Real life Danganronpa Murder Mystery


April 4th will be your chance to get in on all the fun because NIS America will be hosting a Danganronpa themed murder mystery during San Diego’s Anime Conji. The developers and publishers have released this instructional video in order to show you a teaser of what they have in … Continue reading

New Mortal Kombat X TV spot features System of a Down’s ‘Chop Suey’

mortal kombat x spot

Mortal Kombat X is less than a month away, and we’re treated to a new funny TV spot released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The spot features people all over the city getting excited about a fight happening as System of a Down’s “Chop Suey!” plays in the background. This … Continue reading

New Mortal Kombat X ‘Shaolin’ trailer features evil Liu Kang

liu kang mortal kombat x

Oh, no, say it ain’t so! Liu Kang and Kung Lao look to be evil in the new “Shaolin” trailer for Mortal Kombat X released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The trailer features three Shaolin warriors, Liu Kang, Kung Lao and newcomer Kung Jin. What’s going on with Kung Lao and … Continue reading

Steven Spielberg to direct Ernest Cline’s book Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Cover Photo

It seems as if Loot Crate now gives us hints into the future. Just last month I received the book Ready Player One in the subscription box, and now Steven Spielberg is set to direct the film. Guys, this is huge nerd news. The rights to film the book was … Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIV ‘Heavensward’ CE up for pre-order!


Final Fantasy and MMO fans rejoice! We are but a short while away from the launch of the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn titled “Heavensward”. The game releases on June 23, 2015, and includes the following new content: A New Level Cap (50 → 60) Flying … Continue reading

BioWare teases next Mass Effect game with new photo


BioWare has released a new photo from its new Mass Effect game. No, it’s not from the actual game, but it’s a behind-the-scenes photo with the motion capture actors and crew, courtesy of BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain. The photo was taken in Vancouver, Canada, at TheCaptureLab. “Getting our motions on at … Continue reading

Nintendo CEO talks about the rumored live-action Zelda Netflix series

legend of zelda

It was rumored before that Netflix was working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series. This was great news for many fans, since Netflix has been on the top of its game in regards to producing series. Now it looks like the series isn’t happening after all. Nintendo CEO Satoru … Continue reading

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review: Complete Nightmares


And so it continues another franchise has decided to follow the current trend of episodic storytelling. Capcom decided that its AAA franchise Resident Evil would be the one to make the plunge into this popular trend of game design, and I personally think that this is one of the wisest … Continue reading

Man at Arms: Reforged goes defensive with a recreation of Link’s shield


The Hylian Shield is one of the most iconic aspect of Link’s character and has been a staple of the Zelda franchise. The distinctive blue hue, the crest of Hyrule, and Triforce perched in the middle all make it a combination many gamers have come to love for years. The newest … Continue reading

Loki and Falcon join Disney Infinity 2.0 today

falcon loki disney infinity

Loki and Falcon are now both available for Disney Infinity 2.0, and they are compatible with the Marvel’s Avengers Play Set and Toy Box 2.0. Loki The Loki figure has the god of mischief sporting his yellow horned helm, flowing green cape and scepter. This version has more similarities to … Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Knight gets pushed back, plus ‘Officer Down’ gameplay


Today a new gameplay video has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight called “Officer Down”. It opens up with Batman and Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop trying to figure out what to do. When a call came in about a patrol car missing, Batman disappears to do what he usually does. The … Continue reading

League of Legends Champion Series (March 21-22): The rise of Urgod


This is perhaps the most entertaining LCS matches of the year. While that may seem strange at first, watching North America’s top midlaner lose to an Urgot pick is absolutely our highlight of the season. But hey, when you’re that high up in the standings, only Gravity can stop you. Stunning … Continue reading

Tales from the Borderlands episode 2: ‘Atlas Mugged’ review


Tales from the Borderlands episode 2, “Atlas Mugged”, picks up right where it left off in episode one. You take control over Rhys, the Hyperion employee, and Fiona, the con artist, as they try to wrap their heads around the latest situation they’ve got themselves into, The Gortys Project. It will take them … Continue reading

Today only! 80+ PlayStation games on sale for $1


Sony is holding a Flash sale right now and over 80 different games are on sale for just 1 dollar. Hours and hours of entertainment, they range from PS1 classics like Wild Arms all the way to PS4 downloadable games like Dead Nation and Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition. Don’t miss … Continue reading

Latest Halo 5: Guardians teaser brands Master Chief as a traitor


Well, well, well. Microsoft has just released a brand new teaser trailer for Halo 5: Guardians and it definitely tells us a lot about the direction of the new Halo game. The bullet in the teaser clearly says “traitor” written on it as it’s spiraling towards Master Chief’s helmet. If … Continue reading