Kizumonogatari Part I: Tekketsu (anime review)

When Bakemonogatari first came out in 2009, it was a fresh of breath air that both satirized the genre and exploited its own self-awareness into a truly unique piece of

Eye in the Sky Review

Would you risk the life of an innocent child to take out three leaders of a dangerous terrorist group? That’s the question asked in Gavin Hood’s moral drama Eye in

Outsiders 1×07 ‘Decomp of a Stick Pig’ recap & review

Recap: After hitting one of the Farrells, Wade goes home to try to get high on the drugs he destroyed. He tries to relax and contemplate what to do. He

WGN America’s ‘Underground’ leaves us feeling powerless, yet determined to fight!

What’s a man supposed to do when he feels so powerless? The fear of not knowing where your next step will land. The emptiness in the pit of your stomach

Mortal Kombat XL review

Mortal Kombat is back again with the second iteration of MKX, cleverly named Mortal Kombat XL and implying that its even larger than before. Technically it is. They have added four

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 4 ‘The Fixer Is In’

The title of the show may be Better Call Saul, but after a little over a season, it’s clear that much like its illustrious predecessor, this show is a two-man

Macbeth – Blu-ray Review

Macbeth is an inventive and stirring adaptation of the Bard’s most tragic play. It’s beautiful to watch, wonderfully acted, and streamlines the Shakespearean dialogue to create a broodier and more

Project X Zone 2 – The ultimate fanfic returns (review)

If someone were to ask me how I would summarize the Project X Zone series, it would be, “The ultimate fanfic, mixed with a well-done combat system.” The game features more than 50 characters from

Can Woodes Rogers save Nassau? Black Sails XXV review

I am reasonable in seeking peace. But if you insist on making me your villain, I’ll play the part. Woodes Rogers, Governor of New Providence, has wasted no time in

Power ranking MTG’s Oath of the Gatewatch Intro Packs

We’ve all been there.. standing at the store looking at the Magic the Gathering Intro Packs, and trying to decide which one to buy. You sloppily fumble through your phone

WGN’s Outsiders 1×06 ‘Weapons’ recap & review

Recap Lady Ray is reprimanding Big Foster, Asa, and the other members who went to destroy the machines. Big Foster isn’t sorry for what he did, but Lady Ray said

Flint’s fight for Nassau – Black Sails XXIV review

From the beginning, Flint has fought a hard battle for Nassau. He’s had everything taken away from him by the country he fought for. And as a ruthless pirate, Flint

MTG: The ‘Vault’ is re-opened as Magic announces latest set

From dragons to angels, From the Vault has been a consistent set release that many fans have anticipated year in and year out. Re-releasing cards that once held its own

Fuller House leans heavily on nostalgia, less so on jokes (TV review)

While rummaging through an old drawer the other day, I found my old Motorola RAZR flip phone. Back in the early 2000s, this was the hottest phone on the market. Sleek

Review: ‘Eddie the Eagle’ redefines the underdog story, giving us a film to jump for!

When all hope seems lost, when every shred of dignity is stripped and you attempt to do the impossible, that’s when you know that you’ve done it: you’ve caved in

Outsiders 1×05 ‘Demolition’ recap & review

Recap We see Asa breaking into a chemical factory and stealing some liquid. Then we see Hayley and Ned watching the video Asa took of him. Ned demands Hayley and

Escape the Illuminati in this new SoCal Escape Room made by Blizzard designers

Over the past few years or so, we here at Nerd Reactor have become very fond of escape rooms. We’ve collectively done over 10 in the So Cal area alone.

Street Fighter V: An incomplete but fun fighting game (review)

Street Fighter V is positioned to be Capcom’s heavy hitter for 2016; however, the one major problem that almost everyone can agree on is the lack of content for a $60 game on

Far Cry Primal review

It’s time to step back in time and get in touch with your inner caveman. Say goodbye to all your modern technology and take a trip back to 10,000 BCE

PDP Universal Media Remote for PS4 (review)

PDP and its 3rd party accessories for game consoles have become extremely competitive in the market when compared to its first party counterparts. There are also some of its accessories