Elle Review

Paul Verhoeven has been a magnet of controversy dating back all the way to the 80s. From Robocop to Basic Instinct, Verhoeven delighted in challenging and even triggering audiences whenever possible. For decades,

Arrival Review

Denis Villenueve is slowly becoming one of the best filmmakers out there in Hollywood. After hitting it big with Sicario, people were wondering what project Villenueve would take on next. Sicario 2?

Discover the true Lara Croft with ’20 Years of Tomb Raider’ (book review)

Every hero has a journey, but not many have them that are nearly as exciting or magnificent as those of everyone’s favorite tomb raider. Long-time fan and Senior Community Manager

Salem 3×02 ‘The Heart is a Devil’ review

The witch is back! Mary Sibley has risen from the dead, thanks to the Essex witches. The first thing Mary does is try to find the man she died for

Kizumonogatari Part II: Nekketsu (anime review)

The long awaited part two of three in the Kizumonogatari Movie Trilogy is here! Aniplex held the premiere of Part Two: Nekketsu at its inaugural AkibaFest event in Downtown Los Angeles.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review

War has always been a part of human history. From the time we began picking up rocks and sticks, most major conflicts have always been decided with violence. And as

The Walking Dead “The Cell” recap and review

Who are you? The one question that will show your allegiance, but also proves that he is everywhere. By slowly breaking down the people who follow him, Negan has shown

Can you survive a trip ‘Through the Woods’? (PC review)

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. We would travel to great lengths in order to find our children. Through the Woods, by Antagonist, tests the limits of one mother who would go through

Salem 3×01 ‘After the Fall’ review ‘The Witch is back!’

Things have changed in Salem since we last left the second season finale – the Dark Lord has risen, Cotton has been ‘George Sibley-ed’ by his wife Anne, Mary is

Marvel’s Doctor Strange: The Earth’s meh-tiest hero film (review)

Now, before all of the Marvel fans start biting my head off or any of the DC fans start clapping me on the back, let me get one thing straight

Salem’s third season returns with more gore, horror, and twisted plots

This week, Salem will return with its third season and it isn’t messing around. Just when you thought last season was bloody – seeing a child biting the finger raw off

Star Trek Beyond – Blu-ray Review

After watching Star Trek Beyond several times in a theater, at the special SDCC IMAX premiere, and here on Blu-ray, I must admit that Star Trek Beyond is a tad bit

Clustertruck PC review – A truckload of chaos!

Every year, a game seems to pop up in my line of sight that I had no particular interest in, but wound up enjoying. Last year it was Runbow, this

The Walking Dead 7×02: Long live the King

After a harsh season premiere last week of The Walking Dead, the writers decided to give viewers a break in the horror and gore and introduce some new characters to

Robert Langdon is back on the hunt in Inferno (film review)

The hyperspecific genre of symbolic historical scavenger hunts popularized by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has built up a legion of fans. And such fans are no doubt used

Titanfall 2 review

The idea of controlling giant robots has always been fascinating. We’ve seen this in movies like Avatar, Macross Plus and Pacific Rim. We have also seen this in video games

Go for Glory in 5-Minute Dungeon (Review)

5-Minute Dungeon is a 5-player cooperative card-based tabletop game that is filled with chaos, excitement, and laughter. Creator Connor Reid and Wiggles 3D have masterfully created a game that will

Noontec Zoro II Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headphones (review)

When it comes to headphones, there’s definitely one thing to say: you can buy them everywhere, from just about anyone, these days. Headphones are being mass-produced by so many companies

Trolls Review

Ever since the success of Transformers and The LEGO Movie, Hollywood has started looking to adapt films based off popular toys. Yet the strangest announcement of them all was when DreamWorks Animation

World of Final Fantasy shines bright with nostalgia (review)

World of Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s latest attempt to recapture the magic of previous Final Fantasy games. It’s set in a new world that is comprised of locations from