Oculus Rift coming to stores this weekend

Oculus is busy taking care of Rift pre-orders, but consumers will get a chance to demo the VR technology and buy the headsets at Best Buy starting May 6th. To

Steelseries Siberia 350 review

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days. With the industry saturated with options from low-end, cheap options to the luxury, expensive options, manufacturers must find a way to

Boomstick review

Everyone wants the best possible listening experience possible while enjoying it at an affordable price. There are a number of ways to achieve your perfect listening experience including investing in high-quality headphones

1MORE Triple Driver in-ear headphones review

Long before I had ever written my first review on a pair of headphones, I was guilty of making my selection based on brand familiarity, and it didn’t always lead

TechOrbits wireless charger with 8 USB charging ports (review)

As wireless technology becomes more and more common, it’s no surprise that wireless charging would be the next wave of technology to come. It is not technically new, but it

A survivalist flashlight/portable battery – EcoCharge+ Review

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a product from ECOXGEAR and was quite impressed with their quality. One of the biggest selling points of their product line is being waterproof.

The new Braven BRV-XXL rugged boombox style speaker looks awesome and nostalgic

Braven is known for its small portable speakers which produce big sound, but what happens when it makes a large portable speaker? Well, the new Braven BRV-XXL is a boombox-style system

Floating Death Star Speaker will obliterate your eardrums

“That’s no moon, it’s a space sta….wait…it’s a speaker.” If you’ve had trouble finding an awesome new Bluetooth speaker, you’ve been looking in Alderaan places. You can now own a

weBoost eqo Booster offers maximum signal reception for home or office

weBoost introduces the eqo (/ˈekō/) Booster, a simple plug and use entry which gives you the added signal boost you may be missing from anywhere in your home. Simply place the

Apple pokes fun at Kobe Bryant’s age in new Apple TV commercial

In an unusual and hilarious turn of events, Apple released a commercial promoting the new and improved Apple TV. In the commercial, Kobe Bryant uses Siri to transition to the

Flyboard is closest thing to real Goblin Glider

There’s an actual hoverboard out there that actually hovers, unlike the ones being called the “Hoverboard” right now, but it likely won’t be made available to the public anytime soon.

SteelSeries new mechanical keyboard APEX M500 now available

Hello eSports champions and hopefuls out there, SteelSeries, one of the leaders in gaming peripherals, just announced and released their SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical keyboard. According to Steel Series, it’s

Corsair releases new SPEC-ALPHA Mid-Tower Case

Many of us don’t have the luxury of building ourselves new gaming PCs all the time. That is why when we do it’s always nice to choose an attractive case

New LG G5 commercial features many faces of Jason Statham and Hatsune Miku

You’ve probably never seen Jason Statham like this. In a new commercial to promote the LG G5 phone, we see Statham in a variety of outfits and his head superimposed on different

Sphero updates BB-8 to watch Star Wars with you

Sphero has launched an update for your BB-8 just in time for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD/Blu-ray release. With the update, you can have BB-8 watch the movie

EcoPebble Light Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

When it comes to music accessories for workouts or outdoor adventures, most gear up with headphones and plug directly to their phones. ECOXGEAR aims to change that with its line

GDC 2016: Meet the Razer Core and Razer BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard

Razer is a company that is known for some great quality products including the very well-received Razer Blade Notebook and a line of accessories for PC gamers. During GDC they held an

Windows Phone snubbed at Build Conference

While the Microsoft Build Conference brought out some great information for gamers and technology junkies in general, it’s what didn’t get discussed that has some people buzzing. For years Microsoft

Razer Ripsaw capture card announced

Today, Razer announced their newest product for gamers: The Razer Ripsaw. The Ripsaw is a high-performance capture card that allows gamers to record and stream gameplay from their PC and

Oculus Rift ships now

It’s the first of moments that everyone has been waiting for, the Oculus Rift is now shipping! According to the blog post on the Oculus site, the Kickstarter Pre-Orders arrived