Star Wars Rebels 3×09 ‘The Wynkahthu Job’ photos and clip

Disney XD has released some new photos and a clip from Star Wars Rebels season 3 episode 9, “The Wynkahthu Job.” You can check them out below. Synopsis: The rebels team

Netflix announces Dave Chappelle comedy special

Netflix quietly announced that it will be producing a Dave Chappelle comedy special on its twitter today. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 20 years, you

The Walking Dead ‘Go Getters’ reminds us ‘We are all Negan’

Last Season, a Savior uttered the words We are all Negan to Carol. At first it appeared as a cover for who Negan was since another claimed to be Negan

The Walking Dead showrunner discusses potential movie

The 7th season of The Walking Dead is still going strong with 12 million viewers tuning in every week. Even after angering many fans with how the season 6 finale and

New ‘Gilmore Girls’ episodes on Netflix this week

Widely seen as a show for girls during its original run, Gilmore Girls has a wider reach than what one might think. The mother-daughter dramedy, which lasted for seven seasons

Doctor Who Christmas Special releases a special sneak peek

During BBC Children in Need, BBC released a sneak peek of the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Now, it’s been released here in full for fans

This Is Us: A heartfelt family drama that never fails to charm (TV review)

Call me a cynic, but there is very little on television these days that gets me emotional. I watch shows to laugh (Brooklyn Nine Nine), to feel exhilarated (Game of

Into the Badlands’ Daniel Wu on Sunny’s new journey this season

With the recent release of Into the Badlands: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray+Digital HD and DVD, we can finally prepare for this spring’s second season where we’ll find out

Final farewell for Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super?

Warning: Contains spoilers to the current Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super And with one final slash, Future Trunks has finally defeated Goku Black/Zamasu with the collected energy from

Salem’s ‘The Reckoning’ episode explained

After the events of last night’s intense episode ‘The Reckoning’, there were many questions left open for all of our characters. Fortunately, we were able to chat with some of

Doctor Who Christmas Special is coming to the big screen!

Fathom Events and BBC Worldwide North America have teamed up again to bring you this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Return of Doctor Mysterio to the big screen for

Salem 3×03 ‘The Reckoning’ review

MARY, MARY, QUITE CONTRARY Tensions begin to grow between the devil and his brother as the Sentinel begins to question the Devil’s motives. He assures his brother he intends to

Watch YouTube Red’s Paranormal Action Squad first episode for free

YouTube has released a new trailer for Paranormal Action Squad, a new YouTube Red series, just in time for the debut of the first episode today. Since it’s the first

The Guardian is hunted in new Supergirl trailer

This week’s Supergirl had James Olsen becoming a vigilante known as The Guardian. He’s even got a cool helmet and gadgets thanks to Winn. Now it looks like National City

Killer Frost goes up against The Flash in new trailer

In the last episode of The Flash, “Shade,” Cisco vibes with Caitlin Snow and sees a dark future for her. He makes her tell Team Flash that she has the

New photos for HBO’s Westworld Episode 8 released

Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch episode 7 of Westworld. The last episode of HBO’s Westworld was the talk of the town. The series shocked millions of viewers with the

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow moving to Tuesday nights in January

It looks like The CW is going to be making some changes to its fall lineup regarding DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The series is moving to Tuesday nights at 9pm beginning January

CONAN Clueless Gamer: Conan plays Final Fantasy XV with Elijah Wood

Conan just received the early copy of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game. With the help of Elijah Wood, Conan battles through broken cars, running in the desert wearing leather,

HBO’s Westworld renewed for second season

It’s hard to speak to anyone about television nowadays without the new HBO show Westworld coming up in conversation. The series, based on the 1973 Michael Crichton movie of the

Marvel’s The Inhumans no longer a movie, being turned into ABC series

Marvel’s Inhumans was originally planned as a Marvel Studios’ film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Marvel just announced today that the Inhumans will be turned into an ABC series,