Guillermo del Toro picks winners for YouTube and Legendary Halloween videos

halloween contest

It was announced earlier last month that filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim, Blade 2) was teaming up with YouTube and Legendary Entertainment to offer YouTubers a chance to film an original Halloween video at the YouTube Spaces around the world in LA, New York, London and Tokyo. Over 100 YouTube creators … Continue reading

Funny Or Die: Between Two Ferns with Bart Pit

brad pitt between two ferns

Comedian Zach Galifianakis recently interviewed Brad Pitt on his Funny Or Die segment Between Two Ferns. Awkward as usual, Galifianakis asked Pitt about his movie “Furry (Fury)’, his hatred of baths, living in Angelina Jolie’s shadow, and the TV show Friends theme song (Pitt was previously married to Friends‘ star Jennifer Aniston). The … Continue reading

Kickstarter: ‘5th Passenger’ a sci-fi/horror film starring your favorites


Set in 2151, The 5th Passenger, written and directed by Scott Baker, tells the story of Eve Miller (Morgan Lariah), an officer who is stuck on the escape pod with her four man crew after the Yellowstone Caldera volcano erupts and throws Earth into chaos. They must work together to find the … Continue reading

Air New Zealand unveils the one flight safety video to rule them all


Safety Videos aren’t the most exciting things on a flight, but Air New Zealand is looking to change that. We’ve done some coverage on their continued collaboration with The Hobbit before. Now passengers on Air New Zealand will get to see this nearly 5-minute flight safety instruction video featuring Elijah Woods, Peter … Continue reading

Freddy and Jason become sexy lady killers in new fan film

freddy vs jason kotobukiya nerdist

The Halloween season is upon us, and Nerdist has released a new short film featuring horror icons like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, only this time they’re based on the sexy Kotobukiya female versions. A comic book worker falls asleep on the job and gets attacked by Freddy (Adrianne Curry) … Continue reading

Mortal Kombat Legacy II Blu-ray review

mortal kombat legacy ii blu-ray

It all started when Kevin Tancharoen had a vision of a gritty and gruesome Mortal Kombat film. The first two films from New Line Cinema were PG-13 and didn’t really represent the violent nature of the video game source. To show the studios what he was capable of, Tancharoen directed the Mortal Kombat: … Continue reading

Here’s a teen rom-com starring Jason, Freddy and Carrie

jason freddy slasher comedy romance

What would happen if horror and teenage rom-com clashed? We would get this adorable and horrific music video titled “Social Mediasochist” by Chicago’s Common Shiner. The video follows our high school protagonist, Jason Voorhees, as he falls for a fellow classmate, Carrie White. He’s joined by his best bud, Freddy … Continue reading

Netflix Musical: Our Netflix predicament in form of a song!


From the guys who brought you Star Wars: The Musical comes… Netflix Musical! Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Too many to choose from? Well, musical composers George Shaw and Jeffrey Gee Chin decided to put this predicament in a form of a musical starring Harry Shum Jr., Chrissa … Continue reading

Doctor Who + Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger = Awesome


Love Power Rangers? Well, the original Japanese version of Super Sentai! Love Doctor Who? Well, then you are in luck! YouTuber Amane Matsuo combined her two loves and created a Super Sentai version of the Doctor Who opening and it is awesome. She used the Doctors from New Who, including the War … Continue reading

Interview with Freddie Wong on Video Game High School’s final season


Nerd Reactor got Cory and I a one-on-two with Freddie Wong himself, and we got a little insight on the upcoming third and final season of the awesome web series, Video Game High School. He also told us who he wanted to work with in the movie industry and gave … Continue reading

Destiny and Paul McCartney’s ‘Hope for the Future’ gets a tribute cosplay song

destiny hope for the future

Do you have hope for the future? Paul McCartney teamed up with Halo composer Marty O’Donnell to work on “Hope for the Future,” the theme song for Bungie’s Destiny. Now vocalist Jillian Aversa, who has performed on the Video Games Live concert series, has done a cover to the song. … Continue reading

Get your free pack for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online


Have you tried the Pokémon TCG Online for your iPad or iPad mini yet? We’ve graciously been giving a code from the Pokémon Company that allows everyone a chance to download one free random pack. You might be able to get the Pokémon TCG: Black & White <Legendary Treasures>, Pokémon TCG: XY <Flashfire>, or … Continue reading

Make your own Final Fantasy XV Car Meme and share them on Twitter!


Ever since the Final Fantasy XV trailer was released at Tokyo Game Show, the internet has been blowing up with some hilarious memes. Square Enix Japan wants everyone to have some fun by releasing three different high resolution pictures to use. Take your favorite image and create your own meme … Continue reading

Cosplay Boom web series digs deeper into the world of cosplay

cosplay boom

Cosplay Boom is a Kickstarter-funded cosplay series that follows the culture of cosplay. Todd Kenreck, the man behind the project who has worked as a reporter on NBC, has released premiered the cosplay web series. This series features many cosplayers as they talk about their history, why they cosplay, and the cosplay … Continue reading

Beautiful message about the truth of Internet Trolls


We’ve dealt with issues regarding cyber bullies and internet trolls, but those were just factual articles. Here is something deeper. More emotional. More raw. Writer Shane Koyczan wrote a beautiful spoken word about internet trolls that plague us with their presence. The artwork by Gareth Gaudin mixed with the music … Continue reading

Snow White vs. Elsa princess rap battle

snow white elsa rap battle

Frozen is one of the most parodied and imitated on the Internet, and now we finally get a rap battle featuring Frozen’s Elsa that’s inspired from Epic Rap Battles of History. Elsa will be going up against Snow White, and in this version, one will lose. These aren’t your Disney-friendly … Continue reading

The Piano Guys perform epic Batman themes through the decades

batman evolution

Batman is a franchise with one of the most recognizable musical themes. Whether it’s the ’60s Batman TV series starring Adam West or the Tim Burton Batman films, these musicians perform them with great effect. And if that’s not enough, they have a couple of Batmobiles posing in the background. … Continue reading