Doctor Who: The Doctor’s take on WAR

This past Saturday’s episode The Zygon Inversion was one of Peter Capaldi’s best moments as the Doctor. Finally, he was given a speech that had depth and truly meant something.

Clueless Gamer: Conan plays Fallout 4

Looks like Conan is getting ready for the apocalypse. Conan dedicated his cold opening and Clueless Gamer review to the new game Fallout 4, which is out today. Wearing the skin-tight

‘The Walking Dead’ finally casts iconic villain!

As a long time comic book geek and avid reader of The Walking Dead comic series, one question has been on my mind that would finally persuade me into really

Supergirl NR Podcast – S01E03 ‘Fight or Flight’ review

Get ready for an all-new podcast from Mike and John. On today’s show, we recap the 3rd episode of the new series, Supergirl. On the episode titled “Fight or Flight,”

Gotham NR Podcast – S02E08 ‘Tonight’s the Night’ review

We are back with an all-new podcast and an all-new episode of Gotham. On this episode, we take a look at episode 8 of the second season titled, “Tonight’s the

Into the Badlands beautifully revives the TV martial arts genre

AMC has been careful to pick original shows for their programming, especially with the success of The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. With their new series Into the Badlands

Better Call Saul Season 2 teaser trailer released

Raise your hands if after watching Bob Odenkirk crush it comedically on Mr. Show for so many years, you would have ever imagined that he would become better known as a dramatic

The Walking Dead Podcast: S6E5 ‘Now’ Recap and Review

Nerd Reactor’s Mike and John recap and review last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. We now go back to the town of Alexandria and get to see how the

X-Files limited series premiere review

There are few shows in television history that bring the same level of fanatical devotion and adoration as the original X-Files series. For nine seasons, this groundbreaking science fiction series

Daniel Craig and Stephen Colbert: What if James Bond had to go to a car rental?

Earlier this week Daniel Craig was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, who pointed out that despite the fact that the character James Bond has always been given ultra-expensive

Two sides of Glenn’s fate: What if he…? (The Walking Dead)

Warning: Contains spoilers to the Walking Dead Episode titled “Thank You.” It’s been almost two weeks since Glenn’s apparent demise and everyone is still on the edge of their seats.

Ray Palmer returns to Arrow next week

In the last season of Arrow, we saw Ray Palmer tinkering with his Atom suit. However, the aftermath of that was an explosion that left everyone to think that he’s

Constantine helped Arrow with ratings increase

Many of the shows on Wednesday night saw a decrease in ratings, but that wasn’t the case for Arrow. Last night’s episode saw an increase in ratings, and it was

Star Wars Rebels ‘Wings of the Master’ clip

Disney XD has released a new preview clip for the next episode, “Wings of the Master,” of Star Wars Rebels. “When the rebels need a new ship to help break

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas schedule has been released!

It looks like this years 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family will be packed with some great Christmas movies. This includes a Toy Story Marathon, Elf, many showings of Tim

AMC’s Into the Badlands has its own comic

Known for taking adaptations of television shows from comic books like The Walking Dead and Preacher, AMC has dome the reverse and had made their new television series Into the

Arrow NR Podcast- S04E05 ‘Haunted’ review

Today is a double feature with back to back podcast. On today’s show, the guys recap the newest episode of Arrow with a special guest appearance from Matt Ryan. Oliver

The Flash NR Podcast – S02E05 ‘The Darkness and the Light’ review

We’re back with another episode of the NR Podcast! On today’s show, The Flash returns with an all-new episode. Harrison Wells has returned and will have to team up with

Netflix wants to produce anime in the future

Netflix is a great option if you just want to relax, sit back and watch one of the many original shows like Orange is the New Black and Marvel’s Daredevil. You

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Among Us Hide’ Recap

The episode two weeks ago left us hanging with an unknown body, seemingly Andrew, laying in a pool of blood as the building exploded. Since we didn’t see his face, there