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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water physical edition coming?

Back in November, Nintendo released Tecmo Koei’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on the Nintendo Wii U. While the game saw a physical release in Europe, North American fans weren’t

id shows off an hour’s worth of Doom 4 single-player footage

Despite the multiplayer going over as well as a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, id Software has released an hours worth of single-player game footage and it looks to be

Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 finally goes gold and will release in June

Comcept’s Mighty No. 9 has been delayed so many times that I lost count (okay, so I think it’s around three times). Now it looks like we finally have a concrete

Videogame BANG! Live Ep. 43: Fable Legends & No Man’s Sky

The Weekend BANG! is back and this time with 100% less technical difficulties. The weekend crew is in full effect. Aaron Carter, Cory Vincent, David Webb, and Rob Schneider… I

Classic ‘World of Warcraft’ locale recreated in Unreal 4

Once again we are given yet another example of the creativity and talent of people in the gaming community. Whether it’s a group of Minecraft players re-creating a full-scale version

Smite Down to add Susano, the Japanese god of storm?

The rumor mill has been swirling around as to who will be the next god to grace their presence in Smite. The majority of the fingers are pointing to one

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer drops a little sooner than we thought

Coming off an odd teaser from last week, the next installment of the hugely popular FPS franchise finally has a new name, Infinite Warfare, and a new trailer to boot, set

Blazblue: Chronophantasma Extend PC review

8 years ago, Aksys Games, developer of the popular Guilty Gear franchise, took its formula and twisted it to create its second IP in the fighting genre titled BlazBlue. Arc

FilmCow’s The Raccoon Who Lost His Shape browser game

FilmCow, the artist famously known for Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas with Hats, has worked with Fathom & Scuffy to bring you something… well, it’s not exactly spectacular, but it’s entertaining,

‘Bridge of Spies’ producer Marc Platt to bring SEGA’s ‘Shinobi’ to the big screen

You may not have heard of Marc Platt, but you do know a lot of his work in the geek realm. He has produced Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,

Square Enix launches concert series dedicated to Kingdom Hearts music

For years, Square Enix has taken the iconic music of the Final Fantasy series all around the world with a live orchestra featuring special guests including original Final Fantasy composer Nobuo

Conan plays Mario Kart 8 with ‘Neighbors 2’ Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

What happens when you bring Conan’s infamous Clueless Gamer series into a frat house with actors Seth Rogen and Zac Efron from the upcoming movie Neighbors 2? Well, they play

Steam holding massive Anime game sale this weekend

There are two times in the year when I really need to hide my wallet, Steam Sales and Convention Seasons. While some of the best Steam sales are mainly held

New Mega Man and Mega Man Battle Network figures coming from Sentinel

While a new Mega Man video game doesn’t seem to be happening anytime in the near future, it’s nice to see that the love for the character is still there

New Space Hulk: Deathwing trailer emerges

By Ray Guillan Streum On Studios, the team creating the Space Hulk: Deathwing game, has just released a brand new gameplay trailer on its YouTube channel. The trailer shows an

New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer is a blend of story and gameplay

Video game trailers are usually categorized into two different sections. One would be a trailer showcasing the game’s story, and another trailer would be focused on showing off the gameplay.

Alicia Vikander to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot movie

It was reported that Daisy Ridley was in talks to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot movie, but now we have a report from The Hollywood Reporter that

PlayStation bra controller allows gamers to touch boobs

So there was this video game and body project that occurred in 2013 during the Vector: Game+Art Convergence in Toronto, Canada. The Itagaki Interface featured Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield

Videogame BANG! Ep. 134: Infinite Warfare

What’s up, pizzas?! Cory here and we are back in the saddle with a brand new episode of the podcast! The VGB team took a week off to recharge our

Star Fox Zero review

Star Fox hasn’t seen a new game for the past 10 years, the last one being Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. The series has also been known to try