The Walking Dead Executive Producer Is on Board for Area 51 Television Series

The Walking Dead Executive Producer – Area 51 Television Series – When, why, and how cool this will be!

Nerdy Beatz: V-Moda REVAMP Review

Having just picked up the new Childish Gambino album from Community co-star, Donald Glover, it’s time for a new headphone review! We’ve just received a new shipment of V-Moda’s REVAMPs In-Ear Headphones, which is

Here’s the Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog on Jimmy Fallon Video

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog were on TV with Jimmy Fallon as they talk about their upcoming Muppets movie and their relationship. They also talk about training for 3D,

Farscape TV Series Blu-ray Review – Is Your Galaxy Big Enough for Another Sci-Fi?

Farscape’s protagonist, John Crichton, is an astronaut from our Earth who, during a flight, enters a wormhole that blasts him into the unknown, far away from home. John becomes imprisoned

Hideo Kojima to Reveal the Truth About ‘Metal Gear Rising’ at VGA 2011

We have been blessed with a teaser for Metal Gear Rising at the Video Game Awards 2011. Hideo Kojima, MGS creator, will be revealing the truth about the game. What

‘Spartacus’ Gets Renewed for the Third Season

The second season, Spartacus: Vengeance, isn’t even out yet, but Starz has enough confidence in the show that season three has been secured. The third season is expected to begin

Puppets Poke Fun of Walking Dead’s Walkie Talkie Scenes

Ever wondered what the guys on the other end of the Walkie Talkie are doing on the Walking Dead series? Well, we can’t, since Rick Grimes is too busy hogging

Bill Paxton to Direct Kung Fu

Bill Paxton to Direct Kung Fu – Details

Redbox to Raise DVD Price this Monday

800,000 subscribers ditched the online rental giant, Netflix, after the whole fiasco of separating its streaming and DVD-by-mail services and hiking up the price for the streaming/DVD combo. Now it

Free Shipping from Best Buy

Best Buy is launching the first salvo for the holiday season. A statement released yesterday, starting November 1st thru December 27th, will offer free standard shipping on everything. Let

Netflix Stock Drops After 800,000 Users Gone in 3rd Quarter

After the debacle of Qwikster and the price hikes, Netflix lost 800,000 users in the 3rd Quarter. This comes as no surprise. Many felt that the price hike and the

‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Renewed for a Third Season

AMC has just announced today that The Walking Dead has been renewed for a third season. This comes after the second season receiving a lot of viewers for basic cable

Hulu for Nintendo

According to a video released by Nintendo USA president Reggie Fils-Aime. He states that by the end of the year people would be able to use Hulu Plus on the

Feed Your Baby with the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Spoon

Forget the days when your mom would make airplane sounds with the spoon to try to feed you. Now, be the cool parent by flying the Star Trek Enterprise into

Zombieland to Get Its Own TV Series?

Given the success of The Walking Dead, it doesn’t surprise me much that other networks might try to get similar programming up to help generate a larger viewing audience. According

6 Fall TV Shows Worth Keeping an Eye On

This fall season of TV is packed fairly tight, with several new shows as well as many returning shows. Obviously people have shows that they watched religiously like House, but

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Premiere Breaks Records

With the second season of Walking Dead starting on Sunday it has broken records already. It opened with an hour-and-a-half episode, which was viewed by a total 7.3 million viewers

Curiosity: Can You Live Forever starring Adam Savage

As human beings we are limited to how much time we have in life. By taking care of our bodies with exercise and healthy eating, we can easily live up to

AMC’s New Western – ‘Hell on Wheels’ Trailer and Behind the Scenes

AMC has a new show coming out on November 6, 2011, called Hell on Wheels. It takes place during post-Civil War, where the Americans are working on expanding to the

NYCC: ‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Action Figures

McFarlane Toys and New York Comic Con have teamed up to debut The Walking Dead action figure line to attendees. The four figures are main lead Deputy Rick Grimes, hunter