Winter is coming… and so is the new Game of Thrones coloring book

Adult coloring is the new trend these days. Kids shouldn’t be the only ones to appreciate art and the act of coloring. Of course, we’ve advanced from coloring basic circles

Digimon Adventure tri. movie 4 coming February 25, 2017

Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 4: Loss is set to release in Japanese theaters on February 25, 2017. Following the events of the previous movie, the Digidestined travel to the Digital

The Game of Thrones/Westworld crossover that almost was

And the collective minds of nerds everywhere just exploded. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were asked about the rumor that George R.R.

NYCC 2016: BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is a bizarre thrill ride

By Joshua Kaye As one of the most exciting shows to make its premiere on BBC America this year, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency looks like it’s going to be

The Flash’s ‘New Rogues’ trailer features Jesse Wells as a new superhero

Check out the new trailer for the next episode of The CW’s The Flash. In the last episode, Jesse Wells was seen running around and driving Earth 2’s Harrison Wells

Dragon Ball Super English simulcast begins this Saturday

Dragon Ball Super first aired back in July of 2015, but interestingly enough, the series never saw an official simulcast release like many other popular series. It’s been a head-scratcher why

New Westworld photos released from episode 4, ‘Dissonance Theory’

HBO has released new photos from Westworld’s fourth episode, “Dissonance Theory,” and we get a tease of The Man in Black’s continuing search for a deeper meaning in the attraction and

Marvel’s Defenders and Black Panther working titles revealed

Marvel and Netflix have been knocking it out of the park with bringing us interesting villains and mature subject matter with series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Marvel

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman could happen, but not yet

Superman’s appearance on CW’s Supergirl has created quite a buzz and has been well received by fans and critics. This has led many to wonder if a standalone Superman show could be

Dan Harmon creating new eSports show for YouTube Red

Dan Harmon, the creator of the former NBC-turned-Yahoo sitcom ‘Community,’ has announced a new series he is producing set in the growing world of eSports. The untitled series will follow “a newly

AMC’s The Walking Dead renewed for 8th season

After last season’s unpredictable- and highly critical- cliffhanger, many fans were left with the notion that their beloved comic-turned-show might be losing steam. The writing for the sixth season finale

Tyler Hoechlin on positive reactions to his Superman performance in Supergirl

It’s a daunting task for any actor to play an iconic character, especially if it’s Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Superman in The CW’s Supergirl series starring Melissa Benoist, knows

AMC’s The Walking Dead wants you to #MeetLucille

In anticipation for this week’s premiere of The Walking Dead, AMC wants you to Meet Lucille. Using Facebook, fans could have their memories flash before their eyes before being brutally

Family Guy mocks infamous Trump video

Donald Trump has said some pretty shocking things over the course of this election. It’s actually baffling how much he’s said with little or no impact on his poll numbers.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dress up as your favorite WWE Wrestlers

This November, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be dressing up as various WWE Superstars. Revealed by Playmates, the new Ninja Superstars line brings together two titans of television as

Amazon secures rights to localize Studio Ghibli’s first TV series

On Friday, Amazon revealed via a press release that it had acquired the rights to Studio Ghibli’s first television series Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and will debut an English language version this fall on

Get a free Yo-Kai Watch movie ticket at GameStop

This Saturday, select theaters across North America will be screening the Yo-Kai Watch movie at select theaters. If you haven’t bought your ticket(s) yet, you are in luck as the Yo-Kai

The Ranch is the traditional sitcom that is anything but (TV review)

There is almost no reason for a self-described TV snob like me to want to watch Netflix’s original series, The Ranch. The show, created by Two and a Half Men producers

First look at the Doctor Who Christmas Special

We won’t be getting a new season of Doctor Who until 2017, but BBC did promise a Christmas Special. So, in celebrating Doctor Who at NYCC last weekend, BBC America

Doctor Who spin-off Class shows a bit more in new trailer

Oh man, the brand new Class trailer, which was released during NYCC, showcases a bit more of what to expect from this series about high schoolers dealing with the supernatural