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Earth Needs Saving in this Mass Effect 3 Trailer

A solider cooped up in “Big Ben” looks out at Britain, hoping that Commander Shepard comes in time to stop the invading alien forces from completely destroying Earth’s inhabitants.  The

Batman: Arkham City Trailer Reveals Hugo Strange

It’s been a rumor floating around, and yes, finally it has been revealed that Hugo Strange will be a villain in Batman: Arkham City.  Strange will be a formidable foe,

Guitar Hero: Christmas Lights Edition

There’s no question that some people take their Christmas light decorations really serious. You see these people at the store, buying up every bulb and garland they can get their

Gorgeous Debut Trailer for “Journey” – PS3

From the makers of Flower and Flow comes another game, “Journey”, that refuses to be a “normal” game. “thatgamecompany” is looking to turn heads with a new adventure that has

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Extended Trailer

Here’s the newest extended trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not much gameplay, but this is a cinematic masterpiece and very cool indeed. If you haven’t played the game, it’s

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Released In Japan

Blazblue: Continuum Shift II has been released in Japan. Not so much a sequel to BBCS as it is a balance patch, as characters moves and frame data are changed,

Neil Patrick Harris Preview for 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards

Here’s the man, NPH (Neil Patrick Harris), giving us a little tease for Spike TV 2010 Video Game Awards coming this Saturday, December 11, 2010 8pm ET/5pm PT. The show

New Uncharted Announced as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Thank Shambala! We finally have good news for Uncharted after all the bad news for the Uncharted movie being directed by David O. Russell (adding additional family members?). Entertainment Weekly

C. Viper and Storm Confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

This morning, C. Viper from Street Fighter and Storm from Marvel have been added to MvC3’s roster. C.Viper comes in high off her popularity in SF4, and comes in with

Check Out These Never Before Seen DC Universe Online Screen Shots

We have recently received these exclusive screen shots of the up coming DC Universe Online game for the PC gamers

Check Out This Batman: Arkham City Screenshot and Artwork

It’s a good week for Batman video game fans with the trailer being released this Saturday on Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. To continue with the trend, here is a

LittleBigPlanet Parodies PlayStation’s Kevin Butler Best Buy Ad

The guys over at SCEA did a parody using LittleBigPlanet 2’s new machinima tool. The video parodies the Kevin Butler Best Buy/PS3 ad that’s currently airing now where if Kevin

New Resident Evil: Mercenaries & Revelations for the 3DS Screenshots and Artworks

Help yourself with some double-dipping as we have screenshots and artworks for both Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Edition and Resident Evil: Revelations. The graphics is looking hot! Resident Evil:

A Christmas Gift from EA to You: Dead Space 2 Demo

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Isaac Clarke, the main protagonist for Dead Space. On December 21st, the demo for Dead Space 2 will be made available worldwide,

John Marston Cosplayer Finds Time to Model and Fight a Gorilla

A month ago, we found this cool John Marston cosplayer by the name Ben Van Dyken, a Senior Animator at Insomniac Games. He wore his outfit and was in character

Batman: Arkham City Teaser for the Trailer Up

A trailer is a promotional preview used to promote a movie or game. But now, we have teasers for a trailer, a promotional preview used to promote another promotional preview

Party with PlayStation and Capcom at the VGAs Viewing Party This Saturday

The Spike TV Video Game Awards is coming up this Saturday on December 11, 2010, and what better way to catch the event than to watch it with your fellow

New L.A. Noire Screenshots: Murder, Crime and the 1940s

Check out these 4 new screenshots for L.A. Noire. Love the direction Rockstar is taking with their games. Having their last big game, Red Dead Redemption, come out turned out

Neil Patrick Harris Will Host Spike TV’s 2010 VGA Awards with Premiere of ‘Batman: Arkham City’ and “Thor: God of Thunder’

Spike TV has announced that Doogie Howser AKA Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting Spike TV’s 2010 Video Game Awards. He was the voice for Spider-Man in Shattered Dimensions. Presenters

(NSFW) These Mass Effect Art Will Give You a Mass Effect

Check out these Mass Effect artworks from MadSpike. It’s a nice rendition of our favorite gals from the Mass Effect universe featuring Jack “Subject Zero, Miranda Lawson, Samara, Morinth, Captain