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Testing out Titanfall 2’s new modes, maps and Titans (preview)

Nerd Reactor was invited to test out some of the new modes, maps and Titans for Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer at Respawn Entertainment. The new modes we played should be familiar to

For Honor: Cutting in to the Closed Alpha

Ubisoft’s next action epic, For Honor, took people by surprise when it was first revealed at E3 2016. The title came out of nowhere during Ubisoft’s conference, and immediately looked

Relive the terror in Dead Rising HD (PS4 review)

Last week Capcom treated us with the re-release of three classic Dead Rising games remastered in HD for the Xbox One and PS4 (bundle or individual release). I got my

MeiQ: Labyrinth Of Death review (PS Vita)

Written by Xchel Nakamura The PlayStation Vita doesn’t receive a lot of the love it deserves. While Sony seems to have just given up on the it, we luckily still have a few

Quinton Flynn on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Porky Pig

You may not know his face, but you definitely know his voice. Quinton Flynn is an accomplished voice actor who has lent his talents to various television programming. For anyone who

Pikachu’s Z-move Dance in Pokemon Sun/Moon is 100% fire

Another week passes and another trailer has been released for the upcoming Pokemon Sun/Moon game. This week we get to check out some killer dance moves by Pikachu, a few

Round 1 to include Tekken 7 arcade machines this December

Japan and other parts of Asia already have a competitive scene for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, thanks to the game being available at the arcades. While the game will see

Sega showcases Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition in goofy ’90s infomercial

Last week Sega revealed the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition. It includes various collectibles like a Sonic statue standing on top of a Sega Genesis system, a replica Sega Genesis cart

The Legend of Zelda reimagined as a Studio Ghibli film in fan-made trailer

A while back, artist Matt Vince made a trio of posters that showed off what The Legend of Zelda could look like in the style of a Studio Ghibli film. As beautiful as they

New Nioh gameplay trailer revealed

Koei Tecmo Games has shown a new trailer for its upcoming PlayStation-exclusive action title, Nioh, at TGS 2016. The game draws comparisons to From Software’s Dark Souls series so far, as

New Dishonored 2 trailer shows off Emily and Corvo’s creative kills

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Dishonored 2 on its YouTube channel. The trailer shows off 5 different ways in which players can creatively eliminate enemies in the game using their

Test out Gwent before Closed Beta and help CD Projekt Red ‘kill the servers’

The Gwent Closed Beta is still coming out next month, but if you want a chance to play the game earlier than that, CD Projekt Red will be conducting a

Valve being sued by Digital Homicide after cutoff from Steam

This morning is just full of surprises. Well, maybe just one hilarious surprise. Digital Homicide is a company that, when compmared to EA and Square Enix, makes them look like model

Monster Hunter gets movie adaptation

Attention hunters and huntresses, for Nerd Reactor has brought great news! During the Capcom TGS presentation for the Monster Hunter Stories, Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto confirmed that a Monster Hunter

Riot introduces Mechs vs. Minions, a cooperative tabletop game

Runeterra has been invaded by droves of minions, so it’s up to Rumble and his 3 Yordle pals to save everyone from their impending doom. Mechs vs. Minions is a

Atlus confirms Japanese Text error in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocolypse

Game localization is a tough job. There are always instances where something can accidently slip by without anyone knowing. It’s not a rare occurrence by any means; it’s just something

Platinum Games’ teases Bayonetta amiibo and Bayonetta 2 secrets

To celebrate Bayonetta 2’s second anniversary, game director Yusuke Hashimoto posted on the Platinum Games’ official blog with a bit of a teaser followed by some ‘secret’ information about Bayonetta

Digimon World: Next Order coming to North America early 2017

Return to the digital universe in Digimon World: Next Order, which will be released early next year for the PlayStation 4. Announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Next Order is an open world

Urien for Street Fighter 5 released in latest update

Ever have that one “special” friend whom you play fighting games with? You know, the one who endlessly, relentlessly and unapologetically spams projectiles for the entirety of every fight you

Blizzard now offering name change (finally)

Have you ever wished that you could change your name on from something like “PotatoSalad47” to something a little less….retarded? Well thankfully Blizzard is now offering you the chance