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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Party LA Fight Club This Thursday!

Hey there fellow fighters! It’s almost time for the world to witness the wrath of the soon-to-be-released Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and to celebrate this occasion, Capcom is throwing a

New Captain America Empire Magazine Cover

Empire Magazine will feature Captain America on their cover that will be out Thursday, February 3rd. Out of the big three superhero movies coming out, Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain

New Pokemon Game for DS and More Pokemon Games in Development

A new Pokemon game will be coming for the Nintendo DS; however, unlike the standard Pokemon game, this one is a typing game. The game is titled Battle & Get!

Henry Cavill is Superman….Wait, Who?

I bet you didn’t expect to wake up and hear this today but yes it is true, at last we have a Superman for Zack Snyder’s reboot. Someone I have

PS3 Heavy Rain the Movie

According to Variety, writer David Milch (NYPD Blue and Deadwood) has been tapped to pen a film based on PS3 exclusive video game Heavy Rain.  With Milch on board as

Mark Zuckerberg Makes a Surprise Guest Appearance on SNL – Awkward

For about a week now, there had been rumors swirling around that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was interested in making a guest appearance on SNL the night Jesse Eisenberg hosted

Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare has announced information on Flashpoints for the Star Wars: The Old Republic on their official website.  According to BioWare Flashpoints ‘takes a group of Imperial or Republic players through

Sephora’s Hello Kitty Collection

Cosmetics retail chain Sephora announced that it is launching an exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty line created by professional beauticians this month.  The collection includes cosmetics in Hello Kitty shaped cases, Hello

Mega Man Gigamix to Hit Stateside

North American publisher Udon Entertainment announces that it will publish Hitoshi Ariga‘s (Rockman Remix and Rockman Megamix) Mega Man Gigamix the latest manga series based on Capcom‘s Mega Man franchise.

You Wish This Zelda Box Set Was Real

In a perfect world there would be cars that run on water, you would have your own personal jet pack, and this special Zelda edition Nintendo 3DS box set would

The New Nintendo 3DS Friend System

With a complete rework on the friend system on the 3DS, it will now function more like an instant messenger. There will only be 1 friend code, and it is

The Nintendo eShop for the 3DS

At the third quarterly financial briefing, Nintendo’s president, Mr. Satoru Iwata, has covered the new way to shop for apps and other downloaded software on the 3DS As the first

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is Almost Here

During Nintendo’s third quarter financial results briefing, it has been confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has now entered its final stage of development, as confirmed by Mr,

Flashpoint: The Next Big DC Event

The next big DC event is just on the horizon and its name is Flashpoint.  The main story will be told in a five issue series by Geoff Johns, Andy

Another New Kirby For Wii?

This is kind of a shock, but there is another new Kirby game coming out. The last one only came out a few months ago, but I suspect that this

Teaser Trailer for PlatinumGames’ ANARCHY REIGNS

Yesterday Sega announced the Anarchy Reigns game with screenshots. Today, Sega released the teaser trailer for PlatinumGames’ newest game, the brawler that takes the heavy-hitting to online multiplayer. It will

Brand New L.A. Noire Official Site Launched with Gruesome Screenshots

Check out the new L.A. Noire video game site at Rockstar released the dossier for Coroner Carruthers, the first of many that will be released. He is a very

Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Hsien-ko and Sentinel Artworks and Screenshots

Capcom announced the reveal of Hsien-ko and Sentinel recently for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and here we have artworks and screenshots for the new characters. Hsien-ko is the Darkstalkers character

‘Socom’ 4 Ships April 19th, Plus Check out New Multiplayer Video

Zipper Interactive has announced the ship date for Socom 4 to be April 19th, 2011 in North America. As the time comes for its release, expect Sony and Zipper to

More ThunderCats News Including Snarf and Giving It That Movie Feel

It’s been some big news for fans of ThunderCats this week, from the leaked image to the release of the official artwork. Some of you hate it, and some of