WWE’s Triple H voices the Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Experience


Last year Marvel announced “The Marvel Experience: The World’s First Hyper-Reality Tour,” the ultimate fan experience that will travel across North America. It began last month in Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently in Dallas, Texas, before heading to San Diego, California, in February. Entering as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent in training, fans … Continue reading

CES 2015: Ford Motor Company


Since the inclusion of computer technology becoming more emphasized in motor vehicles, the inclusion of motor vehicle manufacturers at CES have been an interesting diversion from the smaller toys at the convention. From last year’s Ford Conference, we haven’t seen what Ford has been up to for while until now. At … Continue reading

CES 2015: Mad Catz


2014 was another strong year for Mad Catz and the e-sports community, especially in the fighting game community. During CES we had a firsthand chance to visit the Mad Catz suite and get a firsthand look at some of the new products fans can look forward to this year. Stepping into the room … Continue reading

CES 2015: Razer


First day of CES 2015 for me was on Tuesday, Day 1. First stop? Razer. Recognized for its peripherals and technology, Razer is a company that doesn’t imitate, they innovate. This year, they brought some new toys to the playground and I’m pretty stoked about the Siren, the Turret, and … Continue reading

CES 2015: CyberpowerPC rolls into Vegas with a vulgar display of power


Much can be said about this custom PC building company. For one, we know real modders when we see them. After meeting the company’s head staff, we learned about just how passionate and invested these people are in both their products and hobbies. With that said, let’s show you the … Continue reading

CES 2015: Steelseries sets its sights on eSports with the Sentry and Apex M800


Starting off our CES roundup for 2015 is one of our favorite veteran companies of eSports, Steelseries. The showcase included all the old goodies with the addition of two highly anticipated products. The Apex M800 and Sentry were what we mainly focused on this time around. This was wonderfully refreshing … Continue reading

CES 2015: Sony giving you more 4K than you can handle


Every year during CES (Consumer Electronic Showcase) Sony always has one of the largest presence at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It starts with the press conference the day before CES officially begins. Kaz Hirai opened the event talking about strong sales of the PlayStation 4, and a bit of the PlayStation Now … Continue reading

CES 2015: Ogio helps you look like a climber if you aren’t already one


Ogio is pretty much a household name with cases and backpacks for a variety of activities ranging from school, golf, motorcycling, skiing, hiking, business meetings….really anything. From my visit with Ogio at this year’s CES, the focus was around 2 new backpacks with a “climbing” feel. These are named Apollo … Continue reading

CES 2015 – GenZe, an all electric solution for short trips


CES is not commonly an auto or bike show, but really every corner you look, more and more vehicle technologies are being developed and showcased here. As an urbanite living amongst the skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles, I often find myself torn between eating in, or braving the horrid parking situation … Continue reading

‘Mother’ is always watching, a daily tracker review


We rely on technology every day to help improve our daily lives, especially when it comes to lifestyle choices. I own several pedometers and fitness monitors, a temperature monitor for my pets, an alarm system for my home, and a variety of apps I use every day for daily reminders … Continue reading