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iPhone & Verizon in Cahoots

Verizon announces it will begin selling their version of the iPhone4 beginning in February 2011.

Conan O’Brien Joins The Justic League in a New Clip from Young Justice

If you happen to have missed it in a recent episode, Conan visited the Warner Bros. animation studios. There he meets Bruce Timm, the man behind such shows as Batman:

US ‘Thor’ Poster Gets Pwned by French ‘Thor Poster’

The US Thor poster showed Chris Hemsworth as Thor posing to the side. Now, the French gets to see his front side. Not only do the French get to have

New Batman: Arkham City Scanned Image

From the UK Arkham City discussion site, we have this nice scan of Batman in all his crouching glory from the Batman: Arkham City video game. Batman: Arkham City will

Gandalf and The Gang Return for The Hobbit

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that indeed Gandalf the Grey will return to Middle Earth for The Hobbit. This announcement comes just a day after Andy Serkis confirmed he

The Zombie Hordes of the Walking Dead May Return This July

Good news for all you fans of the hit AMC Original Series The Walking Dead. During a recent interview with Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, he revealed that not only

CES 2011: Verbatim

Verbatim brings its focus to 3 categories at CES 2011; Portable Peripheral Accessories, Flash Drives, and  Portable Hard Drives. Under those 3 categories they have produced a slew of products

CES 2011: K-Pop Invades the Consumer Electronic Show

To say that K-Pop has grown immensely in popularity is an understatement.  At this year’s CES, the global appeal of the genre was clearly visible throughout the entire convention. Like Girls’ Generation? What

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

Out Now for PSP and on PSN NISA Prinnies have always had it tough. They are always at the bottom of the hierarchy, the lowest of the low and nothing

CES 2011: Razer Showcases Their Wii/PlayStation Move-like Motion Controller…Again

Innovation is a major word at CES that gets thrown around loosely, especially when a company is developing a product that is already been available for the last 5 years.

Bungie Registering New Domains for Possible New Games

Ever since the completion of the latest Halo game, Bungie has been hard at work creating their next multiplatform project that will be published by Activision. Last year, Bungie has

Devil May Cry 4 Coming to iPhone Later This Month

Website Slide To Play recently revealed that Capcom is currently making final polish to the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Devil May Cry 4. From the screen shots shown on the

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pictures and Information Revealed

Are you ready to face the frosty lands of Skyrim, brave warriors? Scans of GameInformer magazine have been unleashed upon the internet, and finally we’re getting to see what Bethesda

Red Skull Concept Art for Captain America: The First Avenger

The guys over at Mundohype have been able to get this cool piece of art from the Captain America: First Avenger film. The art shows the Red Skull with the

Superman Flies into DC Universe Online with Gallery

We have some Superman screenshots and renders for you to check out. The Man of Steel is the most iconic superhero and he’s here to kick some villain’s ass in

Tron: Speed of Light (Tron Light Cycle Stop Motion)

The guys over at Reckless Abandonment Pictures created a Tron stop motion animation using light painting photography. If you love pretty lights and Tron, you should definitely check this out.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Level Design Evolved

The original Deus Ex game gave gamers true freedom when it came to infiltrating and extracting. Your character, JC Denton, can go inside a building in many different ways, whether

Winnie the Pooh Confirmed for July 15, 2011

Disney has confirmed the date for Winnie the Pooh for a July 15, 2011 release, just a week before Captain America comes out and also the same day Harry Potter

Batman Watches Over Arkham City in this Concept Art

Here’s a newly released artwork for Batman: Arkham City as Batman watches over the city. Word on the street is that the bird is not the word, but is actually

Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube

From SFX Magazine, comes this new photo of Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt, who soon becomes the Red Skull. In the photo, he is seen holding the Cosmic Cube. Hugo