Weekend BANG! Episode 36: ‘Splosions feat. Freddie Wong

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The Weekend Wang is here with Sir Aaron Carter at the helm with Cory, Alex and Steven all riding shotgun. As awkward as their lap sitting situation is, it doesn’t matter because on today’s show, we have the one and only Freddie Wong! And we pick his brain about the … Continue reading

Videogame BANG! Episode 53: Game Dev Special w/ Raphael Van Lierop

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Hold on to your hats, people, because we have a new episode of the Videogame BANG! that is already an instant classic. We are focusing this week on game developers, specifically two of whom have become great friends of ours and both have created some of the most innovative games … Continue reading

Weekend BANG! Episode 33: 日本の東京ゲームショウに回す

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広島、長崎のように週末バンはあなたに爆弾を落とすためにここにある。ここ卿アーロン·カーター、今週は東京ゲームショウについて話をする。スティーブン·コーリーと新人ジェイクはあなたが変なゲーム内のすべてのホットacerca今年のTGSから出てきている知っているように、この爆撃機の任務に私を一緒に参加します。いつものように私たちはあなたから聞いてほしいので、 Facebookの強打のビデオゲームビデオゲームバンバンバックスラッシュまたは上Twitterで平方フィートを打つ。だから後ろに座ると、私たちは、今週の週末強打でTGSに取り組むように、すべて、女子高生、触手、ロボットは楽しみのために準備をする Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Weekend Bang is here to drop a bomb on you. Sir Aaron Carter here this week to talk about the Tokyo Game Show. Cory, Steven, and newcomer Jake join me along on this bomber mission to let you know about all the hot … Continue reading

Videogame BANG! Episode 50: The Playas’ Score with Kory Caldwell and Keaton Slansky

the players score

What’s up, players?! It’s that time of the week again for a new episode of the Videogame Bang! This is no ordinary episode of the show as a few familiar faces return to the show! Joining Cory and Aaron are fan favorites and VGB originals Jada and David Andrew Ng. … Continue reading

Videogame BANG! Episode 46: Freedom Planet

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Wow, wow, wow. This week’s show is insane, got no brain…Aaron and Cory have the tremendous opportunity to interview nearly the entire crew behind the amazing indie title from Galaxy Trail called Freedom Planet. It is an 8-bit throwback title that carries heavy influence from games’ past particularly Sonic and MegaMan. … Continue reading

Videogame BANG! Episode 41: San Diego Comic-Con

videogame bang comic con

Whats up, Pizzas?! Comic-Con is right around the corner and we can barely withhold our excitement! Cory and Aaron are joined by the usual suspects, Jada and David. Cory has joined the church of Android and makes a public statement in regards to this move. Also Aaron is watching a … Continue reading