Rumor: Two new Xbox One models coming, one with 4 times the power

According to sources from both Kotaku and Polygon, Microsoft is set to release two new models of the Xbox One as early as this year. When it was rumored that

Corsair Gaming releases a pair of doggy-style products

It’s been a while since the original announcement (June 2015 at Computex to be exact), but the time is here and Corsair Gaming has released a pair of very high-profile products today

The best nerdy toys for the month of May

Although the month of May isn’t completely over yet, that doesn’t mean I haven’t picked out my absolute favorite nerdy related toys for the month so far. As the months

Get scared with a virtual reality experience from The Conjuring 2!

With the recent release of the HTC Vive, the latest VR headset that has engrossed our culture with its technological and home entertainment opportunities, many companies and industries have tried

Razer’s new San Francisco store is absolutely for gamers, by gamers

  It’s only natural that hardcore gamers are going to upgrade some of their accessories from time to time. For those based out of Northern California, that process has just

Move over Cardboard, here comes Google’s Daydream VR platform

2016 is the year of VR with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR. While these three are competing against the home space, there’s another platform entering the

Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard and Mouse review

There are several names that pop up when it comes to PC accessories, but Razer aims to change the way we play games. I got my hands on Razer’s newest

‘Pokémon Go’ field test to begin this month

Are you ready to be the very best… like no one ever was? While Pokémon Go is set for launch this summer on iOS and Android devices, The Pokémon Company and Niantic are

Hitch Theaters: take the drive-in theater with you

Hitch Theaters, a new Kickstarter campaign, lets you take the drive-in movie-going experience with you wherever you go. It utilizes the trailer hitch on your truck or SUV to hold

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma review – Quality and performance at a great price

Sometimes less is more, and Razer proves just that with its latest gaming keyboard the BlackWidow X Chroma. It is aimed towards gamers who are looking to step up their

Insomniac Games’ Brian Allgeier on their VR game, Edge of Nowhere

With Insomniac Games making the announcement that it would be developing three different titles for the Oculus this year, we sat down with Insomniac Games’ creative director Brian Allgeier, who is currently

Fan builds semi-working Captain America shield

Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters and doing extremely well. For some fans, though, merely watching Cap wield the iconic vibranium shield isn’t enough. That was the case

Nvidia’s GTX 1080 release date and specs announced

So with the arrival of the Oculus Rift and Vive coming to stores and people receiving them in the mail, people are in the market for brand new video cards,

SteelSeries APEX M500 Keyboard review

  When it comes to computer accessories, keyboards are a dime a dozen. When shopping for a one, it’s often very easy to become overwhelmed in the sea of possibilities.

Interview: Insomniac Games’ Ted Price on Oculus and Song of the Deep

2016 is definitely a big year for Insomniac Games with the release of five games including the Ratchet and Clank reboot, Song of the Deep, and three Oculus VR-exclusive titles.

Oculus Rift coming to stores this weekend

Oculus is busy taking care of Rift pre-orders, but consumers will get a chance to demo the VR technology and buy the headsets at Best Buy starting May 6th. To

Steelseries Siberia 350 review

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days. With the industry saturated with options from low-end, cheap options to the luxury, expensive options, manufacturers must find a way to

Boomstick review

Everyone wants the best possible listening experience possible while enjoying it at an affordable price. There are a number of ways to achieve your perfect listening experience including investing in high-quality headphones

1MORE Triple Driver in-ear headphones review

Long before I had ever written my first review on a pair of headphones, I was guilty of making my selection based on brand familiarity, and it didn’t always lead

TechOrbits wireless charger with 8 USB charging ports (review)

As wireless technology becomes more and more common, it’s no surprise that wireless charging would be the next wave of technology to come. It is not technically new, but it