress was immediately met with criticism by fans who said that the star was “too skinny” to play the role. Fans also argued that her breast were not big enough to accurately represent … Continue reading

What’s nerdlesque and why is it everything I ever dreamed of?

Photo courtesy of D20 Burlesque

When geeks go wild, everybody wins. It turns out that geek and nerd culture wasn’t the only thing to have a sort of mainstream resurgence in the mid-2000s; burlesque performances also came back into vogue and starting dazzling their way across stages worldwide. However, it’s far more than a coincidence … Continue reading

Ethan Hunt is back in new Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation trailer


The 5th installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise finally has a trailer that will leave you salivating. It has all the action you would expect from the series, and more. The story follows Ethan Hunt being hunted (pun intended) down by The Syndicate, an organization of highly trained assassins. MI4 … Continue reading

CW’s The Flash may introduce black Wally West


During this year’s Paleyfest, The CW’s The Flash panel brought in many of its stars and producers to talk about the show. With the first season almost coming to a close, producers have set their sights on Season 2 and revealed to fans what they could expect. Showrunner Greg Berlanti said that … Continue reading

Latest Halo 5: Guardians teaser brands Master Chief as a traitor


Well, well, well. Microsoft has just released a brand new teaser trailer for Halo 5: Guardians and it definitely tells us a lot about the direction of the new Halo game. The bullet in the teaser clearly says “traitor” written on it as it’s spiraling towards Master Chief’s helmet. If … Continue reading

Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones on-set photos have Krysten Ritter kicking ass


Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones will be premiering later this year on Netflix, after Daredevil, and there are many out there who aren’t familiar with the Jessica Jones character. With Guardians of the Galaxy being a huge hit, this gave Marvel a lot of confidence in pursuing its other lower-tier properties. … Continue reading