Assassin’s Creed Unity story trailer

Assassin's Creed Unity story trailer

Looking for more insight on the story for Assassin’s Creed Unity? Look no further, since Ubisoft has recently released the story trailer focusing on Arno’s tale during the French Revolution as he becomes an Assassin who seeks vengeance. Assassin’s Creed Unity will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC November … Continue reading

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor review – The rivers flow with the blood of the Uruk-hai

lord of the rings middle-earth shadow of mordor

With an open-world Middle-earth setting and Assassin’s Creed-like combat, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has all the necessary ingredients needed to be a big AAA new-gen title. You play as Talion, a ranger captain bound with the wraith of the fallen Elf Lord Celebrimbor. Following the murder of his wife and son at the hand of Sauron’s … Continue reading

Squirrel Girl gets the spotlight in Marvel’s ‘The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’


One of the most underrated, and may be one of the most powerful, superhero is getting the spotlight she deserves. Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green is having her own comic series called The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, written by Ryan North (Adventure Time comic series) and art by Erica Henderson (Quantum and Woody). Doreen Green, … Continue reading

Doctor Who: S8E7 – ‘Kill the Moon’ review


*May contain spoilers* So far, this season has been focusing mainly on Clara Oswald. This past week’s episode is included. The Doctor is mainly just there because he has to be and bails on Clara and ‘special’ student Courtney Woods throughout the episode. You could say this fits the phrase, “Doctor Who?” The … Continue reading

Rumor: Sony and Marvel Studios negotiating to bring Spider-Man to the MCU

the amazing spider-man 2

Things haven’t been going so well for everyone’s favorite web-slinger when it comes to his cinematic reboot. Posting lackluster reviews and box office take, Sony just might be considering working with the money machine that is Marvel Studios. According to HitFix: Sony, on the other hand, may be doing things … Continue reading

Dean O’Gorman on The Almighty Johnsons, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Trumbo, and superheroes


Dean O’Gorman is a known name in New Zealand as an actor, artist and photographer, but soon became known to audiences worldwide as Fili, a dwarf, in the blockbuster trilogy The Hobbit. Now, the international audiences can watch a clean-shaven, suave O’Gorman as the god of poetry/Anders Johnson in the Syfy … Continue reading

Wolverine and Storm make out in X-Men: Days of Future Past deleted scene

x-men days of future past wolverine storm

Just because it’s a comic book property, doesn’t mean we can’t get some juicy romantic scenes with characters we know and love (for the most part). A deleted scene for X-Men: Days of Future Past has surfaced, courtesy of Yahoo, and it shows both Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Storm (Halle Berry) … Continue reading

Bilbo Baggins ready for battle in new The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies poster

hobbit bilbo baggins battle of the five armies

In less than two months, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will conclude the The Hobbit Trilogy. Warner Bros. has released a new poster featuring Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) getting ready for a fight with his sword, Sting, pointed at the viewer. Oh my how he’s grown *sniffle* … Continue reading

Golden Heart Awards recap

Source: Golden Heart Awards

On September 30th, the Beverly Wilshire brought the who’s who of the industry to celebrate a charity and the 100th birthday of a charitable organization. The Midnight Mission Golden Heart Awards Gala honored some of its most hardworking members including Carrie Fisher and Arlene Van Dyke for being an amazing … Continue reading

Naruto manga is finally ending on November 10th


Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga will be coming to an end in the next 5 chapters. The final issue will be coming on November 10th in the 50th issue of Shonen Jump. For a decade and a half we’ve seen Naruto chase his dream of becoming Hokage. He has faced and overcome many challenges … Continue reading

Interview with Scott Youngblood, Lead Game Designer of Firefall


After my Firefall review, I had the opportunity to speak with one of the game developers from Red 5 Studios. Scott Youngblood, lead game designer of Firefall, took a moment to answer a few questions about Firefall, explained some of the mechanics and intentions of the game, the true meaning of Free-to-Play … Continue reading

John Hodgman’s ‘Star Wars’ screenplay

The word is still out on whether Hodgman is a Sith or a Jedi

The new Star Wars films are the talk of the geekosphere these days. One doesn’t have to go very deep into daily newsfeed to encounter new set photos of the Millennium Falcon or cryptic messages from director J.J. Abrams. While it’s certainly exciting that we’re getting new live action adventures … Continue reading

Review: The Simpsons Family History book


It’s been twenty-five years since everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons, premiered. A glut of events happened this year to celebrate, including the much-publicized Simpsons marathon on FXX. To also celebrate this milestone, Abrams books released The Simpsons Family History that chronologically reveals how the Simpsons family came together. First … Continue reading

The Purge: Breakout – The hardest Halloween game you will ever play


For 12 hours every year all crime is legal, including murder. Unlike last year’s Purge experience, The Purge: Breakout, a challenging half murder mystery, half haunted maze experience where the game puts you inside the basement of one of The Purge: Anarchy characters: Big Daddy. He is keeping you locked up … Continue reading

Michael B. Jordan wanted change of color for Human Torch in Fantastic Four reboot


When it was revealed that Michael B. Jordan was going to play the Human Torch in the Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot, many fans were in an uproar over the casting choice. (Johnny Storm is white in the comics.) Jordan hasn’t done any favors to appease the critics, since he … Continue reading

Contest – Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-ray Gift Set Giveaway


Transformers: Age of Extinction is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, and one of the coolest items available now is the Transformers: Age of Extinction Limited Edition Gift Set with Grimlock and Optimus Collectible Statue (exclusive to Amazon). To celebrate, we have teamed up with Paramount and Amazon to offer … Continue reading

Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil logo revealed

daredevil marvel logo netflix

Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil will be making a big splash next week at New York Comic Con. To get fans excited, they have revealed the logo for the upcoming series starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, the lawyer turned vigilante. A Daredevil signing event will take place at the Marvel … Continue reading