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Shovel Knight is the first amiibo based on an indie game

While Nintendo has primarily focused on its first party games when it comes to the Nintendo amiibo line releases, during Nintendo’s Nindies@Night event, a new Shovel Knight amiibo figure was released based

Wrestler R. Mika joins the battle in Street Fighter V

R. Mika was first introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Capcom has announced today that she will be returning in Street Fighter V. Check out her reveal in a brand new character

Videogame BANG! Episode 98 Pong, Pitfalls, & Pedophiles

What is up, peeps?! The VGB crew is back to bring you some sweet video game goodness to your ears. This week Alex Bagginsworth joins Cory, Aaron, and David in

Marvel Heroes 2015: Carnage joins the fight

One of the my favorite comic books in recent years has to the be the much-too-short-lived Axis: Carnage series by Rick Spears and Alexander Lozano. In the Axis spin-off, serial killer Cletus Kasady has found

First look at Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed begins shooting next month, but we got to see a first look into Michael Fassbender’s costume for the new film. Yahoo Movies released the photo earlier today of Fassbender

LawBreakers! New free online FPS by Cliff Bleszinksi

Almost 3 years since Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games to get away from game development and one year after starting Boss Key Productions, their first game was finally announced today.

Corsair Gaming and Team Dignitas team up

New product alert! Corsair Gaming has decided to team up with international e-Sports competitors Team Dignitas for a special edition Sabre RGB mouse and MM300 mouse mat. Back in January

Street Fighter V beta officially begins 28th!

Over the last week, Capcom has been doing regional stress tests for Street Fighter V Beta in Europe, Asia and just yesterday in North and South America. Seeing minimal issues

Abyss Odyssey (PS4 review)

By Xchel Monroy The days of old-school platformers are again revisited in Abyss Odyssey. This game is pretty much straight platformer, and it seems that the main point is to

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of The Duelist (PS4 review)

It’s been 15 years since the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game was first released in North America, and the game is still as strong as ever, thanks to some very creative

PS Plus Vote to Play Winner and September free games announced

And with the final tally counted, the winner for the PS Plus Vote to Play is Grow Home for PS4. But for those that voted for Armello or Zombie Vikings,

Beware the Blue Bomber! Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4 review)

The Blue Bomber is back, baby, and this time with the Mega Man Legacy Collection showcasing his first 6 trips around the Robot World to stop Dr. Wily. This Legacy

Fairy Fencer F! Calling all Fencers (PC review)

Compile Heart and Idea Factory are no stranger to porting their successful JRPGs to PC for Steam users lately, and this time they have brought over Fairy Fencer F.  You play

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid V trailer

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Metal Gear Solid V finally drops in on the public in less than one week. My excitement for this game cannot be any more

Hearthstone Expansion: The Grand Tournament is here

It’s been months of waiting after the initial announcement by Blizzard, but Hearthstone finally has its second major expansion, The Grand Tournament. We see a total of 132 new cards, including

Street Fighter V’s North American stress test begins today at 4pm PT

While Capcom ran stress tests for the Street Fighter V beta in Europe and Asia last week, North American and South American fans will be able to get some hands-on

Fight Nights at Freddy’s creator has NEW game demo coming soon

There are still a lot of unanswered question revolving around the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. The 4th installment in the series was just released last month and already fans

Duck Hunt game hidden inside menu of Heroes of the Storm

With every new hero added to the Heroes of the Storm roster there comes a new and unique menu screen. Earlier last week, Kharazim, the Monk from Diablo 3 was

Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad card game is now playable on your mobile device

There was something mysterious about Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad card game. While there were only a few times to play the card game, there was something enjoyable about taking a break

Both Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. amiibo will be store exclusives

With the next wave of amiibo releasing on September 11th (not including Gamestop’s Retro 3 Pack, which releases two weeks later), it looks like two more amiibo will be store