Monster Digital Le Mans Series SSD’s – Easy upgrade kit review

If I took a snippet of history in regards to what was the latest and greatest in PC hardware I would pick the Zip drive; 100, 250, and 750 MB

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Review + Episode Metal

Sega had two big things last year going for them, and those were Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Sonic Generations. Both games brought back what we loved about the original

Hands-on Preview: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

When the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance trailer came out, I was very excited. It continues after Re:Coded, which retells previous Kingdom Hearts events. The Nobodies will be returning and

Blood, bullets and bullet-time: Max Payne 3 Review

Written by guest writer Jia Wei Max is finally back for the third iteration of the series, Max Payne 3. This time the developer reins have been handed over to Rockstar

Diablo 3 review (normal/nightmare)

How do you follow up an act like Diablo II? That is the question Blizzard had to find an answer to when working on the third title in the legendary

A non-spoiled princess who isn’t being kidnapped? Atelier Meruru review

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland follows Princess Mererulince Rede Arls, who has a tendency to act without ever thinking ahead. Her actions tend to lead her into getting lectured by Rufus Falken,

Chronicle Blu-ray review

Chronicle is one of those movies that completely took me by surprise. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be another teenage flick trying to

Retro Podcast Review: Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Nothing says classic Sci-Fi like the Gremlins, a unique one-of-a-kind franchise that gave us the unbelievably adorable pint-sized hero, Gizmo. When I heard John had never seen Gremlins before, I

Diablo III: The Order Book Review

Diablo, much like all of Blizzard’s franchises, has a deep and vast history behind it. So deep that even small side characters end up having a lengthy section just about

Awesomenauts review – can MOBA be done well on console?

The newly created MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena) has become quite a success on PC. While the various iterations on PC often employ a top-down view because the genre

Review: Cellink U portable USB charger and more

Last time we told you that we would be receiving the Cell Drive, an 8Gb USB that charges your phone. Well, that has been delayed for a couple weeks, but

Xenoblade Chronicles review – one of the best, period

To say that the Japanese RPG is struggling in North America would be an understatement. It’s hard to imagine now, but at one point, the Final Fantasy series’ latest installments

XBLA Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day

To say the stakes are pretty high for a Walking Dead video game is an understatement. The comic book series continues to be a month-to-month Top Ten Bestseller, and AMC

NR Podcast Review: Area 407

The NR podcast crew takes a look at the new found-footage horror film, Area 407. The film follows two sisters returning from their Christmas trip back from New York to

American Dad Season 7 Review: America or Bust

Review written by Jia-Wei Wang Seth MacFarlane strikes comedy gold again with American Dad! Volume 7. Similar to another one of MacFarlane’s work called Family Guy, American Dad is about a

NR Podcast Review: The Avengers

The most anticipated superhero team has finally assembled in theaters. With heavy hitters like Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk, how can the film give each character their due

2013 Ford Escape – The fun SUV tickling our techie side

Ford has done it again. When it comes to driving, we like a lot in our car. We may not always think we want all the cool new technology, but

Tales of Graces F Review (PS3)

Having played the “Tales of” series since the original Playstation’s “Tales of Destiny”, I think I could be qualified as a fan of the series. To me the game stood

Prototype 2 review – Transform yourself into the perfect tool of destruction

In Prototype you controlled Alex Mercer. Waking up with no memory, he finds everything has gone to hell in New York City as he’s caught in the middle of a war

DVD Review: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Season 1

When I first heard about Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and saw the trailer, I thought, “Okay, this is going to be lame.” I started with the first