Review: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The 60s were a time of secret agents and spies. The very first Bond film, Dr. No was released in 1962 and then almost immediately came a whole generation of

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Mutations toy review

Growing up in the ’90s, one of my favorite cartoons to watch was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a kid I would always want all the cool toys to

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings (Xbox One review)

There is an old saying: don’t judge a book by its cover. Well that applies to video games as well. I learned that when I reviewed the new game from

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight review

Every time I start a new Etrian Odyssey game, I feel like I’m ready to punish myself over and over again. Not because it’s a bad game, quite the opposite

Book review: War at the Edge of the World

Author Ian James Ross encapsulates what it was like in later Rome as a Roman soldier in his new book War at the Edge of the World. This historical fiction novel

Review: ALDNOAH.ZERO Limited Edition Blu-ray Vol.1‏

By Lareesa Going into this review, Aldnoah.Zero is already one of my favorite mecha/drama anime. It is centered on a war of two sides: Earth (Terrans) and Mars (Vers). The show

Review: Fantastic Four

It’s been quite a ride for Fantastic Four since its announcement back in 2012. There have been a few highs but overall there’s been a lot of negative buzz around

Humans ‘Episode 6’ recap and review

By Josh Kaye So far in Humans, we’ve seen the human/synth relationship being tested to the limits. How dependent has civilization been on synth’s? Do people find themselves connecting with

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (review)

Ethan Hunt may have finally met his match in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation when he faces off against the mysterious syndicate who is causing havoc around the world. Filled with

Nerd Reactor kids play with Disney’s Descendants toys

With Disney’s Descendants premiering tonight, Nerd Reactor was given the opportunity to review several products from their new line. We recruited the SugaryKids’ Keira and Eric to play with Disney’s

Disney Descendants: Noise-isolating earbuds review

Disney is known for its characters, movies, television shows, and music – especially its music. With Disney Descendant’s soundtrack being released, you can now listen to it using the the Disney’s Descendants noise-isolating

Disney’s Descendants: Power bank review

Disney is really targeting their audience, which includes kids, tweens, and teens who are really into technology. Majority of tweens and teenagers own a cell phone and everyone’s biggest fear is

Atlus’ Lost Dimension (video game review) – Trust nobody

What do you do when you’re told that a traitor is among your newly formed special powered military squad on a mission to save the world? Well that is pretty

Mr. Holmes, Ian McKellen’s take on the popular detective (movie review)

Those of you looking for a spine-tingling murder mystery story with your favorite British detective on the case best look elsewhere. There’ve been so many takes on Sherlock Holmes and

Humans ‘Episode 5’ recap & review

By Josh Kaye Last week, we finally began to get some answers to some of the big questions brought about in Humans. We learned a bit about Leo and why

Top 8 Adam Sandler Movies

It’s easy to make jokes about Adam Sandler’s movie career. His films have ridden the critical and box office waves up and down so frequently that it feels like his

Review: Corsair Gaming STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair’s beloved sails are back and flying high again with the release of the new STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard. After about a week of use and comparison to the Corsair K70

Godzilla: The Game review

One of the many games that I was looking forward to this year was the new Godzilla game from Bandai Namco. It had been years since Godzilla had a full-fledged

It Follows, the horror movie that will make you fear sex (Blu-ray review)

Life is tough for a horror movie, since there are so many that feel generic and formulaic in its scares, story and characters. There are a few that shine above the rest,

Riftworld Chronicles brings magic to CONtv

If you have ever been to a Wizard World Comic Con, then you are most likely familiar with their web series station CONtv. Accessible through the web and mobile apps,