Suikoden II is finally coming to the North American PlayStation Network


The original Suikoden released on the PlayStation Network a few years back and is playable on the PlayStation 3 and PSP/PS Vita. As for Suikoden II, the only way to play it was to buy a copy, which can cost $100 on eBay. That all changes soon. A rating for Suikoden II has … Continue reading

Roberta Firstenberg, an elderly woman, takes her last adventure with Oculus VR


Mortality can be something that gamers aren’t absolutely accustomed to. While most adventures will give us the power the continue after repeated defeat, the reality of fatality in our human bodies is inevitable. We all need to remember that there are no 1up’s in real life, and once the time comes, … Continue reading

Arkham Asylum inspires new Batman animated feature

batman assault arkham

For those of you who are fans of the Suicide Squad, this year has been a good year in the realm of TV and movies. The team comprised of Batman’s tough villains was featured in an episode of Arrow, and now they will appear in the upcoming DC animated film, … Continue reading

Honest Game Trailers does Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

assassin's creed hontest trailers

Honest Game Trailers is back, and this time their next victim is Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. They poke fun of the pronunciation of Ubisoft, why Assassin’s Creed still isn’t taking place in Feudal Japan, and Edward Kenway being an expert Assassin despite his lack of training. Source: Smosh Games

Sword Art Online II will simulcast worldwide


During Aniplex USA’s panel at Sakura-Con, it was confirmed that Sword Art Online II will simulcast worldwide when it airs in Japan in July. Aniplex announced that they will be hosting Sword Art Online II premiere screening events, which will be held in the U.S., France, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, with dates and locations to … Continue reading

Celebrate Batman’s 75 anniversary with this Batman Beyond short


Can you believe Batman has been around for 75 years? I remember watching the Batman TV show every so often along with Batman: The Animated Series as a kid. Ah, the good old days. DC celebrated the Dark Knight’s anniversary at WonderCon with special panels, events, the world premiere of Son … Continue reading

The Art of the Venture Bros. coming in October from Dark Horse Books


While waiting for news on season 6 of the Venture Bros., Dark Horse Books announced it will be releasing The Art of the Venture Bros. on October 22nd. The art book features original artwork, sketches, character designs, and storyboards accumulated from every episode of The Venture Bros. It also includes commentary on the … Continue reading

Kotobukiya Spring Preview panel at WonderCon 2014


At Wonder Con 2014, Kotobukiya held a special panel showcasing their upcoming figure line for 2014. Room 210A was packed with fans excited to hear more about upcoming releases being moderated by Dan Lujan.  Dan started by announcing that there would be two Kotobukiya exclusives this year for San Diego Comic-Con and one … Continue reading

Resident Evil 7 to be announced at E3 2014?


We are only a few months away from E3 2014 and already many rumors are beginning to circle around the internet about the event. The newest one being that we can expect an announcement for Resident Evil 7. The news came out over the weekend that Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun had the insight … Continue reading

Bandai Namco Games at WonderCon 2014


Wonder Con has always had a few gaming companies showcasing their upcoming line up, but this year there were only two big gaming companies on the floor, Nintendo and Bandai Namco Games. Bandai Namco Games had a way more impressive booth between the two companies, letting attendees have a first … Continue reading

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sells over a million units


Some would say that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a “glorified demo” and some would probably say, “You should shut your whore mouth!” News came out this week that, through industry analyst David Gibson, the Metal Gear Solid V prologue did surprisingly well in its first month. Ground Zeroes … Continue reading

Tales of Hearts R coming to North America and Europe this Winter


It’s a good time to start owning a PlayStation Vita as more and more companies are releasing JRPG titles. Namco Bandai Games will be adding one more to the list…Tales of Hearts R. In a special announcement video, Tales producer Hideo Baba said that Namco Bandai Games will be localizing Tales … Continue reading

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ possession test prank!


Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones released an online possession test for fans to see if they were possessed… little did they know, they were pranked by the production team! Check out the possession test here before reading on… it’s ok. We’ll wait. Okay… now that you’ve seen it. Check out … Continue reading

If Sony is out of ideas, then we may see a Spider-Man and Avengers crossover


Fans have been wanting Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since it’s been revealed that we were getting an Avengers film. With the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 film reported to have an X-Men: Days of Future Past scene being inserted into the mid-credits, the possibility of movie studios collaborating … Continue reading

Kotobukiya Avengers Now Hulk ARTFX+ Statue Review – Hulk Smash


HULK SMASH!!! Bruce Banner’s alter ego is an unstoppable force in the world of Marvel Comics. There are only three things you need to know: he is mean, he is green and he is always angry. Now Kotobukiya brings him to life with the Avengers Now 1/10 scale Hulk ARTFX+ Statue. Based of … Continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game is indefinitely postponed for Xbox One


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game will be released on April 29th, three days before the movie, but it looks like developer Beenox has run into some trouble with the Xbox One version of the game. It has been placed on indefinite delay, meaning it may never come out or … Continue reading

Bungie fires veteran ‘Halo’ and ‘Destiny’ composer Martin O’Donnell


Halo will forever be one of the few franchises that can survive the test of time. From its groundbreaking gameplay, to its icon characters and fierce multiplayer, there’s not much to dislike about it. Another huge reason for its success, was the incredible soundtrack that carried you into immersion as you … Continue reading

Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale announced for May 13th – Trailer + giveaway!


Adventure awaits, weary traveler. Neverwinter: Curse of Icewind Dale is coming out on May 13, 2014, and we’ve got you covered. Any champion of D&D would recognize this age-old scenario right off the bat. An iconic location within the Forgotten Realms, Icewind Dale is the subject of R.A. Salvatore’s Icewind Dale Trilogy, and famed … Continue reading