Sega reveals a new Sonic Boom trailer along with a few surprises

Shadow02d (2)_1407970368

Sonic fans get ready for a surprise or two. This week at Camescom, Sega showed off a new trailer to the Wii U exclusive, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The trailer reveals all new powerful villains and enemies Sonic and his team will be up against. Along with the trailer … Continue reading

Madden 15 music video starring Kevin Hart and Dave Franco


With a new NFL season just weeks away, Madden has decided to release a music video for their new game. This stars Kevin Hart, Dave Franco, and has cameos from players in the NBA and NFL. Both Kevin and Dave show off their rapping skills. Take a look at the … Continue reading

SoE Live 2014: EverQuest Next

EQN SOELive000

Last year at SOE Live, EverQuest Next (EQN) was unveiled with two of the intended classes, Warrior and Wizard. Since that event in 2013, any details on EverQuest Next have been super secretive. It was even a topic avoided during the Year of EverQuest event earlier in 2014. This year’s … Continue reading

‘Scared Yet?’, a creepy pasta review series

Scared Yet

If you’re a web comics reader, then you’re likely familiar with the work of Kris Straub. Creator of the space opera Starslip, the daily humor comic Chainsawsuit and the Lovecraftian epic Broodhollow, Straub has a YouTube channel called Chainsawsuit Original. Though this channel contains some really wonderful programming, perhaps the most … Continue reading

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Comic-Con preview is out…as a storyboard


Disney and Marvel are cracking hard on any leaks from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sneak peek for Avengers: Age of Ultron inside Hall H. Fans have been clamoring up for any signs of it, but here’s the next best thing…the exclusive footage as told by storyboards with original audio. Yep, somebody … Continue reading

SuicideGirls: Geekology (hardcover review)


If I were to ask you who the SuicideGirls were, would you know? If you didn’t, would you still know what an alternative model is? The term “model” is still closely tied to the stereotype of a super slim female that stays in luxurious New York apartments, poses for Calvin … Continue reading

Disney set to release the original, unaltered Star Wars trilogy cut on Blu-ray


Is it December yet? Because I feel like Christmas has come to town. The one thing that all Star Wars fans have been clamoring for might actually happen. According to Comic Book’s sources, Disney/Lucasfilm is planning to re-release the original, unaltered cut of the first Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray. … Continue reading

New Megas for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! Get your cosplay Pikachu!


The Pokémon Company International recently released a new game trailer for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, both of which will be released November 21, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. Players in the United States and Canada can obtain a unique Shiny Beldum holding a Metagrossite Mega Stone during a limited-time character distribution when the … Continue reading

SOE Live 2014: EverQuest 2

EQ2 AoM 00

While EverQuest continues to enjoy updates under Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), its successor, EverQuest 2, is not without its own continuing vision! Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year on November 9, EverQuest 2 will unleash its next expansion Altar of Malice. Since January, Senior Producer Holly Longdale and her team started … Continue reading

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman considered Daryl Dixon being gay

the-walking-dead-daryl thumb

Daryl Dixon became an instant fan-favorite when AMC’s The Walking Dead series premiered. It’s gotten to the point that if Daryl was going to die in the show, fans would riot. We don’t have to worry about that yet. So far the show has hinted at some kind of relationship … Continue reading

SOE Live 2014: EverQuest


Going into its 16th year running, EverQuest is still kicking and running! While some of the mainstream audience sees World of Warcraft being the longest running MMO, EverQuest still receives content updates to support its hundreds of fans across the globe. While it is common for gamers to move on … Continue reading

SDCC 2014: Grimm’s 4th season is looking grim for the characters


Spoilers! Spoilers! So much has happened to the Grimm characters during the season finale this past spring – Rosalee and Monroe finally got married, Nick and Juliette are going through some trouble, Nick lost his powers, Sean Renard was shot in the chest several times, and the Wesen learning that Monroe hangs … Continue reading

Frozen’s Anna mows down cops and civs GTA IV style (video)

frozen anna gta iv

It’s almost always a winning formula when you take something wholesome and combine it with something inappropriate. In this case, we get Anna from Frozen on a rampage and killing cops and civilians in the video game world of Grand Theft Auto IV. The background music parody of “Let It Go” is icing … Continue reading

Mickey Rourke disses Marvel Studios on TV

mickey rourke marvel seth meyers

The general consensus is that Iron Man 2 is a big letdown. There was a lot of potential, but it was bogged down by subplots including Nick Fury trying to convince Iron Man to join the Avengers. Another missed opportunity was exploring more of Whiplash, portrayed by actor Mickey Rourke. While promoting … Continue reading

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker’s fate and villains revealed for Star Wars: Episode VII?


Alright, it’s time for some major Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers. Latino Review once again gets another scoop, and this time it’s the reveal of the major plot. There’s a rumor spreading around that Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber was floating around in space, later landing on a planet to be discovered … Continue reading

Disney Interactive hosts top Disney Infinity community members at Toy Box Summit

Disney Infinity Marvel Heroes

Disney Interactive announced the schedule and Twitter/Twitch details for the inaugural Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit today. The summit takes place this weekend at Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City, Utah. This two-day invite-only event will host 22 Disney Infinity Toy Box designers from all over the world and be … Continue reading

Fantastic Four’s Michael B. Jordan will give a ‘fresh take’ on Human Torch


Thor will be a female and Captain America is going to be black. These changes caused many fans to cry foul. One great example of these was when Michael B. Jordan was announced to play Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, for the upcoming Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot. (In the … Continue reading