The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Blu-ray review

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is the third film in the Hobbit Trilogy. Many were disappointed with the first two films due to it feeling “thin, sort

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review: Complete Nightmares

And so it continues another franchise has decided to follow the current trend of episodic storytelling. Capcom decided that its AAA franchise Resident Evil would be the one to make

Seagate Seven 500gb hard drive review

Portable drives have made it so much easier to carry and transfer large data files with you everywhere you go, being that most are about the size of your wallet.

Tales from the Borderlands episode 2: ‘Atlas Mugged’ review

Tales from the Borderlands episode 2, “Atlas Mugged”, picks up right where it left off in episode one. You take control over Rhys, the Hyperion employee, and Fiona, the con artist, as

Dex Protection’s Card Game Dex Box review (video)

For the hardcore TCG players out there, we are always looking for ways to protect our investments while simultaneously standing out from the crowd. From our over-the-top placemats to our

Review: Furious 7

The Fast & Furious franchise is one of the rarest anomalies in Hollywood: A franchise that gets better with each installment. It’s crazy to think that this all started 14

Exodus: Gods and Kings Blu-ray review

When it comes to biblical films, I’m somewhat iffy on them. These stories have been told many times over and over again, and the films run the risk of alienating

Awakened Fate Ultimatum (review)

Awakened Fate Ultimatum, NIS’s newest rogue-like dungeon crawling RPG, is set several years after the previously released title, The Guided Fate Paradox. It follows certain boy who became a god of a

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD review – The Final Fantasy game you’ve been waiting for

It’s been a long time waiting for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in North America. It was originally announced as Final Fantasy Agito XIII but then went through a small identity crisis as Square

Review: Deck Box by Dex Protection

Whether you play Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, Pokemon, Vanguard, or the other card games out there, you will need a place to store your cards. People usually use binders, deck boxes, or

Valiant Hearts – A belated review

One of the many ways in which we romanticize war is through the medium of video games. For better or for worse over the past ten years (and even further),

Black Sails ‘XVI’ Recap and Review

Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Black Sails With Flint’s grand plan in play and a future for the pirates and New Providence, the crew sail toward Charleston with

‘Cinderella’ review: As lovely as her glass slippers

I had the lovely chance to see the new Disney live-action remake of Cinderella, and let me tell you, I fell in love. Now, I’m sure most of us know

Review: Run All Night – Liam Neeson saving his family again

By Arvin Santiago Liam Neeson is back on the big screen doing what he does best, kicking ass and taking names, in the non-stop action thriller (I say that lightly)

Kemper breaks through on Kimmy Schmidt (review)

It’s easy to see why Ellie Kemper was eventually going to become a star. Her natural effervescence plays so well to audiences on screens both big and small. We are caught

The Returned series premiere ‘Camille’ review

A&E’s The Returned premiered last night. The show, based on the critically acclaimed French television show Les revenants, is about the return of loved ones from the dead. Each returned loved

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Review (Xbox One)

Back in 2013, I first reviewed DmC Devil May Cry on the PlayStation 3. After spending hours styling with combos in the multiple game modes, I thought the team at Ninja Theory did a

The Walking Dead 5×13 ‘Forget’ review

Quick recap: Sasha grabs some of the photos from the house of happy families and uses them as target practice outside the compound. You could tell she is distraught with

Black Sails ‘XV’ recap and review

Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of Black Sails A girl held hostage, a fortress at stake between two crews, and another attempt to remove Flint. Last week’s episode of

Koimonogatari Blu-ray review

The last arc in the original TV broadcast, Koimonogatari takes a different approach this time around. Crab girl Hitagi Senjougahara returns as the cover girl, yet surprisingly, it could not be more