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Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Visits Marvel Office

Chris Hemsworth, the world’s sexiest man, came to visit the Marvel office while in New York and Marvel had a chance to take some pics of Thor himself, including him

PS3 Systems Being Banned from PSN – Pirates Bewarrrrre

Look out, hackers, pirates, and cheaters, It appears that Sony has gotten very serious about banning users for modifying their PS3. This is the most important part of the official

Bungie’s Next Game Is an MMO FPS?

For those of you who haven’t heard, Bungie left Microsoft and have signed a 10-year publishing deal with Activision. The most recent news is that a recently terminated contractor for

Adrianne Palicki Will Be a Wonderful CEO as Wonder Woman

Being the CEO is kind of like being a princess right? Well Warner Bros. has chosen their CEO/Amazonian Wonder Woman, and she is Adrianne Palicki. She has been in films

Tanit Phoenix Auditioning for Marketing Woman… err Wonder Woman

Tanit Phoenix has been rumored to play the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman for David E. Kelly’s NBC show. Her audition tape is now available online. I have to admit, she

Wrestlers Weigh-In on The Rock’s Return

It seems like a giant bolt of electricity was sent through out the wrestling world last Monday night. Only one man can electrify millions of people around the world and

Green Lantern’s Kilowog Up Close and Personal

From the pages of the recently released Green Lantern comics, Kilowog struts his stuff. He is one of the members of the Green Lantern Corps and is the first trainer

Wonder Woman Casting Call Revealed for Main Characters

Things are going forward now with the casting sheet for the pilot being revealed for NBC’s Wonder Woman from David E. Kelly. This isn’t no Smallville since Wonder Woman is

Teen Beats and Kills Mom for Banning Him from PlayStation

Kendall Anderson, a 16-year-old kid that killed his mom because she took away his PlayStation, the day after Thanksgiving last year. The mom and son argued for about 90 minutes

Pre-Order Your Tron Stitch Today!

Awhile back, we did a report on the awesomeness of Scott Zillner’s Tron Stitch, a collectible that any fan of Tron and Stitch would be dying to have. It seems

Coloud’s Star Wars Headphones and Auditorium PSP Contest Winners

Now it’s time to announce the winner for Coloud’s Star Wars Stormtrooper headphones. Drum roll please… And the winner is… Teresa! You’ll be getting your headphones soon. Also, we’d like

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer and Costume Pack DLC Screenshots

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is out and we’ve been playing the hell out of it. I’m pretty much a newb when playing this game, as I tend to button mash

New Terminator Film: “Ohhhhh, goooood for you. And how was it? I hope it was f***ing good, because it’s useless now, isn’t it?”

The Terminator franchise is making a comeback with possible Director Justin Lin, and without Christian Bale.

Stop Riding the Video Game Hype Train

What I’ve learned as a gamer is that video game companies love to trickle out pictures and information onto the net (MvC 3, anyone?). Eventually they’ll release a teaser trailer

Mario All-Stars Makes One Final Bow

If you somehow missed the opportunity the first time, now might be your last chance. The Super Mario All-Stars anniversary package contains a music cd, 32-page history booklet, and the

Crysis 2 Trailer – Aliens, Viruses, and Nano Suits, Oh My!

Aliens and viruses invade New York in Crysis 2 (hey, wait, doesn’t that already happen?). In this trailer, there is only one man who is capable of handling the aliens,

Details of New Assassin’s Creed Game This Year in May

Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has shipped over 6.5 million copies. With that announcement, they also mentioned new details to be announced for a new “packaged” Assassin’s Creed

Tim Burton’s Short FRANKENWEENIE to Become a Full Length Feature

I have to get it out, I miss the Tim Burton of old. But, it looks like his new project will bring him back to his glory days. Frankenweenie, a

The Guild’s Felicia Day and BioWare Together to Create New Dragon Age Web Series

Oh Felicia Day, how I love thee. You’ve blessed us geeks with your humor and beauty and graced us with your presence in The Guild, Legend of Neil, Dr. Horrible’s

Updated: Finally, The Rock Has Come Back to WWE!

Update: I found a Youtube videos of the whole segment, infinitely worth watching just to hear the crowd explode when his music hits. Last night in Anaheim, California, after 7