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Special Japanese Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Menu

It looks like fans of the Monster Hunter franchise have yet another reason to visit Japan.  It seems that a chain of barbecue restaurants in Japan will be featuring a

Old Spice Resident Evil Style

“Look down, now look back up.  You’re on a volcano, with the man your man could kill like.” It looks like Albert Wesker has been moonlighting by doing Old Spice

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Deadline reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick and Inception) are in talks for a role in the next Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.  Gordon-Levitt is currently filming Rian Johnson’s sci-fi

Phosphor Games Studio – A Synonym to when Leftovers Taste Better than when Fresh.

Phosphor Games Studio is working on the next gen open-world Superhero game. Original members of a Chicago Midway Games team has continued to develop it.

Spend Your Summer with the Droids with Star Wars Swimsuits

May the force bless us with these sexy swimsuits from Black Milk Clothing with their take on our beloved R2D2 and C3PO droids. The outfits are named Artoo and Threepio.

The Babes of CES 2011 Gallery: Hellooo Nurse!

Hey there nerd babe lovers (well, babes in a nerd convention). Nerd Reactor has compiled a gallery of babes from this past CES 2011 for your viewing pleasure. We have

Namco Bandai Teases Tales of Grace F, Now with Vesperia PS3?!

In the past week, Namco Bandai’s Facebook Page has been posting a cryptic scrambled image almost every day on a strange URL (Richard is a character in Tales of

El Shaddai Is a Visual Mind Trip: A Must-See for Everyone

This game looks like it was given an 80’s art style, fed some acid, put on a bike, and then pushed down a hill. Pictures alone do not suffice; this

New Updates for ‘John Carter of Mars’ with WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton

I’m pretty excited about this project for one reason, Andrew Stanton. His live-action debut for the new John Carter of Mars movie is going to be really interesting to say

Stan Fox 64: Do a Barrel Roll!

What is it like to be Stan Fox? Well, for one thing, you’ll never be alone with in need of help. I wonder what Solid Snake has to say about

Snarf Revealed for New ThunderCats Cartoon Plus Action Figure Gallery

The folks over at Warner Bros. Consumer Products have released some new images of the ThunderCats line of action figures. Here you can also check out the reveal of Snarf,

New Screenshots with Harley Quinn and Propaganda Artwork for Batman: Arkham City

It’s another Batman day today with the release of a new propaganda artwork poster of Hugo Strange and screenshots including Harley Quinn and more thugs for Batman to dispose of.

IndiePub Presents the Independent Propeller Awards at South by Southwest Interactive’s ScreenBurn

Many gamers have a dream to create video games, mobile games or just simple indie games but don’t always have a way to get their name known or foot in

Dark Souls, Spiritual Sequel to Demon’s Souls – New Details

It was originally called “Project Dark“, but the development team behind Demon’s Souls, From Software, has announced that the final title for the Japanese version of the game will be,

Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Part Deux1.5

Stephen King’s The Stand, and The Dark Tower are moving forward in becoming part of the big screens adaptation; along with a television series.

Anarchy Reigns’ Queen of Ice Struts Her Stuff – Gameplay Trailer

It seems that Shinji Mikami is taking a bit from his past, seeing as how this new character for Anarchy Reigns looks very similar to the protagonist of GameCube game P.N.03. Sasha, Queen of Ice (that’s what the japanese characters say), lives up to her name; she can make all kinds of deadly ice formations.

Have Twitter and Love Dragon Quest? Then Nintendo Has a Contest for You

The contest is for video game fans eagerly awaiting the Feb. 14 launch of the DRAGON QUEST VI: Realms of Revelation video game for the Nintendo DS and will have

Four Preview Clips from Tonight’s The Cape with Mena Suvari’s Dice

Check out these preview clips for The Cape airing tonight, January 31 as Mena Suvari’s Dice takes center stage. Dice, part 1 Max hears Vince’s plot to pin down Fleming.

The Showdown of the Century! Chuck vs. Timothy Dalton Tonight

Our nerd boy Chuck will be facing Mr. Timothy Dalton tonight on NBC’s Chuck at 8/7c. You can check out a preview of it below. Preview: “Chuck vs. the Push

Anne Hathaway Will Dress Up as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises?

When Anne Hathaway was announced to play Selina Kyle, it wasn’t made clear if she would be Catwoman too. It looks like Washington DC’s Kevin and Josh Movie Show has