Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock Revisited

The Nerd Reactor crew recently made a business trip out to Atlanta for the legendary Dragon*Con cosplay fest. Check out our coverage here. With anything airfare related comes parting with

Blu-ray Review: THOR

  We have seen many superhero films come and go over the years. The last one I ever expected to succeed as a big budget summer tentpole was Marvel Studio’s

M.A.S.K. DVD Review

From the fine people of Shout Factory, who brought us gems of nostalgia such as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and the Reboot DVDs, has now brought us another

Monitor Review: Sceptre X270W-1080P

Over at the NR HQ, we recently received a new monitor from Sceptre,the X270W–1080P. Now, I’ve reviewed movies, video games, even a porn parodies but never a computer monitor. Imagine

DVD Review – Batman: The Brave and Bold Season 2 Part 1

Season 2 of Cartoon Network’s hit series Batman: The Brave and Bold swings onto DVD.  The series is colorful and lighthearted, which makes it perfect for young children getting to know

Review – Razer Limited Edition Death Adder Transformers Mice (with Video!)

Marketing popular franchises has always been a great gimmick in selling high-end products such as TVs, Computers, and many different accessories. Razer has had a few exclusives over the years,

GANTZ Live-Action Movie Blu-ray Review

GANTZ is a Japanese live action movie based on the anime and manga of the same name. Adaptations are always a mixed bag but one thing’s for sure, GANTZ is one of the better ones. I should have guessed so since it is from the same producers as the Death Note live action movies which were also good adaptations.

Fierce 3500 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

One of the biggest necessities in the world of tomorrow is the computer mouse. It’s the Yang to the keyboard’s Yin. A good mouse is key for everyday use, computer

Lion King Diamond Edition 3D Review

I’ve always been an avid Disney fan but I like to enjoy my movies by not watching them so many times, because at that point it becomes boring and loses

Review: ‘Fright Night’ – Vampires That Don’t Suck! .. Kinda

In theaters August 19, 2011, Fright Night (2011) is a remake of the 1985 version by director Tom Holland. It focuses around teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin, best known for

Review: ‘The Big Lebowski’ Limited Edition Blu-ray

I remember going to a midnight screening of REPO!: The Genetic Opera a couple of years back. The theater had accidentally double booked two midnight screenings that evening. One for

Review: The Joystick-It from Thinkgeek

When the Ipad first hit the market it opened a floodgate of possibilities for third party accessory developers based on its gaming capabilities alone. You can’t get more nostalgic than

Review: ‘Assassination Games’ Starring Jean-Claude Van Dame

It may look like Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn’t been doing any movies lately, but he has (they’re just not as big as back in the day). His latest movie, Assassination

Review: ‘Paul’ on Blu-ray

Believe this or not faithful readers, but I am a fanboy. I know right? Who would have thought? I am also willing to bet my bottom dollar that the majority

‘Mars Needs Moms’ Blu-Ray DVD and Movie Review

Let me start off by saying that the movie is freakin adorable, and Seth Green is just a genius in his own right. If you haven’t seen the movie, I

Review: ‘YOUR HIGHNESS’ on Blu-ray

  I have only recently started playing the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game with my friends. Sure it starts off innocently enough, raiding orc caverns and saving innocent villagers,

‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Delivers Great Action

Movie specs: Starring: James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Fox, Tom Felton Directer: Rupert Wyatt Genre: Action / Science Fiction Release Date: August 5, 2011 Running Time:

King’s Bounty: Legions – PC Review

King’s Bounty: Legions is a Turn based strategy RPG created to be played on Facebook. First introduced at E3 2011, i was a bit skeptical of how a game with

‘Change-Up’ Changes Up ‘Freaky Friday’ Concept… in a Good Way

Movie specs: Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde Directed By: David Dobkin Genre: Comedy Release Date: August 5, 2011 Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes Rating: R

Comic Hit List: The Boys #57

After learning about the history of the Boys in the ‘Barbary Coast’ story arc from Mallory and about Vought-American’s involvement during the Battle of the Bulge, Wee Hughie makes his