Regular Show: The Complete Third Season (DVD review)

Regular Show_ S3_ DVD

WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!! Cartoon Network’s very own Mordecai and Rigby’s season three antics are now available on DVD. For those unfamiliar with the off-beat, man-child world that J.G Quintel has created, I’m not sure that this collection of episodes is the absolute best place to start. For those already initiated, the season … Continue reading

Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger joins the The 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

power rangers 20

If you’re a fan of the original Power Rangers series, then you don’t want to miss this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The iconic Red Ranger from the first season will be immortalized as one of the balloons this year and will fly over the parade in style. Here’s what … Continue reading

Rosario Dawson joins the cast of Daredevil


Marvel has reported that Rosario Dawson will be joining the cast of the Netflix exclusive Daredevil show. Rosario joins Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) and Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk). No word yet on who she will play in the show but Marvel did tease us about her character. This is just me … Continue reading

Amazing fan-made South Park/Book of Mormon mashup


It should be no secret that the creators of the raunchy cartoon South Park are also behind the multiple award-winning highly acclaimed musical, Book of Mormon. Naturally it doesn’t take long before someone decides to take it upon themselves to mash the two together. YouTuber Simon Chong is that man. The animator released his animated video … Continue reading

Ant-Man’s movie villain revealed!


After the entire Edgar Wright debacle of leaving Ant-Man, I’m glad that there’s finally forward steps to getting the movie rolling. With that said, we already know that Paul Rudd will be playing Scott Lang who steals the Ant-Man technology from Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas. However the question … Continue reading

Conan O’Brien’s heads to E3 2014 and bumps into booth babes and an electrical engineer drug dealer

conan obrien e3 2014

E3 2014 was last week, and Conan O’Brien had the chance to attend the video game industry event and check out some new games and gear including Project Morpheus and Hyrule Warriors. At the Nintendo booth, Conan felt like he was in heaven, since he was surrounded by a bunch … Continue reading

Fox’s new Gotham trailer highlights upcoming villains


In the new trailer for Fox’s Gotham, we’re shown some familiar villains that our favorite detective will be facing when he’s older. For now, Detective Gordon will be coming up against them without Batman’s aid. So far we have a child (Catwoman), a low level thug (Penguin), and a business owner (Fish … Continue reading

The Saturn Awards 2014 nominees


The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films are holding their annual Saturn Awards next week. The Saturn Awards honors movies, television shows and actors who have made an impact in science fiction, fantasy and horror films. This year, Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of … Continue reading

Watch the first episode of BBC America’s ‘Almost Royal’

almost royal

BBC America has released the first episode of their original comedy series Almost Royal online before it airs this Saturday after Orphan Black‘s season finale. Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart) are heirs to Caunty Manor, a large country estate in Norfolk, England, where they have enjoyed privileged lives as … Continue reading

Salem: Episode 9 ‘Children Be Afraid’ recap


If you remember what happened in the last episode, Mary Sibley’s husband George was able to get the toad from his stomach out. The town’s witch hunter Increase Mather finds him unconscious and takes him in, suspecting witchcraft. Cotton Mather’s girlfriend/prostitute Gloriana was banished from the town after being innocent … Continue reading

Want the Doctor Who cast to read you a bedtime story? Here they are!

david tennant doctor who

Ever wanted the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) to read you a bedtime story? Or have River Song (Alex Kingston) tell you a story? Captain Jack (John Barrowman)? Martha (Freema Agyeman)? Well… now you can. Tennant, Kingston, Barrowman, Agyeman, and John Simm (The Master) have lent their voices to BBC’s CBeebies Bedtime … Continue reading

Titan Comics presents the Twelfth Doctor!

peter capaldi titan

BBC and Titan Comics just released the images that will be used for the 12th Doctor’s comic book debut. It will be written by Eagle award winner Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000 AD, Nikolai Dante) and drawn by New York Times-bestselling artist Dave Taylor (Batman: Death by Design, 2000 … Continue reading

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season DVD releases this week

Reg Show Season 3 2D Box

Cartoon Network’s Regular Show: The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD June 17th and will include all 40 episodes from the third season. Join the gang as Mordecai, Rigby and their friends go on a regular-to-crazy journey. The special features contain over seven hours of content and includes “Characters … Continue reading

Silicon Valley’s math of optimal tip-to-tip efficiency a.k.a. j*rking off a lot of people


If you watched the season finale of HBO’s awesome show, Silicon Valley, then you might have seen one of the funniest and most memorable moments of the season. “We’re going to win even if I have to go into the auditorium and personally jerk off every guy in the audience” In … Continue reading

E3 2014: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal trailers


While E3 is happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sega has released two new trailers for the upcoming Sonic Boom games for both Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, which introduces the new villain Lyric who seeks revenge against Sonic. Lyrics has been imprisoned away for over a thousand … Continue reading